The definitive Guide to Buying Real Estate Leads

Getting started in real estate, or growing in real estate takes a special focus on generating real estate leads. Those that grow substantially are the agents that have the leads. While earning in is suggested (sphere of influence, open houses, calling expireds, networking) etc., sometimes buying real estate leads has its place.

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Where to Buy Real Estate Leads

Agent Locator – Agent Locator uses pay-per-click campaigns to generate leads for real estate agents. According to the company, the cost is on average about $13 per lead, but they can go as low as $8 or as high as $25 per lead.

All the Leads – All the Leads connects agents with “highly motivated sellers & buyers in transition.” Leads provided to agents include probate leads, and other categories including divorce, foreclosure, marriage, relocation, childbirth, empty-nesting, and other leads that help agents contact persons at the right time.

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Best Rate Referrals – The company claims to have developed multiple lead generation programs that make it easier to market to consumers who qualify for a home purchase loan. Real Estate leads are generated via the website, where consumers can search for listings in their area.

Bold Leads – Bold Leads provides real estate agents with ad management services, including pay-per-click ads on Facebook. According to the company, in the last year, they have “helped thousands of agents generate over 800,000 buyer and seller leads.”

Boomtown – Boomtown provides digital marketing services to help real estate agents get exposure on networks such as Google and Facebook. Regardless of if the agent’s goal is to increase website visitors to their agency site, grow their sphere of influence or expand into new markets, the company says they can assist. The company claims they have generated more than 15 million leads through their pay-per-click services.

Client Hub – Client Hub connects real estate agents with qualified prospects who are in the market to purchase or list a home. Client Hub verifies the leads and confirms the prospect’s intent to speak to an agent, before sending them to agents.

Expert Home Offers – The company offers real-time exclusive home buyer and seller leads with an automated referral process, and no sign-up or cancellation fees. Real Estate Agents only pay for transactions which have been successful. Additionally, agents have the option to select from “standard” referral leads, which is based on a 25% fee, or they can choose “expert” pay-per-leads which costs $64.95 for sellers and $14.95 for buyers.

Fast Expert – Fast Expert provides quality buyer and seller leads to real estate agents. Agents only pay if the lead results in a successful closing – the applicable referral fee of 25% is only applied in these cases. According to the company, there is no setup fee, no monthly fee, and no startup cost. Leads are distributed to agents via email.

Fast Home Offer – Fast Home Offer connects agents with people who are looking to sell their homes quickly. Leads are exclusive to ensure they are of the most value to agents. They offer per-lead pricing.

Geographic Farming – Geographic Farming offers a suite of services to real estate agents to assist in increasing the amount of leads, including digital advertisement services such as pay-per-click management.

Gold Rush Leads – Gold Rush Leads uses pay-per-click ads, including Google Ads, Re-marketing Banners and Video ads to generate high quality leads for real estate agents. Their approach helps agents “break through the white noise,” by offering techniques to successfully capture and convert leads to an agent’s target audience.

Home Gain – Home Gain provides real estate agents with the opportunity to connect with home buyers and home sellers in the agent’s local market area. Agents are notified when a buyer or seller is interested in the agent’s market area. An agent can choose which buyer or seller leads they wish to claim, and then they will receive immediate contact information of a prospect once a lead is accepted.

ihot Leads – The company provides leads generated from ‘HouseHunt, Inc.’ for purchase by real estate agents. ihot Leads distributes leads and resources to agents who purchase exclusive HouseHunt, Inc. territories. They also offer leads for sale on the website for areas where there are no HouseHunt exclusive agents. According to the company “all leads, with the exception of leads purchased in volume are guaranteed to have either a valid phone number or email address.”

Inbox Real Estate Leads – Inbox Real Estate Leads claims to be one of the nations largest suppliers of online Realty leads. Agents can sign up for their distribution list by filling out a quick form. When a lead is generated in an agent’s zip code, it is sent to their email for review. At this point, an agent can decide whether or not they want to purchase the lead. Inbox Real Estate Leads provides a no contract, no upfront costs, and an “iron-clad” return policy to reduce the risk to agents.

Incom Real Estate – Incom Real Estate uses Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Recall Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to help real estate agents generate buyer and seller leads, retrieve lost leads, and improve web presence to attract further leads. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee, with all features included.

