🖥 5 Tips to Improve Your website ranking


We know that Google, and it’s artificial intelligence known as Rank Brain are measuring clicks to determine rankings (among hundreds of other factors). Here are some ways you can improve CTR after the new search engine changes.

Create Attractive Titles

So many website owners make the mistake of creating titles with just keywords. These titles are boring and don’t compel the user to click on your site’s link. Do a search in Google and notice the top-ranking sites and how they create attractive titles that compel users to click through to the web page. The old-school newspaper technique of creating attractive headlines is still useful for digital marketing and search engine rank. Make sure you create a unique title for each page, because duplicate titles are a waste of SEO opportunities. We know that click through rate is a ranking factor. Click through rate is determined by the total number of¬†clicks divided by total number of impressions (times your webpage is showin in the search engine results).

Fix Up Description Meta Tags

The description meta tag contains one or two sentences that describe the page. You shouldn’t use the same description for all of your pages. Instead, customize each page with a meta description tag that explains the page content. The meta description is shown below your page’s title in search result pages. ¬†It gives search engine users additional information about the page’s content, so it should also be as compelling as the page title. Back to click through rate, the meta description can increase clicks. When you increase clicks, you may increase your web rankings.

Create Breadcrumbs and Maintain a Simple Site Structure

Have you ever performed a search on a company and noticed the sub-links under a main domain URL? These links are called “site links.” They are created automatically by Google’s algorithm. You can’t specify site links you want to display, but you can demote them in Google Webmaster Tools. To ensure that the algorithm gives you site links, create breadcrumbs throughout your pages and maintain a good site structure. Site links greatly improve your CTR when users search for your brand, because these links take up much of the space on the results page when they show up.

Keep Creating Quality Content for Your Site

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Click the image above to learn how to create killer content for your blog post!

Even with author images removed from search engine results pages, creative and compelling content is still a critical part of your site’s ranking. Combine great content with attractive headlines, good meta tag descriptions and good site structure and you could improve CTR without your author image in the result pages.

These five tips will not only improve your CTR even with images removed, but they will also help with search engine rank. Google uses hundreds of factors that determine your website’s rank, but having good content is still one of the major ways to attract users. With a good site, quality content and a lot of patience, you can improve your rank in Google and other search engines.

This was just a few of our basic SEO tips. Want to learn more about search engine optimization and ranking on the search engines? Check out the complete SEO Guide.

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