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111 Abundance Affirmations

111 Abundance Affirmations

Affirmations are great tools for creating your best life. Even if you think you don’t believe in the power of affirmations, try saying some daily to see how they alter your perspective. Here are 111 abundance affirmations.

My bank account is overflowing with wealth and prosperity, flowing into every aspect of my life.

Natural abundance flows to me in many different forms, constantly bringing me everything I need and more.

Money comes easily, abundantly, and continuously into my life. It is effortless for me to be prosperous.

Prosperity fills every corner of my existence—both materially and spiritually.

I am an unlimited being. The more abundance that flows into my life, the greater my capacity for it becomes.

My income increases steadily, expanding beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

I deserve all good things and I accept them now.

My wealth is constantly growing, bringing me everything that is for my highest good.

Money pours easily and effortlessly into my life, flowing through perfectly aligned channels.

I am a money magnet, attracting wealth and prosperity from all directions.

I am living the life of my dreams. I manifest abundance in every area of my life.

The more abundance I receive, the greater my capacity for even greater abundance becomes.

Each day brings me closer to realizing all that is for my highest good.

I am willing to receive all that abundance has to offer, and the universe is more than willing to give it.

There is no lack in my life; there is only enough—more than enough—for everyone and everything I see before me today.

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The more I give, the more that comes to me.

I am constantly receiving all that would serve me in my highest good and greatest joy.

Money loves me; money is drawn to me like a magnet.

Abundance flows easily into my life, bringing infinite wealth and prosperity. This is simply how life works.

I am prosperous beyond measure and it is good.

My money flows to me effortlessly, continuously creating a greater state of prosperity for all.

Prosperity comes easily to me now; abundance fills every area of my life.

Every day brings more wealth and prosperity into my life, making it easier and easier for me to have everything that I want.

Money comes easily into my life, helping me create a greater state of wealth and abundance in every area.

Abundance is a natural part of who I am—it flows through me freely and effortlessly.

Everything I do today brings more prosperity into my life.

The more prosperous I become, the more I can give from an overflowing heart.

In this moment there is enough money for everyone and everything that has been created or will be created ever again, past present or future! What a time to be alive! So enjoy the ride while it’s here!

Prosperity flows to me effortlessly, helping me create the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of living.

The universe loves me and is conspiring to shower me with all good things.

Abundance and prosperity come to me in many forms: finances, health, love, happiness—the list goes on and on!

I am grateful for what I have, and more abundance naturally flows into my life.

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Everything imaginable is within my grasp; all good things are mine for the taking.

Every day brings greater abundance into my life than I have ever experienced before.

I have a natural affinity for money and the things it can buy.

More and more wealth naturally flows to me, allowing me to live a life of abundance and prosperity!

My income is increasing all the time, bringing me so many wonderful new opportunities.

A constant flow of prosperity fills every area of my life now—financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally…I am overflowing with good health and abundant energy filled with joy!

Money loves me; money is drawn to me like a magnet.

The more give, the more that comes to me.

Whatever I touch today brings more abundance into my life in a natural way!

My good flows outwards, touching everyone and everything it meets, bringing more goodness into this world.

The universe is conspiring to bring me all the abundance I have been searching for my entire life!

There is so much abundance in this world waiting to be claimed by one person…and that person could be me!

Today has brought with it the opportunity to make some positive changes towards earning more money than ever before…I’m going to take it!

I am wealthy now in every area of my life—financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The universe is providing me with all the opportunities that I need to succeed financially.

Abundance has been here all along; I simply failed to notice it as it was overshadowed by my fears and limiting beliefs…but those days are over! Now, abundance flows through me freely allowing me to see everything from a fresh perspective.

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More money comes into my life now than ever before.

My income is increasing everyday allowing me a greater quality of living.

There is enough money in the world for everyone!

I am thriving now in every area of my life.

All that I need is coming to me effortlessly and easily through the universal flow of abundance that courses through my veins at all times.

Each day brings me more opportunities to increase my income in a natural way. Every time I try, I succeed!

The universe expands my capacity to receive.

The more I give to others, the more abundance flows into my life.

Each day brings me many opportunities for earning more money!

Where there is a will, there is a way…and I have the will to succeed financially now!

Abundance exists all around us; it is up to our minds to recognize that abundance and allow it in. This is exactly what I’ve done, and now the riches of this world are pouring down on me like never before.

Every breath and every heartbeat brings me closer and closer to financial freedom and success!

As I progress towards my dreams, they become bigger and brighter until they seem almost too good to be true.

Money is attracted to me like a magnet, and I can feel its wonderful energy surrounding me right now!

Gratitude creates an abundance of everything in my life.

This is going to be a great day…a better day than I have ever had before.

A new adventure awaits me every day allowing me to grow and expand in ways that will always bring positive returns into my life.

