5 Ways to Make Money Blogging.

If you are blogging on a regular basis, you might want to know how to make money with your blog. Many bloggers have figured out ways to monetize their blog as a supplemental income or as a full-time income. This article will give you ideas on how to make money with your blog.

Incorporate.com Affiliate Program

Incorporate.com has an affiliate program within the Rakuten Affiliate Network. Founded in 1899, incorporate.com is a leader in its industry with more than 100 years of experience offering incorporation and LLC formation services for entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, partnerships, and non-profits with servicing all 50 states.

Beaver Builder Review

Screenshot of Listings to Leads option for grabbing a listing

Here’s another user-friendly WordPress page builder that’s good for novices and professionals alike. It’s intuitive to use, beginner-friendly, and they’ve even got a cute little beaver as part of its logo. We’re talking about Beaver Builder!

Elementor Review

Elementor is another crowd favorite among WordPress users. Just like Gutenberg, this page builder ticks plenty of the right boxes and is considered by its fans to be the most powerful WordPress page builder there is.

Marketing Tools

In this guide, you’ll find almost any marketing tool you will need for growing your blog, website, or online store. You’ll find automation tools, posting tools, promotional tools, money-making tools, SEO tools and so much more.

How Does Yelp Work?

As a small business owner, it is crucial to understand the question, “how does Yelp work,” and how companies can use this to bring in more customers.

Blog Post Ideas for 2021 [by niche]

Screen Shot of Facebook Reviews Page for Ballen Brands

As a full-time blogger with multiple niche websites, I understand that it can be difficult to find blog post ideas that people love. This list of blog ideas for 2021 can get you on your way to creating great content for your blog. 

As a full-time blogger with multiple niche websites, I understand that it can be difficult to find blog post ideas. This list of blog ideas for 2021 can get you on your way to creating great content for your blog.

Blog post Types


A listicle is a list of items explained in the form of a blog post. These are very popular for 2021. You’ll see listicles created as part of the famous “Best X for Y blogs.” These can be a numbered list or general bullet point list.

This blog post is an example of a listicle as well as a pillar post. 

Here are 3 examples of listicles.

Keyword research can be used to find more topics. You can use Google auto-suggest and type Best * for * to see a long list of recently searched keywords and phrases.

Keyword research can be used to find more topics. You can use Google auto suggest and type Best * for * to see a long list of recently searched keywords and phrases.

Pillar Post

A Pillar post is a long-form, in-depth informational article. Also referred to as a skyscraper post, a Pillar post generally has 2000 – 3000 words and many separate paragraphs with headings that serve as subtopics for the main topic. 

Pillar Post Examples:

  1. How to make money with Youtube Superchat
  2. Ghostwriter for hire
  3. Affiliate marketing for beginners
  4. The best way to start a blog

Question and Answer Post

A blog post that asks a question in the title and answers that question in the text’s body is a favorite among bloggers who focus on ranking on Google with SEO. 

Because questions are frequently typed into Google, having a blog that answers the question can generate search engine traffic. 

You can also create a FAQ on any blog. If you are using the YOAST SEO Plugin, the FAQ content block with schema markup is a great choice. 

Question Post Examples

  1. What is Knack?
  2. What is Keap?

Product Review Posts

Search engines today are often used for researching a product, book, movie, or other item or service before making a decision. 

Therefore, many bloggers create a series of review style blog posts to satisfy the searchers intent. Often, they do the product review and include their affiliate link to earn a commission.

Examples of Product Review style Posts

  1. Is Yoast Premium Worth It?
  2. Writer access Review

How-To Tutorial Posts

If there is anything that you can teach in a step by step process, then you can create a tutorial-style blog post.

A tutorial-style blog post can contain video, images, graphics, audio, written step by step, or a combination of any of the aforementioned formats.

Samples of Tutorial Posts:

  1. How to set up the Essence Pro theme on WordPress.
  2. SEO content writing tutorial
  3. How to write a blog post on WordPress
  4. How to remove the background of a photo
  5. How to make money on Instagram

This vs. that Posts

One of my personal favorites, this vs. that posts are very popular for 2021. If someone types a search into Google wanting to compare 2 products, most often a ‘this vs. that’ blog is offered on the search engine results page (SERP).

You can compare products, services, activities, places, or just about anything else you can think of. These types of blogs can be very lucrative when publishing display ads or including affiliate links.

