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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Here’s a list of WordPress Plugins that you can use to promote your amazon affiliate links. Be sure to check out each list of features as well as the pros and cons before deciding which affiliate Plugin is right for you.

If you are an affiliate marketer who makes money with Amazon Products, this list of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins is for you.

Almost all these plugins let you quickly integrate Amazon Products into your WordPress website. This way, they will be displayed as a product thumbnail with a “Buy now” link that lets site visitors purchase an item directly from (or another international amazon store).

Plus, it makes the process of setting up affiliate links effortless (basically by copy-pasting some code to your website’s backend).

Also, some plugins even offer advanced options such as showing who buys what and letting affiliate program members set up their personal affinity groups. 

These features can come in handy for better targeted and personalized promotions and sales offers.

The following is a list of the best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress:


I think the Plugin deserving the top spot is AAWP. It offers a combination of advanced options and customization that would be hard to find anywhere else.

With no theme dependency, you can use the WordPress plugin with any theme. 

Through Amazon’s AIP, product information and pricing will be updated automatically. Once you set up your tracking ID, AAWP will create affiliate links that include your ID.

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Use any of the templates provided, including tables, lists, and vertical and horizontal boxes.

With geotargeting, you can send your visitors from other countries to their specific local store.

Among the most popular features of AAWP are the comparison tables.

And of course, all items come with a product review system with five stars rating system.

Create Best Seller lists, new releases, and feature product boxes.

Feel free to use the premade widgets on your website in the sidebar, and pull shortcodes from the browser using the extension.

No coding skills are required as everything is done through a simple interface inside the WordPress dashboard without touching any code. You can display different layouts for different categories or tags and

Try AAWP today. 

Amalinks Pro

Amalinks Pro is straightforward to use and easy to understand. It makes linking to Amazon’s most powerful affiliate program, Amazon Associates, simple.

Moreover, In only a few seconds, you may use the Plugin to generate, preview, modify and insert links. 

It’s all available from one location! There will be no more switching between various software or wasting time pasting URLs into articles.

You can create, preview, edit, and insert links in seconds, all from one place! No more switching between multiple tools or wasting time copying & pasting links into posts.

There are no restrictions on how many products or categories you may include links for with AmaLinks Pro! So go ahead and start monetizing your work right now with this Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, AmaLinks Pro!

Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliate is a plugin that makes adding Amazon products to your WordPress website easy.

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This Plugin creates links using the Associates’ ID and the name of the item. And because this is all you need, you can save time and money on eBay affiliate tracking URLs and not worry about Viglinks’ content restrictions.

Add Amazon affiliate links without having to enter any complicated settings: e-commerce should be as easy as possible – if you want to use ThirstyAffiliates, then all you have to do is click once!

No fiddling around or confusing settings – just find the product you want to promote, copy the product ID and paste it into your post! 

If there’s more than one product in that Amazon result, ThirstyAffiliates will automatically link to the first one.

AmaSync WordPress Plugin

The AmaSync plugin is a WordPress plugin that pulls product data from the Amazon API system and displays affiliate products on your WordPress site. 

You may use the Ama Top Product Analyzer and Ama Search Analyzer to build a list of items you’d want to advertise on your WordPress site.

Then, save them in an ASIN file before importing them into the AmaSuite software to quickly plug them into your site. 

This program was created to work in conjunction with the AmaSuite program.

AzonPress Amazon Affiliate WordPress PluginAzonPress is an Amazon affiliate program WordPress plugin that helps you to easily add ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) in your posts, pages, and custom posts type. 

It creates links using the Associate’s ID and the name of the item. You can use shortcodes or template tags to display selected products in posts or pages. The product data like price, image, and rating is collected from Amazon web service APIs. 

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To use this Plugin, you should have a valid Amazon Associates Web Service account.

You’ll notice how easy it is with AzonPress to display selected products from Amazon on your blog or website by placing simple shortcodes or template tags in posts, pages, and custom post types. And with the product data like price, image, and rating collected from Amazon’s web service APIs, you can feel confident about the quality of your posts.