Market Leader – According to the company, real estate agents can expect to get a guaranteed number of exclusive leads each month. Leads are never sold to another agent. They offer lead generation services via ‘’, where potential sellers are searching for a home valuation. They offer this group a free personalized CMA of their property, which is then passed on as a lead to the real estate agents. Additionally, they generate leads through ‘Leads Direct’with pay-per-click advertising campaigns that are targeted to consumers who search for home listing on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Offrs – Offrs claims to leverage smart data and outreach to generate verified leads for agents. The company says that they have “predicted over 70% of listings in the United States” using their “proprietary algorithm.” They collect leads by utilizing an online and telephone survey campaign to verify persons who may be buying or selling a home in the next 6 to 12 months. When a homeowner is established as a high-quality lead, the information is delivered to the agent’s inbox.

In addition, they launch several managed campaigns to leverage data which generates leads both online and offline. Offrs licenses their Smart Data to only one agent per territory to ensure that partnered agents are the first in the door for listings.

Prime Seller Leads – Prime Seller Leads helps agents generate leads through pay-per-click advertising management on networks such as Facebook and Google Adwords.

Premier Agent – Premier Agent, which claims to have the power of both Zillow and Trulia, is one of the more popular sources of real estate leads. The company connects real estate agents with interested home shoppers in their target ZIP codes who are actively looking for homes. According to the company, “50% of Zillow & Trulia visitors are planning to buy or sell within 12 months.”

Prospect Now – Prospect Now helps real estate agents generate leads by providing digital marketing options, such as pay per click management to assist agents with reaching persons who are most likely to sell their home or purchase a property.

Qazzoo – With Qazzoo, real estate agents can search for leads based on location, and hand-select the real estate leads they desire. The company states that the contact information is 100% guaranteed. Qazzoo offers 3 free leads to agents, just for signing up.

Real Estate Pal – describes themselves as “a full-service marketing system for Real Estate Professionals.” They work with a large clientele including the largest firms in the country to hundreds of individual agents, brokers and lending professionals. They provide leads by finding home buyers on the internet and directing them to real estate agents within the same geographic area. The leads are sent via email and include basic information of the home buyer, such as what type of property they are looking to buy, the time frame for the purchase, and their contact information. The company offers several levels of membership, starting at $699.

Real Estate Pipeline – The company connects verified and motivated home buyers and sellers with real estate agents. The leads are exclusive to one agent per territory to ensure that real estate agents won’t have to compete with other local agents for clients. Leads are generated through extensive online advertising, and these leads are only distributed to agents after they have been contacted by the company’s verification team.

Real Geeks – Real Geeks provides real estate agents with managed pay per click campaigns, and Facebook marketing solutions via their in-house marketing team to help agents drive traffic to Real Geeks websites and generate leads.

REfindly – REfindly helps real estate agents generate and convert leads. They provide buyer lead generation, as well as seller lead generation through pay-per-click ads on Google, Bing, Facebook and several other online networks.

Search Wire – Search Wire generates high-quality home buyer and home seller leads for real estate agents in any part of the country. The leads provided are 100% exclusive to each agent.

U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters – The company generates leads or appointments for real estate agents by calling individual homeowners and finding out when they will be ready to sell their home, buy a home, or if they know anyone who is looking to buy or sell.

U.S. Lead List – U.S. Lead List provides agents with leads that target older homeowners, who have equity, and are in positions to sell or invest. They lead span the entire country and connect agents with motivated sellers.

U.S. Probate Leads – U.S. Probate Leads provides leads in the probate lead niche market. The company utilizes hundreds of researches who visit county courthouses to build the leads listing. There is no contract required, and agents can cancel at any time. Pricing starts at $180 month for 25 leads. – The company provides agents with verified real estate leads sent directly to the agent’s inbox. According to the company, there are no monthly membership fees. Agents only pay for each lead they receive. The amount sent is based on an agent’s chosen quantities and locations. The company’s “TRIFECTA” verification system ensures that every lead provided will be contactable and that they have confirmed their intent to be contacted by a real estate agent. The company states that if an agent is unable to get in touch with a contact, they will credit the agent.

Zbuyer – Zbuyer claims to be a premier online source for sellers and buyers. They attract sellers and buyers across the United States with national marketing campaigns and automate the process of generating high-quality leads. These leads are analyzed and distributed directly to agents. The company provides detailed lead profiles, including property information, financial details, and contact information. They also provide daily lead notifications via email and text, so that agents can stay in the loop.

Zurple – Zurple claims to be the number one client generation software for real estate agents – They offer search engine marketing services (pay per click) to ensure that a flow of leads is driven into an agent’s account. They boast that “Over 3,500 agents nationwide use Zurple to close more deals.”

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