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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

I test, prove and teach real estate marketing strategies and blogging methods to real estate agents so they can generate more traffic and sales and avoid a financial roller coaster.

Lori Ballen is an owner of a real estate agent business in Las Vegas, NV. She owns Ballen Brands, a wordpress website company, and is a Keto Coach.


I’ve been blogging since the launch of online diaries, bulletin boards, and digests. I have applied blogging strategies to every business I have owned. Before social media, it was all about SEO and ranking on the search engines to earn traffic to our blog. Now, we have Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so many more.

Ballen Academy

I founded Ballen Academy, a suite of online courses and coaching programs, so I could teach entrepreneurs and small businesses how to grow their websites through blogging, search engine, and social media strategies.

Real Estate Agent

When I got my real estate license in Las Vegas in 2007, I applied the same blogging techniques and quickly rose to the top of my market and industry. It’s a pleasure teaching other real estate agents the same processes which I call “The Ballen Method”.

You can find my Las Vegas Real Estate Company, Lori Ballen Team at Keller Williams in Las Vegas.

Affiliate Marketer

In 2018, I hit the 6-figure earnings mark in my affiliate marketing income stream. It surprised me as it happened organically as I was teaching, blogging, and building my business. Once I realized what I had achieved, I changed my business model to allow me to work in content marketing all day long.

I coach and train people who want to grow another stream of income so they diversify their income streams can avoid losing everything in a change in their industry.

In 2020, Ballen Blogger was born so I could continue to test, prove, and teach blogging methods to entrepreneurs, coaches, small businesses, content marketers, affiliate marketers, food bloggers, and anyone wanting to expand their reach through blogging.

Hire Lori Ballen

I am a speaker, trainer, and coach.

In addition, I founded Ballen Brands, a digital marketing company that specializes in WordPress Websites and WordPress hosting as well as Infusionsoft and KEAP CRM’s and funnels.

My brothers Jeff and Paul Helvin now own Ballen Brands and you can speak to them about any of the services.

My Coaching Programs and Courses can be found at Ballen Academy.

Recent Articles

Testimonials and Reviews

We attended our 2nd hands-on workshop in Vegas last week. This one was on SEO implementation. NOT an easy topic! But, Lori and crew seamlessly shared many, many topics to implement while at the same time making it easy to understand. These guys are genuine in their interests in helping others. Plug into what Lori teaches and you’ll see your business expand exponentially. With Lori Ballen, one of the best trainers and SEO coaches out there, you owe it to your business to plug in and shake up your real estate business in a big way. My hats off to you guys!! Love being part of your world. – Julie Zintsmaster

After Lori’s class learning command became so much easier. I am not intimidated anymore to poke around and play with the features. Thank’s Lori for sharing so authentically how you learned it yourself. – Veronica Silva

Lori is the Real Deal! Her style of coaching is very genuine, by diving in, giving up startup direction, touching on key points and constantly reminding us that Command is the direct link to our bread and butter. – Dee Stahl

Thank You, Lori, for sharing your knowledge of how to navigate command and giving us a glimpse of how this tool can tremendously impact our businesses! Thanks also for the step by step guide! I look forward to embracing it now and doing so ASAP! Thanks for taking the time to pour into all of us! – Cindy Fiene-Curfs

We will continue to learn from her and all the resources she shares. If you’re not already an expert, this is a “Must See” Training.  – William Hayes

II loved learning how to implement designs and social media posts and ads as those were areas I was previously intimidated by. Thank You, Lori, for giving me the confidence to take Command of our amazing new technology. – Jackie Vyskocil

Thank You for showing me where our business is going and what I have to do to stay up with it! I’m looking forward to having my database completely cleaned up and working for me. – Dana Gasparas-Rodriguez

Linda Miller – Lori Ballen your class was awesome. I Love how you are open to sharing all your knowledge and tips. – Linda Miller

Love learning about how others run their business. You brought such a fresh perspective and fire to this business. Very much appreciate your time!! – Elyse Moore.

That quick math you did on conversion ratios really squashed a lot of limiting beliefs for me – AJ Guzman

I just attended a video to Blog training webinar with Lori and her team and what a great investment of time. As a new agent, I am so used to attending these types of sessions to be promised steak and only come away with spam, NOT THIS TIME! WOW, total steak and lobster!! So much useful take action now info. Thanks so much, Lori.

I have been a client of Lori Ballen for over 4 years, she is a great teacher, mentor and knows a lot! I love the fact that she is real and open, tells you things as they are and brings a lot of value to the client-coach relationship. I also enjoy the fact that she is a great teacher. She has a way to teach things that is easy for the brand new in the businessperson as well as someone that has been in the business for several years. She is so giving and so humble, she is a great person to have around very positive and always with a smile on her face. – Hugo Sanchez

Real Estate Websites

Powered by WordPress, Lori's brothers create IDX websites based on her designs.



You are invited to join me on the evolving journey. If you’ll allow me, I can show you mind-blowing tricks of the trade and secrets of success. I’m so sure of your potential growth in my classes and lessons, I’m willing to put my name on the line.
Agent Success Series
Lori Ballen

Lori Ballen

Lori Ballen is an owner of a real estate agent business in Las Vegas, NV. She owns Ballen Brands, a wordpress website company, and is a Keto Coach.

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