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15 Best Apps To Sell Shoes

15 Best Apps To Sell Shoes

There are many places on the internet to buy and sell shoes. A popular way to bring in extra money is by selling unwanted or secondhand shoes on selling apps. Selling your shoes for money is an excellent way to free up space in your home while making money.

You will also be reducing waste by keeping clothes in circulation. Everyone knows about Craigslist and eBay but there are so many other ways to sell shoes online. This post will list the best apps to sell shoes and give you all the information you need to know about each.


Although not technically a selling app, Instagram is a great way to sell shoes online. Starting an Instagram store is simple. You are in control of what you list when you post your shoes on Instagram.

There are o third parties involved and no hidden fees. You make the prices. You are then solely responsible for the shipping costs and dealing with the customer if there is a dispute. There is no privacy or protection program in place on Instagram when selling shoes.

Make sure to have a Paypal account set up if you decide to sell your shoes on Instagram.


eBay was created in 1995 and since then it has been known as one of the best places to sell items on the internet. eBay is always a great choice if you are looking to sell shoes online. eBay can connect you with users from around the world who are looking to sell sneakers.

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Selling shoes on eBay is super easy. Create an eBay account, list your item, and either have the customer pick up the item or ship it. Once you create an account on eBay, you will be allowed to list up to fifty items for free. eBay also only takes ten percent of the final sale instead of the twenty on other marketplace sites.


Craigslist was one of the first online shops to buy and sell items. Craigslist has been given a bad rap through the years, but Craigslist is an excellent tool for selling your shoes if used correctly. Unfortunately, Craigslist is prone to many scammers and can be flaky. Craigslist doesn’t have the same vetting tools used as other marketplace sites. Be safe and competent when using Craigslist, and you will be able to make a profit off of your shoes.


GOAT focuses more on reselling sneakers. Jordan and Nikes are two sneakers that are sole most often on GOAT. Search for the shoe’s SKU number, which can be found inside the sneaker or in the shoe box. Describe the condition of the shoe, choose a price, and then get to selling. Remember always to upload the best pictures of your sneakers.

If you are in good standing with GOAT, you will have to pay a 9.5 percent commission fee. The fee fluctuates, though, depending on if there are any problems that arise. When the shoes are sold, you will receive a prepaid shipping label to use. You can cash out by using your PayPal account or by via direct deposit. A fee of 2.9 percent is applied to both.

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Sell On Goat


StockX is a unique way to sell sneakers online. On StockX, the user lists an item for sale or auction. Once the item is sold, it is sent to the StockX headquarters.

There the shoes are inspected before being shipped to the buyer. There is a commission and seller fee when you use Stockx.

The seller fee depends on the sales you have made already. Your money may be deposited into your bank account or taken out through PayPal.

Sell On Stockx


Flyp will connect you with independent pro shoe sellers. The pro will sell your shoes for you and handle everything from the listing and negotiating to the packing and shipping. First, take photos of your shoes to create a “lot.” Then you are matched with a pro seller. The pro will review your lot and give you an estimate for the price and their commission.

You will send the pro your lot, and Flyp will then send you a free shipping label. By doing this, you are covered by Flyps protection and privacy policy. Once the pro receives your items, they will sell them for you. Your pay is received after the pro is paid per each sale. The money may take up to thirty days to get to you after selling the shoes because of shipping and payment processing. Flyp is perfect for those who are busy and don’t have time to sell their shoes.

Sell on Flyp


Offerup is similar to craigslist. You can quickly sell your shoes for cash on this selling app. Offerup also lets its users ship to buyers worldwide. The buyer pays for the shipping, and Offerup provides a prepaid shipping label to the seller.

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The minimum commission fee on Offerup is $1.99 or 12.9 percent of the total price. Offerup allows its users to connect through Facebook, which makes corresponding super-efficient. Buyers are also rated on Offerup, so you can decide if you want to do business with a particular person or not.

Sell on Offerup


With the thredUP apl, you will order a bag from their website. It may take the bag a few days to get to you. Once the thredUP bag arrives, place your shoes into the bag and use FedEx or USPS to ship the items to thredUP.

Upon receiving your shoes, thredUP will inspect them prior to listing them. thredUP has said they select fewer than forty percent of items in a cleanout bag. When sending shoes into thredUP, you want to send in shoes that are clean, name brand, less than five years old, and in a suitable condition.

thredUP is among the most popular apps for selling shoes. If the shoes you send to thredUP are in high demand, you will be paid immediately. If it takes longer to sell, they will put them on consignment. You can cash out after your item is sold, and the fourteen-day return window has passed.

You can cash out by using a PayPal account or by receiving a thredUP shopping credit. If you decide to donate any items thredUP doesn’t take, they will mail them to the charity of your choice. thredUP will also give you $5.00 for every clean out bag you donate.

Sell on Offerup

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Poshmark is a free app and a website that focuses on fashionable items. Poshmark is a great place to sell your high-end shoes like Michael Kors. To sell shoes on Poshmark, snap a photo and write a description of the shoes you are selling. Set your price and get to selling! Poshmark does have a fee of $2.95 for items sold for $15.00 and under.

As the seller on Poshmark, you can adjust the sale price anytime you want. You can also offer private deals to other shoppers. It is free to list on Poshmark, but there is a twenty percent fee for items over $15.00. Once the buyer receives the package, your money will get to you within three days. You can withdraw your money immediately as a check, in Paypal, or a Poshmark credit.

Sell on Poshmark


Tradesy is an easy app to sell your shoes on. Tradesy estimates a listing time of under a minute! Once the item sells, Tradesy sends you a prepaid prepackaged shipping kit with branded packaging. Tradesy sells some pretty big names like Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors, and Zara.

