5 Ways to Grow Your Business Online

When I first started out in Real Estate, I was at the bottom of the barrel.

All I had was a computer and passion, purpose, and a plan. Although I had a history of being successful with marketing, I knew absolutely nothing about marketing for real estate leads.

So I tested and measured, failed forward, tested something new, failed a few times more, until I found a method that works. I built a brand, an online presence, and created a top performing team generating all of our leads from the web.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran in the field, there’s always something new to be learned with online marketing.

It’s constantly changing and growing and I want to help you adapt and grow with the ever-changing market.

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All right. Well, today, I’ve promised you guys that I’m going to give you five strategies that you can apply to your digital footprint to generate success online through internet marketing. I’m always talking about search engine optimization and ranking on the search engines, I don’t think that will ever stop unless it were to go away completely.

However, a lot of you may not realize how many other things that I actually do, and how many other strategies there are that work very closely with search engine optimization and ranking on the search engines as well. We’re going to zip through some of these, if that’s all right.

Local SEO

The first one does involve SEO and it’s is ranking in the local pack.

Let me show you how it works. Somebody goes to Google and they type something in like San Diego real estate agent, by the way, most people don’t. We’ve done the keyword research, and typically, city, real estate agent is not a very popular term.

As you can see here, None of the keyword phrases related to San Diego Real Estate Agent have more than 140 searches per month. Yet the exact phrase San Diego Homes For Sale has 5,400 monthly searches.

Most people are not online looking for real estate agent.

They’re online looking at houses or online looking to solve a problem. When they are looking for a product, for real estate, it’s quite often houses.

People do Google is something like Las Vegas florist or for a doctor, restaurants, that type of thing. Yet, there’s still some advantages to showing up in this local pack.

Let’s look at the SERP on Google (Search Engine Results Page).

What you have here is, on the top, you have your sponsored ads. I’m going to get into that in just a minute on one of my strategies, okay? This is your pay per click. Can you guys see what’s happening here? Now that they have four, they actually take the entire screen above the fold.

Google search engine results page shows ads in top position for san diego homes for sale
Google SERP – Search Engine Results Page


People are spending $6.35 a click for ‘San Diego Real Estate Agent’. It’s really a competitive landscape for that keyword term, even though not that many people are searching it.

Below that, what you’re going to see though, is something here called the local pack.

SERP shows local pack appearing on Google when someone types in san diego real estate agentWhat we do in local SEO is we start with a website called Google My Business. Obviously, it’s also a Google product so it has its advantages.

What you want to do is you want to set up your Google My Business page, and from there, you want to have all of your citations on all of your websites be the same.

A citation is going to be your name, address, phone number, and your website (Referred to as a NAP).

You want them to be identical on your Google My Business and on your Facebook page, and on your Instagram, all your social channels as well as chamber listings, Angie’s list and so on. If you’re a real estate agent, I’m talking about your list on realtor.com and Zillow and Trulia.

This is the first thing that you want to apply after this webinar.

An Example would be my real estate business.

I could put in Lori Ballen Team, Las Vegas. I could put in Lori Ballen Keller Williams Realty, Lori Ballen Realtor®, those are all acceptable and would work with my license. I don’t want to do anything that says Homes for Sale in Las Vegas as my Google My Business page because that would appear to be spammy.

You want it to be a business name. However, if you think about how people search, where would your advantage be?

For example, one thing I know is that people are more likely to search a Keller Williams agent than a Las Vegas agent. For me, it might behoove me to put Lori Ballen Keller Williams agent if I want to show up more on the search results for that. B

ut then I also have to put on my Facebook page and everywhere else. This kind of consistency can make a difference if you’re caring about ranking in that local pack.

Here’s something else with this, watch what happens when I Google Lori Ballen Team.  If you have a Google My Business page, what’s going to happen here, is over on this right side, this profile box is going to appear.

Google My Business Local Pack Profile Box on Google SERP can be edited from the pageLast week, Google rolled out a bunch of new things with their Google My Business. One of them is, if I’m logged in, I’m actually able to edit right here from the screen, which is a really cool feature.

I can edit the information right here without having to go into Google My Business. I can edit the information, I can add photos, I can add a post.

