365 Best Real Estate Blog Topics

Blogging is a strategy built around content marketing. In the old days, blogging was a digest somewhat like a Diary.

What is a real estate Blog?

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A blog post includes a Title and General Copy (article with paragraphs).

It can also include images, video, links, tables, structured data, lists and more. A search engine optimized blog will include heading tags and schema.

Don’t get caught up in the how, just yet. 

Why do we Blog for Real estate?

Long Tail Keywords show exactly how people searched to find a real estate agent blog, red arrows and word blog pointing to each
Google only shows us a portion of how people find our website. Here’s an example over a couple of days showing real life keywords people used to find pages on our real estate agent website. Arrows reflect blog posts.

Where it comes to real estate, We blog to inform more than anything else.

Real Estate Articles can be very helpful to someone looking to buy or sell a house.

They have a lot of questions.

With a blog, you can be the specialist that answers those questions.

When you dive into a topic completely and give everything you have to informing that user, you prove you are specialists, to that blog reader, and to Google.

With the right calls to action on your blog post (such as home value offers, IDX, home buyer guides etc), you can generate real estate leads.

There is no doubt that it’s hard to compete with Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia etc. for general “homes for sale” keywords online.

How you can compete, is through blogging.

We also blog using a hyperlocal strategy. As a real estate agent, it’s so important that you are showing that you know the area. This is what separates you from Zillow. You live there.

It’s YOUR sandbox.

First consider hyperlocal content that would appeal to a buyer moving to your area. These are things like information around schools, jobs, transportation, zip codes, cost of living and income, weather and so on.

Once those are created, you can get into the fun hyperlocal blog content based around restaurants, entertainment, shopping, local events, and so forth.

Where to Blog for Real Estate

If your real estate agent website has a blog platform built in, start there. Determine what your strategy will be for this blog. Decide early how your blog will generate traffic.

Blank Computer Screen with the words How to Blog on Linked In plus Loriballen.com and #ranklikeaboss, wall is a nice grey
[Click for Video]

Is your goal to rank them on the search engines? Will you drive it all through social media? Are you going to add pay per click to generate traffic?

When you first begin with your real estate agent website, you may not have enough trust and authority to gain instant search engine rankings.

This can take time. How long will depend on your content, how often you publish great content, and the authority you create through backlinks?

Based on these facts, it may benefit you to blog on a 3rd party platform such as LinkedIn [Click the link for a step by step video] to get more eyeballs on your blog post.

You can still post the blog on your own website, just include an original article link from the 3rd party blog post to your own.

While you don’t need to be concerned about a “duplicate content penalty”, you simply are allowing for a post on another website to outrank your own if Google decides to do so.

Google will probably rank the 3rd party website over your own because you won’t yet have the trust and authority you need to rank your own website.

This is fine as long as you have links back to your website to engage that blog reader.

Once you have search engine visibility, you may decide not to use that exact content on multiple websites.

At first, though, you may need it.

💡 Here’s where to find a list of the best keywords to use for real estate

How to Blog for Real Estate

Using Yoast

How to use the Yoast plugin to optimize a blog postCheck out this article from YOAST on how to SEO your blog post.

👓 People who view this page also enjoy our Google SEO Update post.

Check out Listings To Leads for an instant home valuation tool in addition to more landing pages and listing marketing templates.

365 Real Estate Blog Topics

computer screen with male hands typing as if he is blogging. Screen says best real estate blog topics by Lori Ballen

Here are some great local aand realestate blog topics to keep you busy all year. Wherever you see X, you would use your city or neighborhood. A few categories you may build under are living in X, best of X, things to do in X.

**Want more ideas? Check out our favorite content planning tool!


    1. Things to do in X
    2. The transportation
    3. Average Temperatures
    4. Things to do on a date (Valentines Day)
    5. Best places to see holiday lights (Christmas)
    6. Free things to Do
    7. Best Restaurants
    8. Best places to get Pizza
    9. Best Happy Hours


  1. Day Trips (short drives to fun excursions)
  2. School Supplies List
  3. School Football Schedules (these make great offers as well)
  4. Local Haunts
  5. Spring Egg Hunts (Easter)
  6. Best Pumpkin Patches (November)
  7. Best Haunted Houses for Halloween
  8. Famous People that Live Here
  9. What you probably never knew about living in X
  10. Best Local Mechanics
  11. Home Safety Tips
  12. What is Escrow
  13. How to sell a house in 10 days
  14. When is the best time to sell a house
  15. Things to do with Kids
  16. Getting Married in X
  17. Things to do this weekend
  18. Cool Things to Do
  19. Exciting Things to Do
  20. Things to Do at Home on a Rainy Day in X
  21. Cheap things to do
  22. Things to do in Summer
  23. Things to do with toddlers
  24. Random things to do (these should be super local and fun. Only things local really know)
  25. Things to do on your birthday in X (Local specials should be added)
  26. Things to do with your boyfriend (Yes seriously – 12,100 people a month search this term. See Examples)
  27. Things to do in the City
  28. Crazy things to do (Think of skydiving and dangerous activities)
  29. Things to do at night
  30. Romantic things to do (Valentines / April make good seasons for this)
  31. Visiting X (This should be from the standpoint of Tourism)
  32. Best Places to See Movies
  33. Best Dog Hotel
  34. Bathroom Ideas (Popular search terms. Use sites that give you embed permissions for images like Houzz)
  35. Moving? 10 Things to do before you pack
  36. Real Estate for Beginners – 5 Things you may not have thought of yet
  37. De-clutter your life with these 9 steps
  38. The first time homes buyers comprehensive guide to mortgage (Think 2000 + words on this one for sure)
  39. 101 Real Estate Terms you should know when buying and selling a house
  40. Are your neighbors affecting your home sale?
  41. Why didn’t my house sell the first time?
  42. How much is my house really worth?

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Today, it’s driven more by articles and general thoughts.

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