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Circle Prospecting Script

Circle Prospecting Script

Enjoy this circle prospecting script for real estate. The menu below offers more real estate scripts as well.

    Good Afternoon this is (Your Name), calling from (Your Company Name).

    (Their Name), I am calling all the neighbors here in the Thousand Oaks Community, because I specialize in selling homes in our area of Trinity, and I want to let you know what’s going on in the Thousand Oaks Community this weekend…

    We just listed one of your neighbors’ home for sale at… 9588 Trumpet Vine Loop… and we are holding a showcase Open House tomorrow morning… from 10a-noon! And (Their Name) we are inviting all the neighbors over tomorrow, and we are giving you guys 3 free gifts, just for coming by! And we are going to have coffee and donuts as well, and we do look forward to meeting you J

    If Live call – So, tell me, what do you like about the area?
    What would you change about the area?
    If you were going to move to another area, where would you go to next? And when would that be?

    If Voicemail – Thanks __(Name)_ Have a great day!

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