A great perk of using Tradesy is keeping the money even if your shoes are returned. Items that sell for less than $50.00 have a $7.50 commission. Anything sold for over $50.00 has a commission of 19.8 percent. There is a 2.9 percent transfer to PayPal if that is how you choose to withdraw your money. Tradesy is allowed to hold your payment for up to twenty-one days after a sale is final.

Sell on Tradesy

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another excellent choice when it comes to selling shoes online. On the Facebook marketplace, take a picture of what you are selling and add a description. There are no fees or commissions involved if you use the Facebook marketplace, just straight cash. Price your item correctly but allow room for haggling. To post a listing on Facebook Marketplace, you will need to:

  1. Select the shoes you are looking to sell.
  2. Take a new photo of them or choose a picture you already have taken. Make sure the shoes are in excellent condition and clean. The image should also be clear.
  3. Write a title, description, and price for your shoes.
  4. Select a category, so people can search for your shoes using filters.
  5. Confirm your location. Your address will not be revealed, just a rough estimate of your site.
  6. To find your items on Facebook Marketplace, click Your Items to view.
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Sell on Facebook Marketplace

The RealReal

The RealReal is an extravagance consignment shop that is for high-end brands. You can schedule an in-home pickup, a virtual consultation, or ship items directly to The RealReal with a prepaid label.

Then a team of experts authenticates your products. They will price and sell the product for you as well.

The RealReal has three different levels of sellers. You can be either an Icon, VIP, or an Insider. You can earn up to eighty-five percent of the sale by using direct deposit or a mailed check to cash out.

Sell with The RealReal


Mercari is a fast and efficient way to sell your shoes and other items online. You can list an item in minutes on Mercari. There are low fees and low maintenance involved when you decide to sell your shoes on Mercari. The downside of selling your shoes here is that it can take a while to get your items sold.

Sometimes even the most popular things do not sell as fast on Mercari. To sell shoes on Mercari, first, create an account. Then you will create a listing by clicking the sell button. Finally, all you have to do is wait for buyers. But remember, on Mercari, you may be waiting a while.


Grailed is a marketplace to sell shoes that has four different sections. The first section, Grailed, sells the most high-quality and coveted items. Hype is for the newest streetwear. Sartorial is for the most high-end classic menswear. Finally, the core is known for selling well-known mass-market vintage clothing.

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On Grailed, you will want to set up your account and connect to PayPal. Upload images of your shoes and they will then be listed on your selling page and the appropriate Grailed marketplace. You will be notified when someone shows interest or makes an offer. You will receive your money through PayPal after your shoes are sold. There is a six percent commission fee for Grailed.

There is a 2.9 percent fee for PayPal as well. Grailed also takes a 6% commission-free. You are responsible for shipping and uploading info to both Paypal and Grailed. The prepaid shipping label can be printed through Paypal.

Sell with Grailed

Heroine is Grailed’s sister site, only Heroine focuses on women’s clothes.

Use Heroine to sell high-end women’s clothing. The selling process is very similar to that of Grailed’s. The commission schedule is the same as well. You can use your login for Heroine to sign in to Graileds and vice versa.

Sell with Heroine

Tips For Selling Shoes Online

  1. You will want to ensure you always list your items on more than one selling app—the more places your shoes are listed, the more people will see them.
  2. Create an email address separate from your everyday one. You don’t want to have your shoe-selling notifications mixed in with your daily messages; that’s why it is best to create a brand new email address. Use this specifically for all of your buying and selling needs.
  3. Be assertive. Don’t let buyers mess with your precious time. People on selling apps will try to take advantage of you or insult you by giving you low-ball offers. Don’t be a pushover. Stay strong.
  4. First, make it clear you are not looking to trade. You are only looking for shoes for cash.
  5. Always price your items, so you have room to haggle.
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How to Take the Best Pictures of Your Shoes

When selling shoes online, you have to take the best pictures possible. Think of it as a dating app. You wouldn’t post poor-quality images of yourself on a dating app. So you shouldn’t post low-quality pictures of shoes you wish to sell. Follow these steps to ensure you take the best photos of your shoes.

  1. Make sure there is no clutter around when taking pictures of your shoes. Place them on a white or beige carpet with no patterns or designs. Even better than a carpet, place the shoes on a solid wooden floor. The background should be a neutral color and free from designs.
  2. To capture the strongest picture of your shoes, make sure you use lots of light when taking a picture. The most acceptable type of light to use for your photographs is natural light, so open up the curtains and blinds. Add any additional lights you can. Use table lamps, desk lamps, and even flashlights if you have to. Try taking the picture with and without the flash. The flash may show a more accurate picture of the shoes.
  3. Everyone today has access to a camera one way or another, but when taking pictures of your shoes to sell, you want to use the best camera you have. A proper camera will take a better quality photo than a camera on a smartphone. Actual cameras have settings. Those settings give you more control over the picture as you take it.
  4. To make your shoes or boots stand upright, stuff them. You can use the tissue paper that came with your shoes when you brought them, but if that paper is not available, you can use newspapers or borrow from other pairs. Keep a stash of tissue paper on hand for pictures. If you are looking for ways to keep a knee-high boot standing up, consider placing an empty water bottle upside down! When photographed from the side, the boot looks nice and full.
  5. Use many different angles. Online marketplaces such as eBay allow you to post twelve photos. Take advantage of that by catching your shoes from every view possible. Take zoomed-in shots, interior shots, and shots of the soles of the shoes.
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When looking to sell sneakers online, refer back to this list. This list will remind you how to take the best pictures of your shoes to ensure they will be brought. The post will also help you to recall the tips you will need to know when selling shoes online, such as using as many selling apps as you possibly can. By using multiple selling apps, you are maximizing your chances of selling your sneakers. Just remember to keep your selling profiles updated at all times.

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