And, of course, all of your Google reviews live on here. We also know that Google has commented on picking up sentiment of a brand including reviews. It’s really important to have positive brand mentions and reviews.

Unfortunately, one thing you can’t control, and this is a downer, is the ratings. I have 4.1 stars, not because of negative reviews for real, but because of some spammers that came on here and left zero or 1 star. We’ve been working with Google to try to get those removed and we were able to get some of them removed, not all of them.

You don’t have complete control over this, just like any review site. It’s disappointing, because we’ve done a good job getting reviews and then to have some spammers knock that down a little bit is a little frustrating.

Pay Per Click

Strategy two, potentially, if you want to, is Google AdWords, pay per click marketing. Pay per click marketing is going to be on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing, Google any place that you have word, you’re paying per click, that’s what I’m talking about with pay per click marketing, okay. If somebody were to type in San Diego homes for sale, by the way, I’m in Las Vegas, I’m not in San Diego. San Diego homes for sale. I always use an example of a city like mine, that I’m not actually in so that I can use that as an example. Look what happens up here. We have Redfin is at the top, this person, Trevi Hills. These are all your pay per click.

That strategy that I want to suggest to you, I’ll tell you a couple of things. First of all, my marketing company BallenBrands.com, we do manage pay per click services. If you are looking for pay per click and you don’t have the time of the knowledge to do it, but you want to get into it, just reach out to us and we can talk to you about this. But here’s something I was playing with this morning. I always like to give you outside the box strategies or things that you really can use besides just overview. This morning I was playing with one of my favorite tools. Let me open this. We’ll just do it right here. This is called SEMrush. S-E-M rush. Sabrina can throw you out a link there to the tool, and if you would try it using my link, I’d appreciate it. You’ll be able to see, you’ll be able to go in here and type in something like San Diego homes for sale.

What happens is, you’re going to be able to do some keyword research, and you’re going to be able to see these long-tail keyword phrases, it’d have four or five or six keywords together, they’re a little bit lower competition, you’re going to get ideas for what you might advertise. Down here, if you go down to keyword interview and go to advertising research, and you type in San Diego homes for sale, by the way, you can do a lot of this research manually, it’s just going to take a lot of time, I love to use tools if they’re in my budget. Google keyword planner is a free tool, that if you’re going to go do your own Google AdWords, and you don’t want to for an additional tool for all your SEO and things like that, you can use the free keyword planner.

Here’s what I love about this one. I go to San Diego homes for sale, and then I went down here, and I can see all of the ads that my competition is running on that right-hand side. See those? I can see who the advertisers are, I can take a little look at their history, but then I can even do more with the keyword. If I were to click on related keywords down here, I can start taking a look at each keyword and instead of going after the high pay per click … most pay per click people, you give them your money and they register you for homes for sale in San Diego. Three bedroom homes for sale in San Diego. Homes for sale with a pool in San Diego. San Diego neighborhoods.

Although they kind of use all the same, but if you drill down into these keywords, let me show you one I already did for Las Vegas, look at these. These have very little search volume where they haven’t been tracked yet, they might be a trending keyword. You can get ideas like this, multi-family complex homes for sale. These would be people looking for duplexes, fourplexes that type of thing. Nevada Las Vegas town homes for sale. Instead of competing for the exact match term, Las Vegas town homes, I’m going to go … let me instead do a match for Nevada Las Vegas town homes for sale. I’m going to get cheaper clicks, my budget’s going to go farther.

Here’s another one, new homes for sale in Las Vegas, 89131. These are where I go create some ads out of. I’ve got tons of training on how to do these ads if you are a Ballen method client, TheBallenMethod.com, that’s my online training system, where I teach you to do all these stuff, go in there, there’s an entire thing on pay per click. If you’re not a Ballen Method member, check out the YouTube channel, youtube.com/loriballen and type in pay per click or adwords and you can see some of the videos that I’ve created on that.

