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What Are Chatbots?

What Are Chatbots?

If you are looking for the best chatbot program out there, you have come to the right place. Many people predicted that, eventually, an AI system would help people navigate their day and chatbots have fulfilled the prophecy. 

There are a few reasons why companies are deploying chatbots to help them meet the needs of the individual. Some of the reasons why businesses are using chatbots include:

What Is a Chatbot?

With the advancements made in the field of AI technology, chatbots are smarter and more reliable than ever before. Numerous surveys have shown that:

  • People prefer to send a message instead of speak on the phone because it is easier to read a message than cut through the static of a phone call
  • Most people would rather use a chatbot to help them fill out a form rather than complete it themselves
  • The vast majority of enterprises have already deployed chatbots in some way to help them handle their call centers

Of course, some are also asking the question, what is a chatbot? There are a few key points that everyone should keep in mind.

First, people should note that chatbot is short for a “chat robot.” A chatbot is a computer program that you can use to help you communicate with your customers. Many chatbot programs have the ability to:

  • Answer the questions of customers
  • Find products in which customers might be interested
  • Sell products to customers who are looking for something specific

Chatbots can communicate in various ways, including smart devices, smart speakers, and numerous popular messaging platforms, including LINE, WhatsApp, SMS, and even Facebook Messenger.

Like other software programs, chatbots range in their complexity from basic buttons to complicated answers that are all powered by the development of AI technology. 

The top chatbots even leverage Machine learning to adapt to the behavior of the individual, allowing the bot to answer the user’s question better.

Why Businesses Are Using Chatbots

There are a few reasons why companies are deploying chatbots to help them meet the needs of the individual. Some of the reasons why businesses are using chatbots include:

  • Chatbots can help companies save money on their customer service costs
  • Chatbots can engage with customers quickly and effectively
  • Chatbots can respond to customers’ needs more quickly, and these quick response times can help them close deals more quickly than human representatives

These are just a few of the many reasons why so many companies are deploying chatbots.

What Do Chatbots Do?

Next, it is essential to take a look at what chatbots can do. When people understand how they can use chatbots, they can deploy them more effectively. 

Some of the top functions of chatbots include:

Capture Leads

One of the most popular uses of chatbots involves capture leads. You can place a bot on a landing page or your Facebook profile to help them engage your visitor in a conversation and address their needs quickly. 

One of the top uses of chatbots is to understand your visitors’ intent and address their concerns quickly to build loyalty and make sales.

Customer Support

It is expensive to pay human agents to answer the questions and concerns of customers 24 hours per day, seven days per week; however, it is what they expect. 

Instead of hiring human agents to do the job, chatbots are a capable replacement. 

Studies have found that chatbots and human agents were rated similarly by their participants in terms of learning from information and addressing customer needs. 

With these results in mind, chatbots have been viewed as credibly and competent when communicating with customers, making them ideal for helping your clients when human agents might not be available.

Reduce the Workload of Actual Agents

In addition to chatbots being available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, a chatbot can also reduce agents’ workload. 

Instead of using customer support agents to engage with customers right off the bat, many companies use chatbots to address customers’ needs and then funnel them to live agents if the bot cannot figure out the answer to the question. 

As a result, companies can have fewer agents working at a time and only use agents for issues that bots cannot address.

Handle Recruiting and Onboarding

Another widespread use of chatbots involves conducting recruiting surveys among candidates. When companies are looking for talented employees, they often use a chatbot to gauge their level of interest. 

Then, if companies end up hiring new professionals, the chatbot can even handle the onboarding process from start to finish, which helps companies reduce their recruiting and onboarding costs.

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Recommend Products and Services 

Finally, chatbots can also recommend particular products and services to customers. 

Bots can answer simple questions from customers and take their orders. Based on the keywords the chatbot receives from the user, it can recommend specific products and services that might be able to meet their needs. 

Therefore, companies can even use chatbots to make sales directly and increase their revenue.

These are just a few of the top ways that people are using chatbots. There are multiple options out there for those who are looking for a chatbot. 

One of the most popular bots available today is the Facebook Messenger chatbot, which is part of the software program. 

How does Facebook’s popular chatbot work?

Facebook’s Built-In Chatbot:

You have probably heard a lot about chatbots and how they can replace many other marketing tools, including:

  • Mobile apps
  • Email marketing
  • Customer care agents

Some have even said that they can do your job for you while you sleep. One of the most popular bots is the Facebook Messenger bot for business. 

