5 Things You need to know about #Hashtags


Hashtags and their use

Let’s get the basics out of the way first: hashtags have become common language for a single word or combination of words preceded by a ‘hashtag’ or ‘pound’ symbol. Spaces are not allowed between the hash symbol and the word term, even if you are using a combination of words. Creating them is very simple; when you write the hashtag it creates a clickable link automatically. Nowadays, they are very common online marketing tools. Let’s have a look at five things you need to know about hashtags and how you can utilize it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to market your online business.

1. How To Follow Trending Topics

The most basic use of a hashtag is to follow a story or news that is developing. Trending topics are mostly about current news; for example, (#worldcupbrazilvsargentina). You can click the link on the hashtag to view related comments or build up news on the trending topics, as all comments and updates remain under the same hashtag.

2. How To Connect With Individuals Interested In A Particular Subject

Although hashtags are commonly related to trending subjects, some are on long-term topics of interest. For instance, the hashtag (#Entrepreneurship). It is logical to think that individuals using that hashtag are interested in business ideas. Therefore, if you are interested in entrepreneurship and you are looking for new business ideas and connections, you just need to click it to view that conversation.

3. Creating An Identity

If you want to conduct online marketing, it is important to create a hashtag that is unique (your own brand). Brand hashtags are very advantageous because they reinforce identity. When people click them, they will be able to find all of your updates or your customers’ comments about your business. This means many people can find out more about your and your products without necessarily visiting your website; though you can also include links to your site.

4. Installing A Hashtag Stream

You can use your brand hashtag to your advantage by installing its stream onto your webpage or blog using a widget. To create a widget using Twitter is easy: just log into your account and choose the widget option in the account settings. This social media marketing method can spark the interest of your web visitors to find out more about the product or services you are promoting. It also makes the subject vibrant, as users see real-time updates.

5. How To Follow An Online Marketing Promotion

The most significant use of hashtags is tracking and analysis. When you are setting up your marketing campaign you need to set up a hashtag for that occasion, and be careful not to use a hashtag that is being used by another person. For instance, when you are marketing your product you can combine the product name with the name of your business to ensure uniqueness. You should remember that a hashtag is not case sensitive, hence you can use a combination of lower and uppercase case.

Twitter vs Facebook vs Instagram Hashtags

Using hashtags to promote your online business is easy, however the process for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are slightly different.

For Twitter, you can monitor the campaign by making a column for it in Tweet Deck. It enables the monitoring of all the tweets. For Facebook, the best approach for monitoring your campaign is to type the hashtag into the search bar of your Facebook page. Instagram have recently launched a Hashtag app that is easy to use and very similar to Twitter.

Hashtags Best Practices

There are a few important things you need to consider when using hashtags: overuse of hashtags can be irritating to your followers and therefore should be avoided. It’s also not good to pilfer other people’s tags. Using hashtags as part of social media marketing has become a natural extension of existing campaigns, as well as a great way to launch a new campaign. An important thing to keep in mind is that you need to grab and keep the viewer’s attention, so be creative and use them with confidence.