Youtube videos are also created in this category and do well.

Examples of This vs. That posts:

  1. Ezoic vs. Monumentric
  2. Thinkific vs. Teachable
  3. Bluehost vs. Wix

A Day in the Life Of

People love to take a virtual peek inside the life of someone they want to model. In many niches, documenting what a day looks like for that niche can be both insightful and entertaining to the viewer.

This can be done in an autobiography format, an interview style blog or video format, or a blog post series that strings together many individual posts featuring different professions or people.

For Example:

  • A day in the life of a Japanese Delivery Driver. [see video]
  • A day in the life of a Harvard student [see video]
  • A day in the life of a chef [read blog]

Case Studies

Case studies are blog posts that share the results of some sort of experiment, project, or test. Some examples of case studies would be:

  • A documentation series based around starting a niche website
  • Following the journey of a particular type of investment
  • A blog post explaining how you increased your website by 20%.
  • A series of blog posts documenting training a new hire using a particular type of software
  • A blog post explaining how you tried fasting for 7 days and what the results were.

Personal Blog Posts

Personal blog posts can bring life to an otherwise unbranded website. Adding in a personal post from time to time can create a boost to the brand. Personal blog post are a great opportunity to inspire the reader.

Here are some examples of personal posts.

  • Announcements [Getting married, having a baby, Moving]
  • I’m sorry posts
  • I failed at [x] and here’s what I learned
  • My personal journey with [challenge]

Blog Post Ideas by Niche

Every niche offers the opportunity to compare products, create listicles, build tutorials, and more. Many bloggers, however, don’t know what to write about.

I took the time to compare some of the most popular niches and create a list of blog topic ideas for you. If you need help writing your blog content, I have a list of ghostwriters here.

Small Pet Blog Post Ideas

In this niche, the Will, How, Why, Can questions are very popular. Starting out with a Q & A blog in the small pet niche can generate traffic from Google if your blog posts rank. Your target audience is the small pet owner and it’s important to solve that audience’s challenges with small pet ownership.

Blog TopicType of Blog Post
Will an (animal) eat (Food)?Q & A
How big does an (animal) grow?Q & A
Why do (animals) fight?Q & A
Can (animal) see in the dark?Q & A
How long do (animals) live for?Q & A
(Animal) BreedsListicle
Best (product) for (animal)Listicle
How long does an (animal) live?Q & A
[number] facts about (animal)Listicle
The ultimate guide to raising (animal)Pillar Post
The most expensive (animal) on the planetListicle
How to build a cage for an (animal)How-To Tutorial
Is (product) for your (animal) worth it?Product Review
Can an (animal) live outside?Q & A
How fast can an (animal) run?Q & A
Is a pet (animal) safe for kids?Q & A
Steps to train your [animal]How-To Tutorial
[number] reasons your [animal] does [activity]Listicle
[number] problems with raising a [animal]Listicle

Travel Blog Post Ideas

In the travel blog space, covering the best restaurants, attractions, hotels, and travel options will be ideal. Each location you travel to will offer the opportunity for listicles in these categories, product reviews and this vs. that style posts.

Click here to read more on how to become a travel blogger.

Blog Post IdeasBlog Post Type
Best restaurant in [location]Listicle
Top places to visit when in [location]Listicle
How to get to (location) on a budgetHow-To Tutorial
[Number] best day trips from [location]Listicle
Bucket List IdeasPillar Post Listicle
Travel Hacking StrategiesPillar Post
[number] cheap places to visit on a budgetListicle
The Comprehensive travel guide for [location]Pillar Post
[Location] airport and transportation tipsPillar Post
What is the best way to get to [location]Q & A
What language do they speak in [location]Q & A
What size luggage is a carry-on?Q & a
[number] things to see before you turn [age]Listicle
[number] [types of places] to experienceListicle
Everything you need to know about [place or activity]Listicle
[number] most beautiful [place/item/activity ] in [location]Listicle
How to pack for a trip to [location]How-To
[Cruiseline] vs. [Cruiseline]This or That
Can I travel to [location] without a passport?Q & A
Is (a product like luggage) worth the investment?Product Review
Is it worth upgrading to 1st class on [airline]?Product review

Food Blog Post Ideas

Becoming a food blogger can be very rewarding. It’s a competitive niche, however, that will require a strategically planned content calendar. You can use the following blog post ideas to create listicles, product reviews, recipes, and more.

