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8 Tips to Increase Affiliate Sales

If you want to earn a steady income from affiliate marketing, it will take time and effort. Knowing a few affiliate marketing tips will help you. Here are eight tips that will help you increase your affiliate sales. Watch the Video Here.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to monetize your blog. And there are plenty of people who earn a good living from affiliate websites. 

However, you cannot merely throw a few affiliate links on a page and expect to make a fortune. And it wouldn’t be wise to get too excited about the affiliate opportunities that suggest that you make millions of dollars with no effort. 

1. Pick a Niche and Stick with It

People buy products from websites they trust. So, the best way to build an affiliate marketing business is to become an authority in your niche. 

Do not focus solely on adding affiliate sales pages to your website. Publish some helpful, informative posts as well. 

As an affiliate marketer, you will be recommending products to people. 

It would help if you gave visitors to your site confidence that you know what you are talking about to trust your recommendations.

2. Do Not Be Coy 

There is no benefit to be gained by hiding the fact that you will make a commission if someone follows your recommendation. 

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Indeed, it is a legal requirement to declare on your website that you will earn a commission from affiliate sales in many regions. 

If you are reviewing a product on your website, people will not be surprised to learn that you may make money from sales of that product. 

Do not hide your affiliate links away inside a block of text. Use bold and easy to find call-to-action buttons that will tempt people to buy.

3. Be Genuine

If every product you review or recommend is “awesome, amazing, and life-changing,” people will not trust your opinion. 

There may be some products that you genuinely love and are excited to feature on your website. 

Still, every product mentioned on your site cannot be perfect, so do not be afraid to discuss some of the drawbacks or faults you find when reviewing affiliate products. 

People will want to see genuine opinions from you to weigh up the pros and cons of products for themselves.

4. Use Comparison Tables

One of the most effective ways to create affiliate sales is to review a range of products in the same category. For example, you might write a review of ten of the best organic coffees or ten of the best mountain bikes. 

If you use this type of listed review format, you will increase your affiliate sales if you include a comparison table in your post. 

Product comparison tables make it easy for a visitor to see the products in one place to compare each product’s features and prices. 

Comparison tables can also be situated at the top of the page, above the fold, which is the best place for your affiliate links.

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5. Choose the Products that Maximize Your Earnings

Choosing the most popular products is not always the best way to go with affiliate marketing. Often, the more obscure products will earn you higher commission rates. 

And fewer affiliate marketers will be promoting less popular products, so there will be less competition. 

When you select affiliate products to promote, weigh up all the factors, including the level of competition, commission rate, and the suitability of products for your website.

6. Target Keywords with Buying

When you consider which keywords to use for an affiliate page, think about the search phrases that someone who intends to buy that product would use. A person planning to purchase something might use words like discount, review, or best, in their search phrase, for example.

Affiliate marketers often target these types of keywords, so you may not reach the number one post on Google using them. Even so, if you only get a reasonable ranking on search engines, at least the people who visit your page will be buyers rather than browsers.

I use Semrush to do keyword research that helps find blog topic ideas.

7. Do Not Recommend Too Many Products

The highest performing affiliate marketing sites are usually those that provide useful information along with product recommendations. 

If you have too many products listed on a page, it will devalue the content’s usefulness, and it will confuse the reader. 

If you are creating a list-style product comparison page, then 6-10 products will usually suffice. If you are including product recommendations in an informative article, then three products would be about right. 

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8. Build a Mailing List

A mailing list containing the email addresses of interested people in your niche is a valuable resource for an affiliate marketer. If you have not already done so, you should encourage visitors to your site to subscribe to your mailing list. 

Once you have a reasonable number of people on your list, you can send them notifications when posting new content. 

And you can send them details of any special offers you may be able to promote. A mailing list can get you repeat business. And it is a means of getting more affiliate sales from people who did not buy anything the first time they visited your site.

I use Optinmonster to make offers on my website, Canva to create the lead magnets, and Keap for my CRM and email autoresponder.


If you implement the above suggestions, you should be able to increase your affiliate sales. However, the crucial point to take away is that you should be genuine in promoting products. 

Visitors to your site will not be concerned that you earn affiliate commissions if they buy something due to clicking a link on your website. They will, though, be less forgiving if you oversell products or you promote inferior quality products.

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