There are several ways that Facebook Messenger bot can help businesses. These include:

Reach Your Audience

One of the first benefits of Facebook Messenger bot is that it provides you with the ability to reach your audience directly.

Users are far more likely to pen a message from Facebook than a marketing email. 

Furthermore, customers can respond more quickly, meaning that they can move through the marketing funnel with ease.

Save Time and Money

Another significant benefit of Facebook Messenger is that it helps you save time and money. While customers expect to reach someone 24 hours per day, seven days per week, they hate waiting on hold. 

Furthermore, customers tend to ask the same question over and over again. Using the Facebook Messenger bot, you can free up your employees to do tasks that your agents don’t want to do, saving you time and money.

Find Leads

The Facebook Messenger bot can even help you find leads. 

The bot can ask questions about their needs and budgets, help you find high-quality leads, and direct them to your human sales team, which will boost your conversion rate.


Also, Facebook Messenger bot can help you handle your eCommerce transactions. If you give the Facebook Messenger bot the right script, you can ask your bot to manage your sales. 

Everything happens in the familiarity of the Facebook Messenger bot, meaning that the “abandoned cart” rate will plummet. Your Facebook Messenger bot can even upsell your customers, boosting your revenue.

Engage Cold Leads

Finally, Facebook Messenger can retain information with ease, which means that it can use those details to go the extra mile and help you engage leads that might have turned cold. 

The Facebook Messenger bot can offer relevant content at the right time, reminding potential customers of what they were interested in last time.

Because of these benefits, many companies are already using the Facebook Messenger bot to help them find leads, boost their conversions, and increase their sales rates. 

Of course, Facebook Messenger bot is only one option. There are numerous other chatbot software programs out there as well.

The Top Chatbot Software Programs

When it comes to finding the best chatbot software choices, there are a few that stand above the rest. Some of the options to highlight include:


Tidio is one of the most popular chatbot software programs, as they provide an all-in-one chat solution that seeks to address all of your visitors’ needs. 

Furthermore, Tidio also provides live chat software. Using Tidio, you can communicate with your website visitors in real-time, create personalized offers for potential customers, and capture leads.

You can integrate Tidio with some of the most popular eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Furthermore, you can incorporate Tidio with third-party apps as well. Tidio makes your interactions with your visitors fun and easy.


  • Free chatbot templates
  • Advanced NLP technology
  • Translations into multiple languages


If you plan on using your chatbot for Facebook Messenger exclusively, then ManyChat might be the answer for you. 

The platform is a Facebook marketing tool that can help you attract, engage with, and understand your potential customers and followers.

One of the top features of ManyChat is the drag and drop builder that allows you to set up a messenger bot in a few minutes. 

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Furthermore, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge to help you set it up. 

You can then define the automated messages that you want ManyChat to use, and the platform will carry out the rest. 

Finally, ManyChat can also help you collect and store emails in its CRM.


  • Drag and drop feature makes it easy for you to build the bot
  • Automated messages help you streamline your workflow
  • You can tag and categorize your subscribers


TARS is a chatbot platform that can help you replace some of the forms that you might use on your landing pages. 

There is a conversational interface that helps you create an engaging, fun experience via advertising campaigns that quickly capture your leads. 

TARS comes with a flowchart that makes it easy for you to tailor the platform to meet your needs.

Furthermore, TARS can also integrate with several other features such as Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook Pixel, which can help you track your results and measure the ROI of your marketing and advertising strategies.


  • You can export leads to your CRM via API
  • Preview and test TARS before you take it live
  • There are more than 500 chatbot templates included with the program


SmartLoop is a chatbot platform that helps you both capture your leads and nurture them, turning them into conversions. 

The chatbot takes advantage of Machine Learning, helping you understand how and why your users visit your site, which allows you to provide them with a better experience.

SmartLoop helps you manage automated conversations on your website, Facebook Messenger, or even Viber. You can use your automated messaging engine to engage cold leads and upsell existing customers.


  • Analytics can help you better understand your conversations
  • You can move from the chatbot to live agents
  • SmartLoop lets you broadcast your messages


Botsify is an AI chatbot builder that can work well with Slack, Facebook Messenger, or your website. Botsify allows you to collect data on your users via forms. 

Botsify inputs such as emails and phone numbers, you can also use Botsify to create your customized data fields.

Botsify is an easy platform to set up and comes with templates tailored for specific industries such as dining and travel. 