Blog Post IdeasBlog Post Type
RecipeHow – To Tutorial
How to use your [appliance]How – To Tutorial
How long do I cook [food] for?Q & A
Instant Pot vs. Air FryerThis vs. That
What is the best (appliance) to make (food)Listicle
Is the (appliance) worth it?Product Review
Best way to make [food]How-to Tutorial
[number] easy [appliance] recipesListicle
[number] intredient [appliance] recipesListicle
[number] ways to make [food][description]Listicle
How to make [restaurant dish] at homeHow – To Tutorial
How to make [popular dish] Low Carb How – To Tutorial
How to make [popular dish] Sugar-FreeHow – To Tutorial
The best cookbooks for [year]Listicle
Is it ok to eat [food] on the [x] Diet?Q & A
The complete guide to making [food, meal]Pillar Post
A complete shopping list for [diet, recipe, meal]Listicle
The fastest way to make [food]How-To Tutorial
3 delicious ways to make [food]How-To Tutorial
Is [food] OK to eat when someone has [condition]Q & A

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Lifestyle blogs can contain information on beauty, marriage, parenthood, fashion, travel, crafts, finances, and whatever else you like. Learn more about starting a lifestyle blog here.

Blog TopicBlog Type
How to Make [Recipe, Craft, Costume]How – To Tutorial
How – To do [X] with your HairHow – To Tutorial
How to Know When You are ready for [baby, marriage]Pillar Post
The best [X] for [Y]Listicle
Fun Things to do with [X] on a budgetListicle
How to [x] your own [X]How – To Tutorial
Holiday gift guideListicle
Book or Movie ReviewReview Post
Questions to ask for self-discoveryListicle
Questions to ask a date (or spouse)Listicle
Why I decided to [X] and what happened afterCase Study
Most embarrassing momentsPersonal
How to know if you are [phase in life]How – to
Where to buy the best [X]Listicle
How to throw a [x] (baby shower, 1st birthday)How – to
Tips for living in a [small house, apartment, dorm]Pillar Post
True confessions of a [X]Personal / Interview
Working from Home [home-schooling]Pillar Post
Fun [activity] to do with [friend, spouse, date, kids]Listicle

Lifestyle Blog Ideas

A Lifestyle blog is any type of blog about life, hobbies, family, travel and so forth. Here are some lifestyle blog ideas for you to explore. It’s not too late to start a blog. That being said, if it isn’t something you are passionate about, you may not get to blogging very often. This is why many choose to start a Lifestyle Blog.

Twitter SEO: How to Optimize Your Tweets for Higher Search Rankings

With Twitter SEO, you can rank your tweets in Google’s carousel-style box for relevant search queries. More users will see your tweets, thus improving their marketing performance.

With Twitter SEO, you can rank your tweets in Google's carousel-style box for relevant search queries. More users will see your tweets, thus improving their marketing performance.

To reach more users with your tweets, look no further than search engine optimization (SEO). Google has been indexing tweets since 2014. It typically displays them at the top of the search results in a special carousel-style box. Google users can click or swipe the box to the side to view tweets related to their search query.

Google is somewhat selective; however, regarding the tweets that it indexes. A study of nearly 5,000 tweets conducted by Perficient found that only 5.2 percent were indexed. Almost 95 percent of tweets, conversely, fail to appear on Google. 

Twitter is only an effective marketing platform if you’re able to get users to see your tweets. You can still rank your tweets in Google’s prominent Twitter box, but you’ll have to optimize them.

Set Tweets to Public Visibility

Make sure your tweets are set to public visibility. Google won’t rank them if they are set to protected visibility. Protected visibility means only your followers will see your tweets. Google’s algorithm doesn’t follow users on Twitter, so it can’t read-protected tweets.

You can toggle between public and private visibility in your account settings. Under the main settings menu, select “Privacy and Safety,” followed by “Audience and tagging.” For public visibility, uncheck the box labeled “Protect your Tweets.”

Focus on Unique Content

Tweets containing unique content are more likely to rank than those containing duplicate content. Retweets, for instance, rarely rank on Google. Google tends to treat them as duplicate content. If it discovers a retweet relevant to a search query, it will rank the original tweet.

Retweets, as well as other tweets containing duplicate content, may still rank for some search queries. Searches for business and brand names may reveal an indexed retweet. 

