6 Tips That Will Help You Create High Quality Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is writing that stands the test of time. Although fads may come and go, if your content is evergreen, it will always remain relevant and constantly attract visitors. That’s why successful online marketing campaigns balance content that latches onto current trends with content that lasts.

The question for online marketers is: how do you create evergreen content? Is it just a matter of writing in a general style about broad themes that are not likely to go out of fashion? The answer is not that simple. Writing good evergreen content takes skill and intelligence. If you want your pages to continue to attract clicks for years after they have been created, these pointers should get you started.

Make Space for Timeless Content

Evergreen Content Blog WritingSome blog topics will be out of date in a year, but others will always be relevant. If you are selling individual products such as smartphone apps, writing about the current version of your app will be essential, but it’s hard to work it into evergreen content. You might be a real estate agent offering MLS listings and your inventory will change on a daily basis. You’ll need something more permanent to add to that mix.

Try to mix updates about what you are selling with broader pieces about the way your products can be used or where your services are located. If you are marketing an app linking people together to play sports, write about how sport and technology meet, or about the value of socializing through sport. These subjects are relevant to what you have to sell, but they also have a more general interest. If you are a real estate agent offering homes for sale, write about the locality of your services and what people who move to that area might be interested in reviewing to choose a location. These might be pages or posts about schools, parks, places to work, places to shop, the communities and such.

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Include Evergreen Advice that Will Never Be Obsolete

Women Writing Evergreen ContentIf there is a key piece of advice about creating evergreen content, it is to make it useful. Think about subjects that are part of everyday life. Something as basic as cleaning windows, mowing the lawn, or tying your shoelaces can be the basis for content that touches upon what you need to sell. Keep in mind that truly valuable content in this day of massive content and social media shares, you’ll want content that is “less obvious”.  It should be topics that dive deep into the subject matter and offer supporting images, graphs, videos, samples, and articles.

A good way to create texts that endure is to turn your blog posts and web pages into “how to” guides. Don’t base them around specific pieces of technology or buzzwords. Try to explain things clearly and broadly, and stick to subjects that people will still be dealing with in five years. An example for a real estate agent would be “The complete homeowners guide to preparing your house to sell”

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Don’t Focus Too Much on Your Products

Man is blogging Evergreen Content
At first, this might seem counter-intuitive. If you are selling products online, surely you need to describe them and how they are used? That’s true, but it is vital to include product descriptions alongside evergreen content that won’t become dated so quickly. After all, product ranges shift with the market, often rendering websites obsolete overnight.

That’s why it’s a good idea to write tangentially about subjects that relate to your products, rather than the products themselves. If you need to, drop in links to the latest models; avoid being too specific, and leave out dates or events wherever possible.

A real estate agent, for example, would want to use every opportunity to spin out new evergreen content spun from a time sensitive product such as a real estate listing. That real estate listing, once sold, will be gone from the website, but a post built around the community where that listing is can last forever. Maybe that real estate listing is a Las Vegas High Rise. The listing will be time sensitive content, yet a piece called “Everything you need to know about buying a Las Vegas High Rise” could stand the test of time.

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Blend Evergreen Videos and Social Media Updates

Pair of Writers creating Evergreen ContentThe advent of video streaming and sites like YouTube has made it easy for businesses to promote products using video content. You probably use YouTube too, but do you use it to create evergreen content, or videos that a few people watch and then forget about?

Evergreen videos can rank high in YouTube search results for years after they are posted, so try to make some of your own. Create a few videos explaining basic concepts in your area of specialty, or make a short documentary piece about the history of your field. Be sure to find space on your website and social media channels to link to this evergreen content, thus feeding it into your regular updates.

A great example comes from the world of gastronomy. Watch what popular restaurants do. Many of them ask their chefs to create tutorial video recipes, featuring the kind of dishes that everyone is familiar with. It’s not necessarily what they would serve at their restaurant, but it does create a relationship using content that will never grow old.

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Never Forget the Power of the FAQ

Women writing Frequently Asked Questions FAQ for Evergreen ContentSome parts of a website will remain relevant for longer than others. One great example is your FAQ. This is where you provide answers to popular queries about what you sell and who you are, and it rarely changes.

You could also include dictionaries or glossaries featuring explanations of the key concepts in your field. For example, an SEO firm could provide definitions of such concepts as keywords, Google algorithms, and backlinking. These definitions may need changing every now and then, but not often, and they provide you with relevant, low-maintenance content that lasts.

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Be Patient with Evergreen Content

Writing Evergreen Content with ImagesFor most marketers, results are everything. However, a short-term perspective risks ignoring the way that well-written evergreen content works.

Evergreen content doesn’t provide a quick pay-off in the way cutting-edge tweets or video blogs can do. Instead, it gradually accumulates site visits and click-throughs. If enough people read it, your content will continue to deliver impressive search results, growing in popularity over a period of years.

Sometimes it’s hard for marketers to think in those terms. Everything seems so hurried, and short-term results are crucial. However, if you want a steady stream of visits and followers, evergreen content is essential.

Creating evergreen content should be a priority for any online marketing campaign, so don’t relegate it beneath social media strategies and expensive videos. Instead, make useful, cleverly written content a part of your marketing. That way, even if a campaign falters, you will have a constant stream of website visitors to fall back on.

You will enhance the credibility of your brand, and attract more hits to your website or social media streams at the same time. So think long term and find a content stream that perfectly blends the timeless with the timely.

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