Blogging Platforms – WordPress Vs. Blogger


Blogging has increased greatly over the last few years. There are many available platforms to use. Two popular ones are blogger and WordPress. Which is better?

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Wordpress Blog PlatformBlogging has grown in popularity over the last several years. People blog for many reasons, though, most bloggers do so for money. Setting up a blog can be easy, but deciding on a platform can be challenging. Two popular blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. WordPress is an open source platform and Blogger is owned by Google. The question many beginning bloggers have is the one to use. It helps to look at the benefits and pitfalls of each.


Blogger is a popular choice among beginning bloggers primarily because of its simple interface. You don’t have to be a technology genius to understand it. You can sign up for free using your Google account. When you sign up, you will need to name your blog. You have the option of a free domain or your own domain from another host. A good feature of Blogger is you can sign up for Adsense and insert Amazon links using the interface. You can also insert your affiliate links and ad codes from other programs. You get unlimited bandwidth with Blogger which means your site will rarely be down. The only time yur site is down is for maintenance. On other hosted sites, if you exceed bandwidth, your site will not be accessible for some time. This could be detrimental to your revenue. One drawback of Blogger is Google owns your content. Google can shut down you site for no reason if they don’t like your content. You have very little control over the blog. It is also harder to get approved for Adsense.


WordPress is a more advanced platform than Blogger. WordPress sites are commonly hosted by third party hosting services. you don’t know anything about installing it, you may find it difficult to use. You can find hosting sites that allow one click installation with Cpanel. A host without Cpanel requires that you self-install the files. WordPress has various benefits over Blogger. You will find many free themes you can customize. There are plug-ins available for most anything you need like Spam, Adsense, news feeds, or entertainment. If you want to use ad sense or promote affiliate programs, don’t use the free site as they don’t allow much promotion. An self-hosted WordPress account gives you complete control over you content. Even though you may own the domain on Blogger, Google still owns the database. Like Blogger, WordPress is optimized for search engines. Search engines tend to prefer blogs over other sites because they are updated more frequently. WordPress also lets you ping unlimited numbers of sites while Blogger restricts pings.

Which one should you choose? Deciding between blogger or WordPress isn’t too complicated. You have to determine your purpose for blogging. Blogger is ideal for personal sites that don’t intend to profit from their work. It saves money on hosting and buying domain names. If you intend to use Blogger for niche marketing, you may prefer to buy your own domain name since getting a sub-domain can be difficult with the many blogs. If you are an advanced user who wants to establish credibility, WordPress is for you. Self-hosted blogs say that you are serious about your business. Choose your hosting service carefully. Make certain you buy a package that allow sufficient bandwidth and storage. You will find numerous tutorials on using both WordPress and Blogger. Those new to blogging may prefer to start with a simple interface like Blogger and transfer their blog to WordPress. Starting out with something advanced like WordPress can frustrate new bloggers. No matter what platform you choose, you still want to present unique content and do your best.

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