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7 Daily Pay Affiliate Programs

7 Daily Pay Affiliate Programs

Some affiliate programs pay daily. Unfortunately, they are a bit tougher to track down. Here are some of the best affiliate programs that pay daily out there.

While affiliate marketing can be a brilliant way to make money, the problem with most affiliate programs is that they are a little bit on the slow side of things when it comes to payment. 

In fact, for many of them, it may take weeks, sometimes months, to get paid your commission. This won’t do when you need that payment there and then.


We are going to start with ClickMagick. ClickMagick is a website stat tracking system designed for marketers. It is a beneficial system and, for many, it should be a relatively easy sell.

ClickMagick pays a 35% recurring commission. It is a recurring commission. As long as your referrals stay subscribed to ClickMagick, and they probably will, then you will be collecting cash each month.

There is a 14-day lag time when ClickMagick receives a payment. This lag time means that you will have to wait for a minimum of 14-days to pass for your first payment from the site. 

However, the company does make daily payments to its affiliates. So once you start to get the ball rolling on those sign-ups, you will be enjoying daily affiliate payments without the fuss.

It is tough to describe as they offer a wealth of different features. Perhaps the best way to describe it as a business-focused shopping cart. 

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It is a system designed for those companies that want to sell products and services, often on a subscription basis. It also enables businesses to manage their affiliates. 

It is a product that will be great for affiliates targeting the business niche. offers daily payouts direct to PayPal. Since this is a subscription service, you will also be able to enjoy recurring subscriptions as long as your referrals keep paying.

You can earn up to 30% commission on sales, which isn’t bad considering their highest-priced product is a whopping $299 per month. is a vast marketplace filled with freelancers offering their SEO or SEO-related services. You can think of it being similar to Fiverr but purely targeted at those in the SEO niche.

You will claim a cool 10% commission on all purchases from people you refer to for life. 

So, if you can refer a big customer, you could potentially be earning hundreds of dollars per month from them. 

Of course, some people live on the affiliate program alone.

Rapid Action Profits

Rapid Action Profits is an affiliate program that has been around for an incredibly long time now.

Despite the age of the site, this is a product that seems to convert incredibly well. 

Rapid Action Profits is a collection of marketing tools designed to automate the selling of products for vendors, primarily digital products. In addition, it can handle the website building, payment processing, and ultimate delivery of the product.

This isn’t just going to be daily payouts when you use Rapid Action Profits, though. Oh no. it is going to be virtually instant payments direct to your PayPal account.

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The cryptocurrency market is booming right now. Lots of crypto exchanges want a piece of that pie. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that many are starting to offer affiliate programs to help get them there. 

Bokka is a crypto affiliate program that pays out daily too.

Bokka pays out all commissions at the end of the day. 

One of the brilliant things about their system is that it allows you to check your commissions in real-time. 

So you will be able to see exactly when all of your referrals are making their trades. During a perfect day in crypto (i.e., when the price falls and everybody starts snapping it up like crazy), it is a beautiful experience to see those commissions rise. It makes the wait for the end of that day all that more exciting.

Bokka even offers recurring commissions. So if you get somebody signed up to the platform and continue to trade their crypto, you will be enjoying some regular payments from them. 

Since many crypto traders are trading each day, all it takes is to get a few people signing up, and you have a decent amount of cash flowing in each day. Bokka is good enough that this could potentially be the only affiliate program that you focus on.

Rewriter App

The Rewriter App from JVZoo is a brilliant product to offer if you are in the MMO niche. It allows people to rewrite articles, so they pass Copyscape automatically, and they still read naturally. It is consistently one of the top-selling programs on

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Rewriter App currently only offers its affiliate program through the JVZoo Network. However, you can enjoy daily payments on commissions directly to your PayPal account. Since this is a subscription service, the income will be recurring too.

Keysearch Starter

Keysearch Starter is another daily paying affiliate program from JVZoo. You won’t be able to enjoy daily payments right away, though. Once you hit ten affiliate sales, you get that.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to hit than ten if you market yourself well, either. It is a program that quickly attracts people in the MMO niche. Not only is it a decent keyword research tool, but it is affordable too.

Each sale will attract a monthly commission of $17, assuming the person stays subscribed.

Final Word

Sadly, there aren’t that many affiliate programs out there that pay daily. However, many sites have a buffer built-in to counter refunds and, of course, to make payment processing a little bit easier.

We suggest that you check out the various affiliate programs on this list, though. All of them have proven their worth in delivering rapid payouts. Some of them even offer instant payments, or recurring commissions only help to sweeten the deal.

Why not get your affiliate life off to the best possible start?

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