Pretty powerful as well, I only do about 5% of my business, 5% of my leads come from pay per click. We’re really organic-based. I do a lot on social and on search engines. But there is a place for pay per click marketing. I wanted to show you this really quick tool here on how to look those up. And then, what I do is, from here … and I was doing this this morning right before talking to you guys … let me take this website over here. Then I go and make sure I have them organically. This is my website, this is called the BREW, Ballen Real Estate Website, and what I did is look over here and I go, “Okay, new homes” where was I at right here, next gen homes for sale in Las Vegas. Oh, you guys, this is gold. If you really wrap your head around what I’m saying these kinds of things are so good.

Next gen homes for sale Las Vegas is a long-tail keyword. It has low competition. It’s not one of the highest search volume keywords out there. It’s trending, it’s new. It’s at a zero because it doesn’t have the tracked volume data yet for that keyword phrase. So I went over to Google and looked up next gen homes, and did a little bit of studying on it, and these are … we have new builders in here that are building multi-generational family homes. The kids with their baby move into a house and there’s also an apartment inside for their mother or the parents and their college kid, or two families together, sisters, brothers, friends, whatever, however. But it’s designed for the multi-generational family. Immediately from here, as soon as I got this idea, I went over and turned this into a blog, which is my next strategy, blogging.


Here’s an example of blogging. I did one yesterday on Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum it is October, well, it’s almost October, it’s not October yet. It is time to be writing those hyper local blogs about what to do in Halloween and things like that, if you’re a real estate agent or you’re a local service provider of any kind and you want to be the local specialist, those kinds of hyper local blogs can be incredibly powerful. I do a lot of those. Of course, I’ve got regular real estate articles in here as well. Whatever it is, whatever your business or niche is, if you ask yourself, “Who is my client and what would they be interested in?” And then, “How can I make offers on there that also offer my products or services.” If you’re into wellness, you’re into health and wellness, oh my gosh! Can you imagine the blogging that you could do on health and wellness? It would be absolutely incredible.

The good news is you don’t have to write all of these blogs yourself. You can hire a company like mine, Ballen Brands, or/and you can do several things, you can get a virtual assistant, you can use an intern from a community college, or you can use crowdcontent.com, which is another place that I use that I show examples with a lot, or I can go on here and pay anywhere … here, take a look at my prices. Here I paid $20, here I paid $525. This one’s almost 35, this one’s 49, this one’s 35, this one’s 38, this one’s 52, this one’s 355 and really, I just kind of use this to fill in some of the blanks when, if my writers are all doing high-end client work, and I know that I’m doing things that are just kind of lists and I’m not overly concerned about them having a lot of personality. They’re more informative, I’m going to go somewhere like this.

But this guy just did my most haunted house, Zak Bagan’s haunted house. Zak Bagans is one of the ghost adventurers and he’s opening a museum here in Las Vegas and he’s got all these haunted artifacts. All these guy had to do was, he just has to go to Google and research it, and he’s a writer so put it in a nice format, make it look good … let me show it to you, hold on. Zak … I think it’s right here, we were just there. Once I get the article back, he gives it to me in just text format, then I go in and I embed video, which is going to be my next strategy we’ll get to in just a second. I create a table of content and I put links to other areas of my website and I embed Facebook posts or tweets or anything else that makes this article interesting.

I use, what are called short codes, to put these little highlights on here to break up that ugly, white, chunky text, especially on a logo that looks so terrible. This, by the way, Short Codes Ultimate. If you have a WordPress website, Short Codes Ultimate or Ultimate Short Codes, Sabrina can correct me, Ultimate Short Codes or Short Codes Ultimate, I always reverse those. That’s free, and it has all kinds of these stuff where you can put in little colors and boxes and pop outs, and all kinds of things you can play with, okay? You see how … the article was great, and then at the bottom, how do I tie this in to my business? I’ve got listings near the haunted museum and I pray this little widget of homes that are for sale over there, near the haunted museum. Then I link out to other places they might be interested in, and then I’ve got a map of where they might be interested in.

This kind of blogging is super, super efficient, you rank well on Google, you can use it on social networking, If you do a really good job on the hyper local stuff, they go viral. Things to do with kids during the fall, things to do on mother’s day, best nail salons in Summerlin. Where’s the best place to go on a date for valentine’s day? All of those hyper local things, those things go viral. You can also get blogs go viral if you’re, like I said, in the health and wellness, for example, of you’re in a marketing niche or your in a medical niche that you can write articles that are compelling. Problem solving, interesting, not your run of the mill stuff. You really dive deep into these blog posts and cover a lot of information. I actually think my post on Zak Bagans’ museum is the best out there, from what I saw.

