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Best Content Creation Services

Best Content Creation Services

The best content creation services offer multiple skillsets to ensure your blog and web page content sounds good and is appropriately structured. Taking on this task yourself is possible for some people, but for others with higher intentions, it takes a village.

When running a blog, eCommerce store, or informational page for your business, finding the time to create content is challenging. In addition, the content must be keyword-optimized, your blog must be dialed in for SEO, and all this requires regular maintenance.

If you’re not adding a blog as a part of your website, regardless of the site type, you’re missing out on serious traffic via search engine optimization. The competition in today’s online world can require an entire team, depending on how much you’re willing to scale.

Whether you want intricate SEO work with on and off-page services, or just simple one-off blog posts every couple of weeks, you might find it best to order from a content creation service. However, it seems like there’s an ad for a content creation service that’s just opened everywhere you turn, offering a new customer special.

Then you’ve got freelancer services like Fiverr and Upwork that offer work at cut-rate prices, but do you want to risk your money on a low-priced gamble? After all, if there’s anything we’ve learned regarding businesses and services, you get what you pay for.

Don’t get upset when your $15 investment returns a $15 effort. The result will pay enormous dividends for those willing to make the extra investment. These are the best content creation services your money can buy.

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Best Content Creation Services

This is our list of the best content creation services on the market. The list is in no particular order, and we’ve included the things we like most about each and the things that maybe they could do a little better.

Overall, we feel that each provider offers affordable, high-end content that gives your website the best odds of staying competitive.

1. Verblio

Verblio has an arsenal of over 3,000 US-based writers that offer various services for blogs and websites of different backgrounds. This content creation service looks for writers who specialize in specific niches and assign work based on the industry.

This means you can count on someone being an expert in the particular category you want your blog post or content to be about. The best part about Verblio is that they don’t limit themselves to one specific form of content.

You’ll be able to choose from blog posts, eBooks, product descriptions, website articles, landing pages, and video scripts/content. The process is straightforward, and their dashboard is very easy to use.

You order your services in monthly packages and post a certain number of articles. Writers pick based on the category and choose to author your requests.

You can create a deadline for your requests, and when the period is over, you have an entire pool of pieces to choose from. This means you can choose from various written articles and only pay for the selections you approve.


  • Good quality
  • US-based writers
  • A large selection of expertise
  • Video content options
  • You have a pool of finished articles to choose from
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  • Only available in packages
  • Can get expensive

The Bottom Line

Verblio is a good platform for people who want a large or regular number of pieces. You’ll receive a set number of articles regularly, so quantity is never an issue.

2. Writer Access

Writer Access has an entire pool of professional writers available to meet your content creation goals. You’re able to post your content requests and have writers pick from their entire roster, or you can thumb through and choose the writer you want.

This website has writers listed with complete profiles and a score so you can research their backgrounds and fields of expertise. You can develop an ongoing business relationship with the writer of your choice if you prefer to work with one specific worker.

Each writer has portfolios for you to look through and listings describing their preferred topics and more. In addition, you’re able to post your order in a very specific manner. Writer Access allows you to choose your keywords, set your rate, the length, topic, and other vital stats.

The dashboard is easy to use, and you can choose how soon you want your piece. After the article is complete, you can go through and revise it if necessary, giving you an infinite number of edits until you’re happy with the finished product.

Writer Access also allows you to communicate directly with your writer, giving you a better chance of conveying the specifics of your requests.


  • Top-notch writers
  • Writers of varying expertise
  • Great interface with descriptive profiles
  • Great price for the quality
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  • You can’t order single pieces

Bottom Line

Writer Access is a great platform with lots of high-quality writers. This is an excellent service if you’re looking for a platform that prioritizes quality and a personal relationship with the writers.

3. Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber allows you to order blog posts, website articles, product descriptions, landing pages, scripts, and other services. Their platform is a little different than most you’re used to, as you don’t pay per word when ordering your content.

You’ll receive a monthly rate and work with one specific writer for a flat monthly price. There are no different packages to pick from, so every subscription is identical.

However, your writer works to produce as much content as you request, and you get unlimited revisions. Like Writer Access, you’re also able to request images with the articles as well.

The platform is easy to navigate, making communication with your writer accessible. Because you pay one monthly fee, you can send over as many pieces as you desire.


  • You get the same writer to develop a relationship with
  • Unlimited orders
  • Great for sales emails
  • Money-back if you’re not happy


  • Only made for people who have a vast amount of content

Bottom Line

Content Cucumber is another quality platform with great writers. They’re an excellent service available if you require a relatively large amount of content each month.

4. Content Development Pros

Content Development Pros is another robust platform that handles content creation, editing, and re-writes. This platform offers various services, including blog posts, ad writing, guest blogs, eBooks, sales, and landing pages.

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The turnaround for receiving your articles at Content Development Pros is fast compared to others, and you have a chance to be very specific with your article requests. Your writing can be as long as you want or as short as a product description.

After receiving your article, the rights are 100% yours since their creators work as ghostwriters. Everything they write is optimized for SEO, and you can hand-pick the quality you prefer. Like many other services on the list, they use a star system that allows you to select a writer’s level of expertise and experience.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Great ordering process
  • You’ll get your articles back quickly


  • If you have technical research pieces, it might not be the best platform.

5. HOTH Blog

HOTH has long been a popular name in the SEO industry, offering tons of writing and marketing packages for their clients. Website content creation is their specialty, and you can craft monthly blog packages that allow them to handle every facet of your monthly content creation.

Their writers research your content thoroughly, ensuring that all of your pieces contain essential details for your readers. They have an intense selection process when hiring writers, similar to Writer Access. This guarantees that you only get top-notch creators.

They even go so far as to publish your blog posts on your platform for you, so it becomes hands-off. If you’re having difficulties figuring out ideas, writers can send different options for your approval. As a subscriber, you’ll have two other packages to choose from.

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  • Quality writing
  • Topic selection
  • SEO-optimized articles
  • Publishing and posting services


  • Their writers are expensive

Bottom Line

HOTH is widely known as a quality content creation platform. Their writers are reliable, and you never have to worry about receiving poor quality.

Overall, each company is a great way to receive content creation services. When you select a content creation service, it’s essential to ensure they have a careful selection process and allow a fair amount of editing.

Communication with your writer is also essential. At the very minimum, they should match their writers to your requests based on niche expertise. Follow these guidelines, and your chances of finding a top-tier content creation service are much higher!

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