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The Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

The Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

You can monetize your crypto-specific audience by using crypto affiliate programs and bitcoin. Here’s a list of the best crypto affiliate programs.


CryptoHopper, an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies, can be used on several exchanges. You can use the software to create trading strategies and back-test them against historical data. The software also allows you to make money trading crypto markets. 

The CryptoHopper affiliate program is extremely powerful. With your affiliate link, we could make hundreds of dollars each month from just one blog post if it performed well. 

Here are some CryptoHopper affiliate program statistics. Over 10,000 people have been promoting their products, and they’ve paid over $250,000 in affiliate compensation over the last few years. These numbers speak for themselves.

Although the team has reduced the affiliate payout over the years, it is still worthwhile seeing that CryptoHopper is a subscription-based product. You get paid month after month.


Paxful allows you to sell and buy bitcoins. Their affiliate program is very beneficial to the affiliates and has taken a lot of company time.

The Paxful affiliate program allows you to receive 50% of exchange fees when a customer purchases bitcoin via the platform. You can also contact their team to request payment when your affiliates sell Bitcoin.

Paxful’s affiliate program offers a mighty bonus: 10% commissions for tier 2 users who purchase bitcoin. In addition, you can also recruit other affiliates to the Paxful referral program and earn 10% when they refer customers to buy bitcoin. This unique opportunity in the industry allows you to create an army of affiliates.

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Since the IRS released its official cryptocurrency tax guidance and began cracking down against crypto investors, crypto-tax calculators have been a valuable tool for traders. 

Users can easily connect to their exchange accounts using API keys or CSV imports and generate the necessary tax reports based upon their historical data by clicking a button. 

These reports can be exported to TurboTax and sent to a tax professional.

CryptoTrader.Tax has a 25% lifetime affiliate program, which is great for the tax industry. Every year they produce their tax reports, the person who clicks on your link will earn passive income.

Your affiliate link will automatically give people 10% off. They are motivated to click through your link. Learn more about CryptoTrader.Tax affiliate programs here.


HaasOnline, one of the most well-known automated trading platforms for advanced traders, has a proven track record since 2014. 

HaasOnline works the same way as Cryptohopper and can trade for you using profitable strategies. 

This tool is compatible with over 22 exchanges and can be used to trade on all of them.

A HaasOnline affiliate program is very competitive. It has already paid over $1,216,000.962 to affiliates who promote its products. This affiliate program is for you if you have a group of crypto traders you want to promote your products to.

Bitcoin IRA

Today, more than 50,000 cryptocurrency and bitcoin holders use Bitcoin IRA to store crypto assets in retirement accounts.

It is no secret that retirement accounts can provide significant tax savings. For savvy investors who want to protect their wealth from the taxman, holding crypto and other cryptocurrencies through an IRA account is a great way to hold bitcoin.

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Refer a customer to a Bitcoin IRA account, and you can earn $75. The program is an excellent option for affiliate marketers because it has a 30-day cookie period and more than 400 million transactions.


It is easy to see how the Coinbase affiliate program could drive results for marketers. Coinbase is often the first company to welcome people into the world of cryptocurrency. 

Affiliates earn 50% on all trading fees within the first three months of registering a user to After that, you can refer unlimited people.


Customers of CEX.IO don’t have to search the Internet for the best affiliate programs. CEX.IO offers both individual and business referral rewards. 

No matter how many people you are trying to reach through your website or how few friends you have, CEX.IO offers referral rewards.

The Cex Affiliate program allows you to make easy money with minimal effort. After you have registered, you will generate your affiliate link. Then, share the link with your friends, and they will open an account at CEX.IO. 

You’ll receive a 30% commission from the transaction fees for every trade they make. Within 30 days of a qualifying Trade being executed, this reward will be credited to your CEX.IO balance.

You can also find a variety of promotional materials you can use on your site or social media pages.

You can also enjoy virtually unlimited rewards with the CEX.IO Crypto Referral Program.

Cex Affiliate Program’s Bitcoin Referral Program is an easy way to make money with minimal effort. After you sign up, you will generate your affiliate link. 

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Share the link with your friends, and then ask them to create an account at CEX.IO. Each time they complete z-rade, you’ll receive 30% of the transaction fees. 

Within 30 days of executing a qualifying trade, this reward is added to your CEX.IO balance.


How does a Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program Works

The best crypto affiliate programs work this way:
– Sign up for the affiliate program.
– This service will provide you with a unique referral URL that points to your website.
– The URL can be posted on your website, Facebook, signature to a forum, or tweeted.
– A person clicks on your referral link and purchases through the service’s website.
– For each sale, you earn a commission.
Referring more people will increase your chances of making decent money. Affiliate programs are based on the principle of getting traffic to your website.

How do you Find The Best crypto and Bitcoin affiliate programs?

Can crypto affiliate marketing be profitable?

The industry of affiliate marketing is flourishing. Statista predicted that the U.S. would spend $8.2 Billion on affiliate marketing by 2022. This spending significantly increased from $5.4 billion in 2017 and $1.6 billion in 2010.

VigLink also conducted a study to examine the income earned by affiliate marketers. The survey found that 9% of publishers earned more than $50,000 in affiliate income in 2016. A majority of merchants (65%) said they made between 5% to 20% from affiliate marketing in 2016.

Of course, how much money you make depends on how much time you are willing to spend learning all you can about digital currencies.

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The world of digital currency is rapidly growing. Every day, billions of dollars are changing hands. This is an excellent way for customers and companies to spread the word about your company and make passive income.

All the above crypto referral programs have been verified to work this year. 

Bitcoin affiliate programs offer unlimited income potential. There are many profitable trading strategies, so take some time to determine your personal path to a recurring revenue stream.


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