I do the work. This tool here, SEMrush does the coolest thing, If I go over down here to SEO content template, and I type in what I want to write on, I’m going to write on … my keyword phrase is going to be Zak, let’s pretend I’m doing Zak Bagans. Zak Bagans haunted museum. I click this little create SEO template, and it scours the web, and it’s going to pull in my top 10 competitors that are ranking on page one of Google for that keyword phrase.

Then, what it’s going to do, he’s going to show them to me, here they are right here. He ranks number one for his own museum, good job. He ranks number two for his Facebook page, and then local news ranks number three. I really could pop in there at number three or below, probably, pretty easily. When you see something like the news or something like that, and I’ll take top three. I want to be on page one, but top three gets 65% of the clicks, so I’m always gunning for top three. Or I’m going to change my keyword phase and maybe go a little bit longer tail, which a whole nother lesson, right?

Then, what I can do is look at this, it takes an average and says, the recommended text length of this blog is 1,120 words. The reason why, is because there are … all of the other articles are long and in depth. It doesn’t mean count 1,100 words and make sure you squeeze in and an extra time, and then done. That’s not what we’re talking about. When we count words, it’s because how deep we dived into that topic, and that’s what those words tell you. You will rarely see articles and blogs and paper ranking on page one of Google, that have less than 1,000 words any more unless there are noncompetitive topic.

I had one that ranked number one on Google for the longest time, it finally dropped off, but it was a restaurant critique. I was doing hyper local stuff, and I was writing at a brand new restaurant, it’s just open in Summerlin, it was like a 200 word little blurb, and we held the number one spot for a long time. Because nobody was writing about it. It was brand new, there wasn’t much more to say, and nobody really cares. But once it go out there and well-known, it got more competitive, it changed things significantly.


We covered Google My Business was a strategy, pay per click was a strategy, blogging was a strategy, YouTube. Guys, let me tell you something, there are a lot of cat videos on YouTube, that’s what I want you to know. No, I can’t tell you how powerful YouTube video has been for my business. Unbelievable. My marketing company, specifically, and we’re just doing some really cool stuff, again, with real estate, which I’m going to get into later. One of my girls is out there, touring all the new construction sites, she’s doing videos and sending those to me. Our goal is to rank for new construction using video. For all the new home builders using video. Your video channel, you may not be able to get your website to rank really high because maybe you don’t have, yet, the trust and authority and it’s new and you need more time to build up content, you could be number one on YouTube tomorrow, today. It is unbelievable if you do a better job than whatever’s out there.

This year, in January, I guess it was, Sabrina can remind me, but I know it was first quarter, I said to my team I want to rank number one for the term real estate agent websites on YouTube. Because I used a really cool tool here, Sabrina can send you out the link, I used a really cool tool called Tube Buddy. Let me see if I can pull this up here really quick. Creator studio. I still think Google and YouTube have a long way to go on making this a user-friendly platform. Their channels, as a general rule. What’s really cool is this Tube Buddy, is an extension for your YouTube channel. What you’re able to so … see here this little red FB, FB, FB? That’s the extension, that’s Tube Buddy. I know it’s such a funny name, I blush every time I say it.

What you’re able to do from here, check this out. You can set up card templates, so if you know anything about YouTube, you got this ability to add these cards during the video that have these little pop-ups that say “Watch this video” and info card at the end. You can do this all right here from your tube, from when you load the video through your Tube Buddy, which is really cool. You can publish your video in a Facebook as long as it’s under 25 minutes, and now my new goal is to make sure all my videos, even my tutorials are under 25 minutes, if they’re longer, break them up into multiple videos. You can add caption services, but you can also measure your search engine rankings. It, actually, does this thing where you can say, “Okay, I want to rank number one for real estate agent website.” By the way, watch this, real estate agent website. Plural. Okay, I’m number one for plural, number two from singular. Dang, it! Now I want the number one spot for singular. I got to go back and fix that.

