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Tips For Creating Powerful Headlines That Sell | Online Marketing

Tips For Creating Powerful Headlines That Sell

Articles are a big part of Internet marketing. That is a proven fact. If you want to get noticed on the Internet you have to have articles that show your expertise in a certain niche, or several niches for that matter. You have to have articles that are interesting. Part of that though is having articles that people want to read, and that all begins with a great headline.

Marketing Tips - Creating HeadlinesThere are thousands of articles on the Internet so you only have a few minutes to capture the attention of someone passing your way.  That is where keywords and phrases come in. It is important to know what is trending or what people are interested in so that you can create headlines that will capture their attention. However, besides keywords there are many other ways to create engaging headlines that sell and help you get the job done.

Think of Emotions You can Capture Before Writing a Headline

The reason why those thrill magazines at the grocery store do so well is because they have such atrocious headlines spread across the front of them. However, in that atrociousness, is emotion, someone is dying, someone is cheating, someone is getting divorced, an alien monster is attacking and stealing babies. Whatever it is, it makes us pick it up. Of course we can’t do scare tactics on all of our web pages but the point is connect to your visitor’s thoughts and emotions. Make them stop and look at your page. There is actually a study that has been done where psychologists have said that our buying decisions emotion based first and thought based second.  It is important to use headlines that give your readers a sense of strong emotion.

Here is an example of a headline that elicits emotion. “The Five Minute Course that will help you tap into an extra $500.” This makes readers feel powerful and excited about what they might accomplish without taking much of their time

Other emotions you can tap into are a desire to feel:

  • Pretty
  • Good- Looking
  • Confident
  • Secure
  • Vigorous
  • Spoiled
  • Wanted
  • In Control
  • Wealthy
  • Pleased
  • Treasured
  • Harmless

Make Sure Your Headline Is Active

The key to writing compelling headlines is to use active language. Compelling language is language that uses some sort of movement or command action. Key words are stop, conquer, start, excel and other active words.

For example, conquer your fear of Internet Marketing today! That is powerful, or “Demand the best without saying a word.’” A Headline like that would probably make someone stop just out of curiosity.

Write Headlines That Let Your Visitors Know they are Wanted

You is a very powerful word. When you use the word you the reader feels like someone is speaking directly to them. In doing this, the reader feels like you, the writer actually cares about their specific feelings, problems, issues and desires. Look at the following two headlines and see which one you would like to see the most.

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Do you see the difference; the first headline speaks to someone instead of just being a generic headline. When people read a headline they want to know what exactly is in the article for them and if they can get that information from the headline than the headline is all that much more powerful.

Here are three more ideas for powerful headlines: 

  • Make your viewers a promise – Earn $2000 a day
  • Make your headline newsworthy – New program guarantees you will earn $2000 a in less than 2 hours a day.
  • Ask a questioning your headline- Do you want to quit your day job tomorrow?

Three Simple Steps to Write Headlines That Sell

The question is, now that you know what kind of headlines sell, how do you create these types of headlines. Here are three steps to get you on your way.

Step One. Know who your audience is. Know what they want, what they need and what they are looking for. In other words, know them intimately. This will help you create emotional and powerful headlines that speak to them. 

Step Two. Figure out how your products or services will make the lives of your audience better. Find out what they struggle with, and find ways to write headlines that make them feel attractive.

Step Three. Practice writing headlines. Write out ten to twenty headlines and try each one with a certain article. See which one has the best conversion rates and go from there.


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