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5 Drawbacks of Going with Discount SEO

5 Drawbacks of Going with Discount SEO

Picking the right real estate SEO company to put your brand on the map can be a challenge, however. As you may find out, buying a cheap SEO package can leave you with more problems than you start with.

Picking the right SEO company to put your brand on the map can be a challenge, however. As you may find out, buying a cheap SEO package can leave you with more problems than you start with.

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As businesses fight it out with the competition to get noticed on the internet, search engine optimization is often what makes the difference to those that succeed.

One cool SEO package that can help with some of the more automated processes that most real estate websites miss is Blog Fixer.

Admittedly, cheap SEO did work at one time, years ago.

SEO providers could quickly fill a client’s website with keyword-stuffed articles, create dozens of questionable backlinks on backlink farms, and get those websites to rank for useful keywords relatively quickly.

Search engines like Google have advanced by leaps and bounds since then, however. Today, search engines are sophisticated, and quick tricks don’t deliver results anymore. What follows are five reasons why discount SEO agencies are longer worth it.

To rank your real estate agent website, you’ll want to create awesome articles that answer the questions your clients are asking.

Adding video and podcasts can give it a boost.

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1. They Don’t Specialize in Real Estate

Search engine optimization isn’t the same for every business vertical. SEO for medical companies requires different kinds of expertise when compared to SEO for fashion companies or technology companies.

The best SEO companies specialize in only a few niches.

Discount SEO agencies, on the other hand, are unlikely to specialize in anything at all. They only tend to be equipped for generic optimization.

Google can tell when content isn’t high-quality.

Good writers cost a great deal. Discount SEO agencies, on the other hand, depend on low-priced content mills that throw a few paragraphs together around different keyword phrases.

The search engines quickly weed out content that doesn’t provide meaningful, well-structured, semantically rich language.

It is simple economics — a low-priced SEO package cannot bring expensive, good writers on board.

Quality backlinks from authoritative websites take a great deal of work to set up. You need to post excellent, in-depth content on your website, bring it to the attention of influential people in your field, and earn backlinks.

This kind of effort is beyond the scope of what low-end SEO packages are capable of.

Without a link-building specialist on board, all they can do is to offer you backlinks from unrelated sources that manage to make your website look less relevant to your field than it would if you had no backlinks.

One way to get quality backlinks is to create market reports or other real estate information that other major websites such as Inman or

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3. You Won’t Get the High-Quality Technical SEO that Google Cares About

Good SEO is about more than keyword optimization and backlinks.

Google’s algorithms look for technical SEO and elements such as good site structure, site health, and performance optimization.

Discount SEO packages are unlikely to help you with technical SEO and are even likely to hurt your site in this area if they make half-hearted attempts.

Blogfixer has popular programs for fixing some of the technical SEO challenges on your website.

You Won’t Be Able to Measure the Results.

Search engine optimization isn’t something that you set up once and forget. It’s essential to try different methods, measure which ones bring you the best results, and focus on them.

If you don’t have SEO tools like SEMrush to help you as you build your SEO campaign, you’ll end up wasting resources on ideas that don’t work and not focusing enough on the ones that do.

As with any other marketing initiative, SEO isn’t a simple set of tricks that you try for quick results.

It takes expertise and long-term effort. If an advertising agency would never guarantee you results with any particular advertising option, an SEO agency shouldn’t do it, either. All they should be able to do is to tell you that they bring the best SEO practices to bear on your account.

Quality SEO is about measuring, monitoring, and optimizing continuingly, and an ability to interpret every result as it comes in.

The best way to hire an SEO company is to ask them to provide you with past case studies of successful accounts in your specific business vertical to show how they performed SEO to generate revenue for them.

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Only when you see such proof can you be confident that an SEO agency is equipped to deliver. It can help to go in with the knowledge that SEO is an involved, scientific process. It isn’t a set of tricks to try to game the search engines with.

Once you understand this, you should be able to pick the right optimization agency for your real estate agent website.


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