I did it. I got that number one spot there. But it took me multiple attempts to get it, because what has to happen is, you have … when I go in there to put in, when I go in to upload a video, it has this little keyword research tool. And you put in the keyword, it’ll tell you who ranks for that video already. Not just on Google, but on YouTube. Who already ranks. Then, it gives you a score, tells you how hard it will be for you to rank for that term, based on the videos that are out there. The harder it is, the better your video has to be. I built several tutorials and, finally, I had one that hit the mother lode, and I’m like, “Yeah! Finally, we got that spot.” It may not just be instantaneous, you may have to go back over there. This, by the way, whoever’s looking at this now, that doesn’t have anything to do with … it said zero because I had the wrong term in there. That doesn’t have anything to do with YouTube.

That’s still pulling the Google AdWords competition. There we go. The search volume for that keyword on Google is 1,600 a month. The cost per click, look at this. $7.57. $7.57 a click, people are spending to get their website to be number one, or their video or whatever. It’s very high competition. Whether or not I could take that number one … I think I’m number three on Google for my website, but I was able to take number one for the video, and I can’t tell you how many people call my company and say, I watched Lori’s video. I watched Lori’s video. I watched Lori’s video. It’s just constant.

The same thing with whatever business you have, it doesn’t matter if it’s real estate or it’s e-commerce or it’s a restaurant or it’s health and wellness, or it’s medical, people love videos that either entertain them, which most businesses aren’t great at, or that solve problems that are tutorials, that are educational, that are informational, that talk about your cancer doctor, and you want to talk about what kind of moles to watch out for. Those are great videos. People want to know that stuff, they’re constantly googling and looking for images and everything else.

Social Media

Okay, two minutes left. My final strategy for you is social media. Social media, here’s what I want you to get out of today, social search is coming. Social search is going to be huge. People are going to use the search bar and they’re going to type in Las Vegas real estate agent, Las Vegas, San Diego homes for sale, San Diego restaurant. And what happens is, when they do this, San Diego dog rescue, what happens is, this little results page pops up, oh geez! A results page pops up, and it’ll show what post have been made that have that keyword phrase in it from your friends, family, groups that you follow, anything like that. Also, video is huge on Facebook, and Facebook is working diligently to replace YouTube. Good luck with that, but they’re really working to become a video channel.

The more Facebook lives you use, and by the way, if you haven’t seen my tutorial on it yet, go over and look for it on YouTube or in your Ballen Method System. You can make a Facebook live, you can right-click and open it, change it to a mobile domain and then you can download the Facebook live video right there on your hard drive, then you can upload that Facebook live video in your YouTube channel or your Vimeo channel or Daily Motion, whatever you’re doing you can save that video. You get more bang for your buck when you’re doing that. What I want you all guys to do, is go in and set up your Facebook business pages. And I don’t mean just set them up, there is new stuff coming up here every single day, you can now add products. You can add services, you can showcase, I don’t know if you know this, you can blog. If you go down here to notes, I did one this morning. Or you go into your publishing tools, sometimes is a little bit faster.

This will be your last tip and promise to let you go, you go to create, and go here to notes, write a note and it’s just like the LinkedIn platform or Medium, the blog platform. You add a photo here, title it here, body here, you’re now putting links to your website from Facebook, you’re now driving traffic over. You’ve got to get behind your business pages because my belief is, search and social are married and … or they’re dating, and they’re going to be married. They’re going to go together, and I think people are going … search is going to reward people that are super active on social and the more you get on here and blog and make videos and add products instead of your stores, these Facebook business pages are going to become websites.

Obviously, this isn’t just Facebook, but that’s going to be my example for today. Hopefully, that covers Five Great Tips you guys can go use right away and apply to your business. BallenBrands.com, and we are doing websites now, outside of real estate as well, so if you’re interested in pay per click services, blog content, real estate market reports, cultivation for your leads that you’re getting, we have a customer CRM program, text auto-dialers, we help you cultivate your leads, check that out, BallenBrands.com. And please, if you have a referral for Las Vegas real estate, Lori Ballen Team in Las Vegas, I still have a team here and we would so very much appreciate your referrals. If you see anybody asking, make sure you tag us. Lori Ballen Team is your choice for Las Vegas real estate.

Thank you, guys, so much and I’ll talk to you next time.


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