Furthermore, the platform works well as a customer service or sales chatbot. It allows you to answer questions from your customers and transfer support to a live agent when the chatbot itself gets stuck.


  • Botsify can analyze customer conversations using AI and pick the best response
  • You can embed Botsify on your website
  • Botsify can translate conversations into multiple languages


Chatfuel helps you create bots on Telegram and Facebook Messenger. One of the top chatbot apps available, it is intuitive and easy to use. 

There are plenty of templates that come with the program, allowing you to build bots that can meet your needs even if you don’t have any prior coding experience.

The AI platform helps you set up automated replies to your customers based on keywords that your visitors might enter, which is an excellent feature if you want your bot to answer customer support and sales questions. 

Furthermore, Chatfuel allows your customers to make purchases straight from the messenger platform itself.


  • You can collect email addresses from your users
  • Chatfuel allows you to set up automated replies to comments
  • The platform tracks send rates, open rates, and click-through rates


Drift is one of the most versatile chatbots out there. 

You can either create a fully automated bot or design a program that communicates with live reps on the other end of the system. 

Drift has playbooks that are easy to understand, helping you sort through the options quickly so that you can qualify your leads with ease.

One of the top features of Drift is that you can segment your leads and send them content relevant to their visit. Drift can even integrate with your CRM and MAS systems (such as Pardot and Salesforce), helping you direct conversations to the right specialist.


  • You can watch visitors navigate Drift in real-time
  • Drift provides you with analytics regarding the performances of your playbook
  • You can establish rules that route chats to specific agents when needed


Freshchat is one of the top chatbot options out there for customer service. You can use Freshchat across mobile apps, web apps, websites, and even messaging apps such as Messenger. 

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All of these conversations can be routed to your inbox if you desire. 

There are numerous integrations available through Freshchat that make the platform a perfect option for the omnichannel client and customer service.

Furthermore, you can configure Freshchat to direct conversations to specific agents if it cannot figure it out. The platform is ideal if you want to streamline your support system. You can also integrate it with ticketing systems such as Freshdesk and Zendesk.


  • You can answer FAQs in the messenger system
  • Freshchat collects user data, allowing you to segment them as needed
  • The platform works well with both iOS and Android apps


Pandorabots has an impressive array of features that places it among the top AI platforms out there. With the right resources, Pandorabots can do it all. 

While the array of features might seem intimidating to some, spending some time with Pandorabots could allow it to control your conversational commerce completely. 

There is an API that allows you to take Pandorabots and integrate it with almost any website or social platform. If you are confident in your abilities to work with complicated chatbots, Pandorabots can do it all.


  • You can deploy Pandorabots to both text and voice channels
  • You can download your source code into Pandorabots and tailor it to meet your needs
  • Pandorabots can learn and adapt to your users in real-time


Ada is a chatbot that is powered using an AI platform that is both easy to use and customizable to meet your needs. 

The platform can help you create customized responses to specific questions from your customers, which makes your conversations sound more natural when compared to other chatbot options.

One of its top features is the ability to establish separate chatbots in each department. These bots can make it easier for you to transfer tickets to specific agents, making your customer service department more efficient. 

Ada can also collect customer feedback forms, helping you capture both qualitative and quantitative customer data.


  • Ada comes with support in more than 100 languages
  • You can store information from your customers including email addresses, names, and more
  • Ada integrates with other popular customer support software options


FlowXo is a favorite of many, as it can host multiple chatbots at once. Some of the top examples include Google Drive, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Slack.

FlowXo can answer questions form your customers and define your leads based on a pre-programmed set of rules. 

FlowXo can go as far as letting customers subscribe to specific feeds, letting you send them to push notifications about content that meets their needs.


  • You can use FlowXo to set up a drip marketing campaign, allowing you to nurture your leads
  • FlowXo can send bot messages to send attachments
  • You can also use keywords to set up automated responses to visitors


LivePerson is a Chabot software program that serves enterprise-level companies. The diverse platform has the power to set up chatbots that are powered by AI. Y

ou can use LivePerson to run multiple messaging channels, including Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Apple Business Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Line.

LivePerson also comes with chatbots for specific industries. LiveIntent is one of its top features and is an AI algorithm that takes a look at customer conversations in real-time and reports the quality of that lead to specific reps.


  • LivePerson can track key metrics such as conversions
  • The program provides real-time intent analysis
  • There is a proprietary AI engine that helps you recommend relevant content to your customers

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