365 Best Real Estate Blog Ideas


365 Days of OpportunityLooking for the best Real Estate Blog Ideas? We have compiled the most amazing list for you. And be sure check out the special article and video we created for you on generating seller listing leads online through blogging.

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Blogging is important to any business. For real estate, it’s essential. Blogging showcases you as the local real estate specialist. SEO (search engine optimization) has changed. Google is obsessed with staying the search engine of choice. It’s determined to do this by returning the most relative results to the searcher when they perform a query (type in a search term). The more Google learns the behavior of the user, the more likely it is to return a valuable result in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

When someone visits your website, and they are logged into Google (which most people are now), a history begins. Google learns their behavior. It stores information on how they search, what terms they use, what websites they visit and begins to learn the person. Now, they can interpret intent.

The person searches for ‘real estate’. Google knows their geographic location and returns local results. However, if that person has been browsing websites in London recently and has spent time looking at weather, and population, and jobs etc., Google may believe that person was searching for real estate in London even though they never type in the word London. Google has learned their behavior and begins to assume what they meant based on history.

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The more times a visitor lands on your site for local or specialty information, the more likely Google is to relate you to that locality and/or specialty where it comes to that specific visitor. Now when that person searches a term like “house values”, you will probably be moved up in the rankings for that person, shown over you competition, because Google already sees a valuable relationship between you and that visitor.

In addition, each time someone visits, you have the ability to make offers (free downloads, newsletters, homes to browse, school schedules) etc. and begin building your local database. Lists like this can be very powerful as long as you focus on value pieces to give them instead of spam.

Here are some great local and  real estate blog topics to keep you busy all year. Wherever you see X, you would use your city or neighborhood. A few categories you may build under are living in X, best of X, things to do in X.

  1. Things to do
  2. The transportation
  3. Average Temperatures
  4. Things to do on a date (Valentines Day)
  5. Best places to see holiday lights (Christmas)
  6. Free things to Do
  7. Best Restaurants
  8. Best places to get Pizza
  9. Best Happy Hours
  10. Day Trips (short drives to fun excursions)
  11. School Supplies List
  12. School Football Schedules (these make great offers as well)
  13. Local Haunts
  14. Spring Egg Hunts (Easter)
  15. Best Pumpkin Patches (November)
  16. Best Haunted Houses for Halloween
  17. Famous People that Live Here
  18. What you probably never knew about living in X
  19. Best Local Mechanics
  20. Home Safety Tips
  21. What is Escrow
  22. How to sell a house in 10 days
  23. When is the best time to sell a house
  24. Things to do with Kids
  25. Getting Married in X
  26. Things to do this weekend
  27. Cool Things to Do
  28. Exciting Things to Do
  29. Things to Do at Home on a Rainy Day in X
  30. Cheap things to do
  31. Things to do in Summer
  32. Things to do with toddlers
  33. Random things to do (these should be super local and fun. Only things local really know)
  34. Things to do on your birthday in X (Local specials should be added)
  35. Things to do with your boyfriend (Yes seriously – 12,100 people a month search this term. See Examples)
  36. Things to do in the City
  37. Crazy things to do (Think of skydiving and dangerous activities)
  38. Things to do at night
  39. Romantic things to do (Valentines / April make good seasons for this)
  40. Visiting X (This should be from the standpoint of Tourism)
  41. Best Places to See Movies
  42. Best Dog Hotel
  43. Bathroom Ideas (Popular search terms. Use sites that give you embed permissions for images like Houzz)
  44. Moving? 10 Things to do before you pack
  45. Real Estate for Beginners – 5 Things you may not have thought of yet
  46. De-clutter your life with these 9 steps
  47. The first time homes buyers comprehensive guide to mortgage (Think 2000 + words on this one for sure)
  48. 101 Real Estate Terms you should know when buying and selling a house
  49. Are your neighbors affecting your home sale?
  50. Why didn’t my house sell the first time?
  51. How much is my house really worth?

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