If a user searches for the same name with which your Twitter account is associated, he or she may see your most recent tweets, including your retweets. Regardless, your tweets will rank for more keywords if they feature unique content.

Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags can help your tweets rank. If you want to rank a tweet for a keyword, add it as a hashtag. Google will identify the tweet as relevant to that keyword, so it may rank it.

Some users even search for hashtags on Google. They’ll enter single or multiple words without spaces preceded by the pound sign. 

Google recognizes this format as a hashtag, and it will respond to these searches by showing indexed tweets featuring the hashtag.

Keep in mind that hashtags count towards Twitter’s 280-character limit. Twitter doesn’t restrict the number of hashtags you can use in tweets. 

It only restricts you to using no more than 280 characters per tweet. Each letter, number, special character, emoji, space, and hashtag will count towards this limit.

Add a Relevant Image

The presence of a relevant image can mean the difference between a tweet ranking and not ranking. Since Google shows in-tweet images in the search results, it can increase clicks. 

More users will click your tweets if they feature a relevant image, and with a high click-through rate (CTR), your tweets will achieve and retain higher rankings on Google.

You can add a relevant image to a tweet by clicking or tapping the image icon. Select the image file on your computer and choose “Open.” Twitter will resize it before attaching it to the tweet.

Twitter supports several file formats for images, including: 

• JPG 

• GIF 

• PNG 

Touch Up Your Bio

Completing the bio for your Twitter account will give your tweets a better shot at ranking. Most indexed tweets come from Twitter users who’ve completed their bio. If your bio is empty, your tweets may not rank.

To complete your bio, pull up your profile while logged in to your Twitter and select “Edit profile.” In the “Bio” section, a brief description about you or your business using no more than 160 characters.

Check out this article on the best Link in Bio apps for Instagram.

Embed on Your Website

Embedding tweets on your website can increase their chances of ranking. Like most social media networks, Twitter supports the use of embedded content. You can take a tweet from Twitter and embed it on your website. 

It will still be hosted on Twitter, but the tweet will be displayed on your website as well.

When you embed one of your tweets on your website, Google will find it. 

According to Internet Live Stats, an average of 500 million tweets are performed each day. Google doesn’t have the resources to crawl all of these tweets.

You can direct Google’s crawling bots towards a tweet, though, by embedding it on your website. Your website probably has less content than Twitter’s massive collection of tweets. 

When Google crawls your website, it will find and follow the embedded tweet without getting bogged down.

You can embed a tweet by pulling it up on Twitter and clicking or tapping the menu button, followed by “Embed tweet.” You can then customize how it’s displayed, or you can skip straight to the code. 

Just copy the embed code and paste it into the page’s source code where you want to display the tweet.

Engage With Followers

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your followers. No one outside of Google’s own development team knows how the search engine chooses tweets to rank. 

Nonetheless, there’s a noticeable correlation between engagement and rankings. Tweets with lots of comments are more likely to rank than those with few or no comments.

If you notice a comment on one of your tweets, take a moment to reply to the user who left it. 

Replying will show that the user and Google that your Twitter account is actively maintained. It may also compel the user to leave another comment, adding even more sustenance to the tweet.

Twitter is only an effective marketing platform if you’re able to get users to see your tweets. With Twitter SEO, you can rank your tweets in Google’s carousel-style box for relevant search queries. 

More users will see your tweets, thus improving their marketing performance.

How To Become A Food Blogger

Food Bloggers love WordPress! WordPress is a blogger dream for the growth capabilities, functionality, design and SEO elements. Whether your goal is to rank on the search engines for recipes, drive traffic to your food blog through Pinterest, or cook up a social media strategy, you’ll love these foodie themes!

7 Steps to Great Content Strategy

You aren’t generating too much user interaction, and the comments section on most of your posts is empty. If any of this sounds familiar, you need to change the way you create great content.

How to Make a Poll Online

If you are looking for ways to solicit feedback from business partners, customers, employees, students, parents, or anyone else, one of the most convenient ways to do so is through an online poll. 

Fortunately, there are numerous software programs available that will help you do exactly that. 

Whether you are looking to create an online survey, a new quiz, or collect information from potential customers, you can use online surveys and polls to conduct market research or solicit opinions. 

For companies, online polls can also provide you with insight into other aspects of your business.