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Today brings many choices; some might seem hard but the universe has brought these choices to me so that I can develop myself further than ever before.

I am connecting with the universe right now to make manifest my deepest desires.

My mind is filled with thoughts of abundance, empowerment, and success!

Everything that I could want is coming to me in this very moment through the universal flow of abundance.

Abundance has always been available to me but I never noticed it because I was too busy looking for it in all the wrong places. Now that I’ve stopped looking in all the wrong places, abundance flows in naturally allowing me to see everything with a fresh new perspective…a perspective of joy and wonder.

There are so many wonderful opportunities in my life right now…I just have to stop thinking about what I lack, and start focusing on all the opportunities in my life.

The more I relax into this moment, the more abundance flows into my life!

This is an exciting day! It brings me endless possibilities that will expand me personally and financially like never before.

Abundance comes in many forms; it doesn’t always come with riches but rather with improved health or enhanced relationships with others which are even greater treasures than material wealth could ever be.

Money is only one form of abundance; there are other kinds too like love, peace of mind, harmony, etc. and these of abundances are flowing freely into my life at this very moment.

The flow of abundance into my life is constant and unending allowing me to flourish in all aspects of my being!

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I am abundant right now…abundant with possibilities, love, friendship, time, energy, etc. I have everything that I need in order to succeed at anything!

Abundance flows through me right now bringing forth greater quality of living.

I surround myself with thoughts that are rich with possibility; therefore these high vibrational thoughts are attracted to me like a magnet allowing the universe to support every effort I make towards achieving my dreams!

Outward manifestations come about by focusing on what you want rather than on what you lack.

Every day brings me exciting new opportunities that I can either take advantage of or let slip by; it’s up to me to choose wisely!

My life is full of joy, abundance, and love! All that I want comes to me effortlessly through the universal flow of abundance.

There is no limit to what I can accomplish when I tap into this vast ocean of abundance which surrounds us all at all times!

Abundance is all around me, and everything is going my way!

Every moment brings with it a fresh new start for me to find success in every area of life. My potential is infinite!

I am allowing abundance to flow through me right now filling me with the energy that will allow me to create a better tomorrow.

Abundance flows into my life from all sides (imaginary points on a compass). It flows in and out and around and back again giving rise to joy and prosperity like never before.

Today is filled with endless possibilities…possibilities that can take shape through my thoughts which are brimming over with possibility right now.

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Every day I grow more and more into the supreme being that I was always meant to become.

Abundance fills my life in so many ways, and I invite even more abundance into this very moment.

Every day brings me excitement because it presents a new opportunity for me to find success!

There is no limit to what I can do or achieve when I rely on the universe for support…the universe loves a cheerful giver!

The abundance of the universe flows freely through me right now filling every cell of my body with gratitude and appreciation for all that exists in this moment.

My mind is filled with thoughts of joy, success, and freedom which attract abundance from all sides transforming today into an incredible day!

Abundance is my birthright; therefore I never give up no matter how difficult something might be because I know that with enough time and effort everything gets easier.

Through the power of positive thinking, the universe opens it’s vaults to me unleashing a wealth of abundance and opportunity into my life in many forms (health, love, friendship etc.)!

Abundance is right at my fingertips; therefore all I need to do is reach out and grab it which I’m doing right now by imagining myself already having what it is that I want.

My spirit soars so high above today’s troubles. My mind demands success from itself which pushes me ever forward

99% of the time my thoughts are positive, creative, and productive. That means that there is constant peace in my mind allowing me to experience more joy!

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Outward manifestations come about by focusing on what you want rather than what you lack.

I am an embodiment of infinite possibility today…maybe even more so tomorrow!

Every day is a new beginning for me which allows me to progress in life in an incredible way.

The universe opens up it’s vaults releasing wave after wave of abundance into my life which I can use to achieve great things.

There is no limit to what I can do when I focus on possibilities rather than limitations because possibilities are endless while limits are mere figments of ones imagination.

I always find a way to turn my ideas into realities which each day brings me closer and closer to success!

Each morning presents me with an opportunity to change the world for the better; therefore I stand ready to take on that responsibility.

Today is filled with possibilities…possibilities waiting for their chance to rush through my mind and out into reality. So, I open up all of those doors right now allowing them to come pouring through!

Every day fills me with energy so much so that even if I don’t get enough sleep it’s no problem because I’m still filled with energy. My physical body is strong but flexible (body transformation).

My thoughts are carefully chosen creating only positive outcomes which attract abundance from all directions bringing me joy along with a fulfilled life.

Every day I grow wiser and more knowledgeable which will help me succeed in what I do today and beyond.  

I deserve abundance because I am a valuable person; therefore it’s only natural that I receive good things. My life is full of abundance right now which I receive with great thanks!

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