How to Automate posting Real Estate Reviews to Facebook and Other Social Channels

In this video, you'll learn how to use set it and forget it automation via Zapier to post your real estate agent reviews from your website onto Facebook and other social channels - AUTOMATICALLY....
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In this video, you’ll learn how to use set it and forget it automation via Zapier to post your real estate agent reviews from your website on Facebook and other social channels – AUTOMATICALLY.



Here’s a super cool digital hack you can apply for some automation. Today I’m going to show something very specific. My websites that I build, I’m a real estate agent here in Las Vegas.

Customer Testimonials


If I go to my website, I’ve got this incredible section for reviews. This is done incredibly intentionally because reviews are, they’re growing, they’re massive, they’re necessary. They’re good for SEO, they’re good for social media, they’re good for all kinds of things.

On my website built by my brothers at Ballen Brands, [BREW], they stand for Ballen Real Estate Websites, I can manually enter a review.

If somebody leaves you a review on Zillow, or they leave you a review on Google+, or whatever, you can actually start creating an aggregate of all of these reviews from all of these different areas, and put them on your BREW site.

Then, what happens is, you actually can rank higher on the search engines for your own website than Zillow with your name on it, or Yelp, or Facebook, or any of these other places. It serves a whole lot of purposes.

You want to share these reviews out there on social. You want to share these on your Facebook business pages, on your Twitter accounts, on your Google+, and your LinkedIn, and all these different areas.

It’s a pain to sit here and constantly create all of these posts all the time. We use a lot of automation.

Yes, although it’s better to natively post on any social channel, there’s no way we’re all sitting there on all those social channels all the time. Posting natively to all of those channels is going to be impossible.

This is where a tool like Buffer comes in. What we’ve done is we’ve combined Buffer and Zapier to automate posts on all of these social networks when we have a review on our BREW.

What we’re able to do is just go in and enter the review one time on our BREW, and then through Zapier and Buffer, it will send it out to all of your channels.

Here’s what it looks like. Let me go to Facebook business page here, I just put one on Lori Ballen Team. This went through Zapier, and it went through Buffer. Let me show you what the post will end up looking like once it actually posted. It looks like this.

Here’s the review, actually, we don’t even need that description, we can just use the picture. Here’s how this works. Now that I’m looking at that, it’s kind of a duplicate. All we need is this part right here.

What we do is we go over to Zapier, and we say okay, Zapier, if WordPress, okay. A new, what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a new post, save and continue. Then, choose your WordPress, once you already have it set up. I have mine set up right here, Ballen Vegas, save and continue.

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Post status is published, and post type is review. See that? If you’ve got a BREW, a Ballen Real State Website, and you’ve got the reviews component, you can do this. Then, click continue. Fetch and continue, because now it’s going to do its little test. It’s going to pull in your review … I guess either it’s going to still post that little image with it. Let’s see.

We’re going to say post to, let’s say I want this one to go to my personal Facebook, so I’m going to say post to Facebook, post to timeline, save and continue. Then, I’m going to choose … Yeah, that should be my personal page, let’s see. Okay, hold on, let me go back and say … let me grab the correct page here.

Let me go to Facebook pages. Create a page post. There we go. I’m going to post to my page, save and continue. You’ll notice I’m moving through this very fast, you’re going to want to set up all of your channels, so that you can do what I’m doing, move really fast.

You’re going to set up all of your Facebook pages, you’re going to set up all of your LinkedIn pages, and all of your Google, and all of this. Once you set that all, there is a lot of manual set up, but once it’s set up, you just don’t have to think about anything again, you set it, and forget it. So it’s worth the time on the front-end.

All right. They’re going to say which page, I want to post to my … I’ll post this one to my Lori Ballen Speaker page. Okay, here’s where we decide what actually post to the page. In the last one, I chose to pull in the post content, but honestly, since the link is already pulling in an image of that post content, I’m just going to grab the link instead. Actually, all I need to do is put it here.

Or, let’s just say I don’t want to put that link in there, I just want to pout the content of the review. Then, I could just put it in like this, no link, and they just see the review, or I can add a link to my homepage.

Let’s go ahead and do that really quick. Let me show you what that looks like. We’ll go to … the link URL is going to go to I’ll just send it to my homepage every time. Then, we’re going to click continue. Send test to Facebook.

You know what I did? In this case I didn’t send it through Buffer, I just sent it right through to Facebook. Let me tell you the difference. If I just want to post directly to Facebook, what’ll happen is, the second I make that post, it’ll send to Facebook. If I want it to be a timed thing, like only send out during the queue, so that I’m not over-posting, or I want it to send during the prime time, that’s where Buffer comes in. If I want it to go to my schedule.

Okay, I’d forgotten this particular case, which is fine. Then, I’m going to click finish, and I’m going to name this, I’m going to name this BallenVegas Review to Lori Ballen Facebook Business Page, and I’m going to click on.

Now, let’s go ahead and take a look over here at the Lori Ballen business page and see what that looks like.

Come on, Facebook, open. There we go. Scroll down here to new posts. Okay, there it is, see what happens here is there’s the review … you know, I probably want to put those in quotes in hindsight, I think I’m going to put those in quotes.

Then, here is the attachment. Let’s go ahead and make a change to that. Let’s make a change. Let’s go back to Zapier, and let’s go to see it on our dashboard so we can edit it.

It’ll be here at the bottom. Let’s see. Review, there it is. I’m going to click this, we’re going to edit it. You can always edit once you make a zap, okay?

I’m going to say, instead, create page post, I’m going to edit the template when it posts. Instead of actually pulling in the written review … I might test this to see actually which is more powerful. Instead, I’m only going to pull in the link this time. Only going to pull in the link to the review, okay? Continue.

Okay, it won’t let me without a comment here, so I’m going to put new five star … Another five star review for Lori Ballen Team Las Vegas. Let’s try this one now.

Now, we’ll click continue, send test to Facebook. Finish. Turn the zap on. Always remember to turn your zap on. Now, I’m going to delete this one, since we just posted another one. Now, let’s see how it turned out this time.

You kind of play with it until you get the look you want. Each of your social networks will be set up individually, so you’ve got the ability to go in, and make changes where applicable. Yeah, I like this better. See this one? I like this better.

I like this better because it shows the five stars. I like this better because it still has the link, and then I’ve just got a quick little intro. This is the way I’m going to leave mine.

That’s how you create a zap to automatically post to your social media channels whenever you add a new review to your BREW, your Ballen Real Estate Website. If you don’t have a BREW yet, and you’re interested in getting a new real estate agent website, check this out at, or call 702-917-0755.

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