Therefore, you need to know how to make a poll online. When it comes to creating an online survey, there are a few key steps to follow.

The Process of Making an Online Poll

To make an effective online poll, some of the steps that you need to follow include:

Purpose: What is the purpose of the poll? Do you want to create a quiz that students can take? Or, are you looking for feedback from managers regarding certain aspects of your company? 

In other cases, you might be looking to create a poll or survey that solicits feedback from employees or customers. Develop a clear purpose for your poll.

Questions or Choices: Next, you need to think about how you are going to administer your poll. Do you want to provide users with a series of questions to answer in a free-response format? Or, do you want to provide a multiple-choice style survey with clearly defined possible answers?

Layout: Once you have created the poll’s text, you can change the look and feel by altering the layout depending on the program you are using. 

Keep in mind that a little contrast is always good to clearly see the questions and choices on the screen.

Restrict Voting: In some cases, you might want to restrict the voting process so that users can only submit a response once. 

Voting restriction is smart for ensuring that your poll is not skewed inaccurately if someone takes the poll multiple times.

Alternative Responses: If you want to provide more freedom in your poll, then you might want to add an “other” section where users can submit an answer that you haven’t listed.

Hide Results: If you want to conceal the results of your poll as people take it, then you might want to hide the results until the poll closes. 

If people see that the results of the poll are being skewed widely to one side, then some people might not want to take it.

Schedule the Poll: Finally, you need to schedule the poll and decide how it is going to be distributed. When and how do you want the poll to go out?

These are a few of the steps that you need to follow in order to launch an online poll. The success of your poll will answer depend on the software you use.

Options for Polling Software

If you are looking to create a poll online, there are a few popular programs you can use. 

These include:

Google Surveys: Google Surveys is a free program that you can use to create a survey either on your own or in tandem with other people. While the program is a bit “bare bones,” it is free, making it a popular choice.

Survey Monkey: Used by more than 300,000 organizations worldwide, Survey Monkey is the backbone of the survey industry. 

With an easy way to collect feedback, analyze results, and drive action, Survey Monkey has multiple tiers, allowing you to price your plan to meet your needs.

Qualtrics: Another popular option is called Qualtrics, which is mostly used to conduct market research, concept testing, and product development surveys. 

In use by more than 11,000 global brands, Qualtrics provides more than 100 question types and 80 integrations with a variety of third-party platforms, making it easy to use.

Doodle: Doodle is one of the most popular programs when it comes to online surveys, schedules, and polls. With more than 30 million monthly users, Doodle provides a suite of tools that allow users to customize surveys to meet their needs. 

There are multiple pricing plans available as well.

Zoho Survey: Zoho Survey is a customizable questionnaire and survey creation program. With hundreds of templates, skip logic capabilities, and creative survey panels, it is a strong program for analyzing research results and breaking them down by demographics.

These are just a few of the many online survey tools available today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making a Poll Online

Some of the most common questions people ask about creating a poll online include:

How long should my questions be?

Your questions need to be long enough so that they can be interpreted clearly; however, keep in mind that shorter questions are better than longer ones. Sometimes, people read long questions and stop taking the survey.

How many questions should my survey have?

You need to have enough questions in your survey to collect the necessary information; however, having too many questions could lead to “survey fatigue,” causing people to stop taking the survey or click without reading the questions just to end the survey.

Should I use closed or open-ended questions?

Most surveys use close-ended questions to make the results easier to analyze; however, if you are willing to read every response, you can use open-ended surveys as well.

Get the Most Out of Your Online Polls and Surveys

If you are thinking about making a survey online, then you need to make sure that you get the most out of your polls. In order to gather as much information as possible, you need to use the right poll or survey software program.

Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of these options before you make a decision. That way, you can place your polls and surveys in the best position possible to collect the right information.

Blogger’s Income Report

While sharing income makes one very vulnerable, I am a teacher first above all other things. I’m passionate about sharing what works so that people can adopt and follow a model that works for them. Here is my blogger’s Income Report for August 2020.

Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

This list of Affiliate Programs can help you get started in affiliate marketing. Find a product you would like to promote. That product is linked to an affiliate program provided by the brand or an affiliate network. You can join the affiliate network to apply for the program.

Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy has an affiliate program with the AWIN Affiliate Network. Upon acceptance to the program, you’ll receive access to creatives, affiliate links, and data feeds.