EasyAzon is the Plugin that makes it incredibly easy to add Amazon affiliate links into WordPress. It’s one of the only plugins that allows you to insert Amazon products by just pasting in a link or uploading an image and automatically generates the thumbnail and other information about your product for you. 

You can also use the built-in keyword research tool to find profitable keywords for your posts, so they’ll rank higher on Google and bring more traffic than ever before.


Stop wasting time creating and developing your own Amazon products comparison chart. Tablelabs does the hard work so you can generate a stunning product comparison table in minutes.

All of the functions in Tablelabs’ tables are accomplished through the Amazon API, which is 100% legal. Therefore, there will be no more concern about being banned because of using Amazon’s images without permission.

Use a professionally produced template to get started. You may change the color palette as much as you like, and the color picker will ensure that the backdrop, text, buttons, and other elements match your brand precisely.

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In addition, the product comparison table is mobile-friendly and looks great on all devices.

Auto Amazon Links

Auto Amazon Links is a WordPress plugin for affiliates to create Amazon affiliate links. The links are tagged with your Amazon Associates ID. All the Amazon locales are supported and it works even on JavaScript-disabled browsers. Insert the ads as widgets, place shortcodes, or use auto-insert to display units automatically where the links should appear.

Yes, you may search for a specific product. If you’re an HTML and CSS expert with some PHP knowledge, you can build your own template! That means you’ll be in charge of the layout..

With this plugin, you may display Amazon affiliate links along with your articles to earn money without putting in much work.


The Amazon Import for Spreadr plugin allows merchants to import Amazon items to WooCommerce sites and earn affiliate commissions, as well as run a dropshipping business. In a matter of minutes, you can add hundreds of new items to your store. You don’t need an Amazon AWS key to get started.

Make money when someone purchases a product. Amazon is responsible for delivery, returns, inventory, and customer service. You may make new revenue on the fly with this method. Become more powerful and valuable.


Amazon is the world’s largest online store, selling nearly anything. And this Plugin brings Amazon’s product data to your WordPress website. Your visitors may quickly search, compare, and discover appealing items to them using this Plugin.

WP-Lister allows you to add new products from the front end of your site in a matter of seconds. The Plugin works seamlessly with your WordPress theme and displays all data on each page without additional setup.

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It’s simple to increase sales by utilizing Amazon’s strong marketing engine, including social media, with WP-Lister.
You may use amazon keyword phrases as well as links to relevant categories for filtering more precisely.

WP-Lister is straightforward to attract new customers by tapping into Amazon’s powerful marketing engine, including social media.

The best thing about this Plugin is probably its ease of use – enter an ASIN or search term and let the Plugin do the rest.

The Plugin uses multiple data sources for each product, including Amazon itself, to ensure maximum compatibility with popular themes for WordPress.

WP-Lister is super lightweight – compared with similar plugins, it makes your website load faster! In addition, WP-Lister saves time and money by adding products that are highly accessible within seconds, instead of hours or days.

Disclosure for Amazon

The Amazon Affiliate Disclosure is the quickest and simplest way to get your Amazon Affiliate site fully compliant with both the FTC and Amazon’s required Affiliate Disclosures.

The plugin will automatically insert the pre-loaded disclosure text from Amazon into your website’s appropriate locations, with the added benefit of tagging it so that search engines won’t recognize it and your material will rank higher.

Amazon Images

The Amazon Images plugin for WordPress makes life easier for Amazon affiliates. Rather than uploading product pictures from Amazon and inserting them, you may now search the Amazon database within WordPress and insert the image you desire using their API.

By avoiding the necessity of bouncing back and forth between entries, this technique cuts down on time considerably.

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It also protects you from losing your Amazon affiliate account if you break Amazon’s terms of service.

Downloading images from Amazon and utilizing them on your website is a significant danger. You don’t have to take that chance with Insert Amz Images any longer.

AMZ Watcher WordPress Plugin

The AMZ Watcher is an easy tool for finding and repairing broken Amazon affiliate links within WordPress. The plugin is a powerful instrument that may help you repair broken links and improve conversion rates of your reviews and affiliate material.

AMZ Watcher can locate and repair links to faulty Amazon items, identify low-converting products linked to from your site, and find missing and invalid affiliate tags.

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