Etsy has an affiliate program with the AWIN Affiliate Network. Upon acceptance to othe program, you’ll receive access to creatives, affiliate links, and data feeds.
Apply at AWIN.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Here are a few blogging tips for beginners. Starting a blog can feel like a mind-boggling experience. You may be chomping at the bit to get your blog off the ground, build a following, and earn a return on your investment.

This is My Hallmark

It never fails. Every holiday season, I end up buying a ‘This is My Hallmark’ blanket, sweatshirt, coffee mug, and all of the above. Here are some of the cutest ‘This is My Hallmark’ holiday gifts.

Blog Inspiration

You have set up a blog, chose a niche, learned how to blog, and even mastered Pinterest. And every now and then, it’s just good to feel inspired! Here is some blog inspiration to feed your soul today, and every day.

Blogger vs. WordPress

If you are looking to start a blog, then you will notice that you have plenty of options from which to choose. Two of the most popular options are WordPress and Blogger. Let’s Compare.

Hyperlocal Marketing | Easter Blog for Real Estate Websites

In this guide, you'll learn how to create a hyperlocal marketing blog for real estate websites. Hi. I'm Lori Ballen and I am a real estate agent in Las Vegas, NV. I created Ballen Academy to share my methods in real estate marketing.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a hyperlocal marketing blog for real estate websites. Lori Ballen is a real estate agent in Las Vegas, NV. She is the creator of The Ballen Method Courses and Coaching.In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a hyperlocal marketing blog for real estate websites. Lori Ballen is a real estate agent in Las Vegas, NV. She is the creator of The Ballen Method Courses and Coaching.

Real Estate Blog Ideas | Light Up the Holidays

Cover image for Real Estate Blog Ideas | Light Up Your Blog Post

Real estate blog ideas generate the content you need – not only to draw in leads through your content, but also to gain rank in search engines as an expert in your area. Check out these real estate blog ideas to generate hyperlocal content that can generate leads.

real estate blog ideas | content marketing strategy

If you don’t yet have a content marketing strategy for the upcoming year, this is the perfect time to get started. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Create a hyperlocal blog post about seasonal events in your area.
  • Include a valuable offer to prompt user registrations to generate leads.
  • Import leads into a database.
  • Initiate email marketing campaigns for the leads you generate.

Understanding hyperlocal strategies

Hyperlocal content is content specifically targeted to your area. Publishing hyperlocal content accomplishes several goals. You can use hyperlocal strategies to generate real estate blog ideas.

First, the hyperlocal content draws in website traffic. Second, hyperlocal content adds search engine authority based on the number of visits your website receives, and the number of actions (clicks) each viewer takes. Third, hyperlocal content helps build and nurture relationships. Even if a person isn’t currently looking to buy or sell real estate, the more often they find your website in response to their searches, the more trust they invest in you.

Examples of hyperlocal content include:

  • Best Restaurants in ____________.
  • Best Free Things to Do in ___________.
  • Best Bars in __________.
  • Best Coffee Shops in ___________.
  • Best Golf Courses in __________.
  • Best Spas in __________.

Creating Offers to Prompt Registrations

Your content may be off-the-hook in terms generating website traffic. One article on your blog could generate hundreds if not thousands of page views. But if you don’t have an offer on your page that prompts registrations, then you’re making motion without progress. Web traffic is good. Web LEADS are better.

To convert a website viewer to a real estate lead, you must offer the viewer an item of value for which they’ll “trade” you their information.

An “offer” can be almost anything downloadable, such as:

  • A list of resources
  • A checklist for completing specific tasks
  • An ultimate guide to…
  • A toolkit
  • A worksheet
  • A workbook
  • A map

You create an offer that compliments the blog post, convert it to a PDF, and offer that PDF in exchange for a name and email address. When you succeed in obtaining a name and email address, you have converted that viewer into a lead.

working your database | Creating campaigns

Once you capture leads from writing a killer blog post, you must then nurture those leads. When your content marketing strategy is constructed around seasonal content, you can create an email campaign with the same “flavor”.  Here are a few ideas for seasonal campaigns:

  • January: Health
    • Best gyms
    • Best health food stores
    • Best meal plans
    • Best nutritionists
  • February: Things to Do for Valentine’s Day
    • Best Restaurants
    • Best Chocolate Factories
    • Best Flower Shops
  • March: St. Patrick’s Day
    • Best Beer Crawls
    • Best St. Patty’s Day Parades
    • Best places to get Corned Beef & Cabbage
  • April: Easter
    • Best Places for Easter Egg Hunts
    • Best Restaurants Serving Easter Dinner
    • Best Places to Spot the Easter Bunny

You can build an entire year’s worth of relevant content providing local resources for seasonal events. How’s that for real estate blog ideas? And here’s the good news: You don’t have to do it all at once! When you launch your hyperlocal content marketing strategy in December, you can then work out one month at a time.

Publish the blog post, use a compelling description and link in an email, then shoot that email to everyone you pulled into your database from your first hyperlocal piece. By year’s end, you’ve got an entire campaign you can then use year after year.

But wait! There’s more database magic!

When you have the right database and the right tools and accessories, you can work serious magic with your database.

Infusionsoft is a database that not only houses contacts, but can sort, filter, tag, and task leads for timely follow up. Within Infusionsoft, you can build out email campaigns that trigger at the right time to the right audience. Boom.

When you tie Infusionsoft together with an autodialer such as TurboDial, your database then has the capability to text message and place outbound calls to leads.

Then, there’s the mother-load: Autopilot ISA. Autopilot ISA is an automated inside sales agent that works in conjunction with Infusionsoft and Turbodial to INTERACT with leads until a lead is prepped, primed, and ready for a human touch.

Let’s talk real estate

Yes, you’re providing great local content that builds trust, nurtures relationships, and feeds your database. But why stop there? The whole idea is to sell real estate, right? Right!

At the bottom of each hyperlocal blog post, consider pulling in IDX registrations. IDX providers such as IDX Broker can pull listings right into your blog post. You can include:

  • Homes for sale in _______.
  • Homes listed in the past 24 hours.
  • Foreclosure list

Soup up your blog post with a grid, carousel, or table of houses.

You can also opt to include home valuations.

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FORMS for lead capture

Listings to Leads  offers landing pages designed specifically for real estate agents to capture leads. You can also use Wufoo to capture leads. Additionally, Constant Contact offers forms. Find the form that works for you, then plug that in to your holiday hyperlocal blog post.

‘Tis the Season to Light Up Your Real Estate Blog!

house decorated in Christmas lights

Unwrap the gift of real estate blog ideas and content marketing for lead generation with the launch of your first hyperlocal holiday post: Best Places to See Christmas Lights in ___________.

Here’s an example: Best Places to See Christmas Lights in Las Vegas!

Step 1 – Create a Blog Post: Find the Gems. Use resources like YouTube and Google to find particular houses or neighborhoods that have already caught the attention of viewers and journalists. They’re out there. All you need to do is look. Virtual assistants are great resources to utilize for this type of research. You can also make use of video marketing by adding embed codes to your blog post.

Step 2: – Assemble the List in Order: It’s most convenient for viewers to be able to run down the list in an order that makes sense, such as geographic location.

Step 3 -Create an offer: The offer could be a printable version of the list in addition to an Interactive Map. (Click here to learn how to create an Interactive Map).

Step 4 – Include Listings: Use an IDX provider to pull in listings to your blog post.

Step 5 – Embrace Your Database: Don’t just let captured leads get cold. Have a plan for follow up email campaigns.

Step 6 – REPEAT: Use follow up blog posts to create email marketing campaigns to nurture the relationships of leads generated from your Christmas lights blog post.

Noteworthy tidbits

  • Odd numbers out-perform even numbers, so consider titling your blog: 11 Best Places to see Christmas Lights. You can always change that number later as your list grows. Note: Your blog title is NOT the same as your blog URL.
  • Do NOT use the number or the year in your URL as the URL cannot be changed as the post is updated year to year. Instead, consider including a URL that reads: Best-Christmas-Lights-in-Las-Vegas.
  • Consider adding a form for “Add Your House to this List”, and another for “Remove Your House from this List”.
  • Find out what other tools are used by Lori Ballen and the Ballen Brands team at LorisTools.com.

Outsource Those Bad Boys

Just because you understand and appreciate the importance of hyperlocal blogging doesn’t mean you or your crew have the time to work that magic. However, our crew does! The Ballen Brands Team can research and write your blog post, design your offers, and even set you up with powerful technology like Autopilot ISA. We can even help with pay-per-click advertising to promote your posts! Reach out to Ballen Brands today to let us handle your heavy lifting.