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How to APPLY The Ballen Method

How to APPLY The Ballen Method


  1. Choose your Website Platform
  2. Choose a strong IDX provider
  3. Choose your blog platform (great if it’s part of your website too)
  4. Register your .com (URL’s)
  5. Set up all your social profiles and web profiles (name, address, URL, areas served anywhere you can)
  6. Determine your Brand, Logo, Colors
  7. Identify a PRIMARY target audience (local, niche)
  8. Do some keyword research and find the opportunity in your market so you know what to blog about
  9. Create your first introductory video
  10. Create a Facebook Business Page
  11. Create a Facebook Group for your target audience
  12. Set up Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social channels you will use
  13. Set up your classified ad accounts
  14. Set up your press release account(s)
  15. Set up your Google Analytics and any other activities
  16. Choose a CRM/Database and determine how you will communicate with it
  17. Choose an email distribution channel for lead cultivation
  18. Consider having some greeting cards on hand or a system for mailing on special occasions so you can back up your online work with offline.
  19. Decide how you will funnel in your leads to the CRM–>> If you are already in panic mode, you may want to chat with Sabrina about our marketing services. We can custom create a package for your needs.

Your Routine:

  1. When you have a new listing, optimize and blast it (see listing marketing lesson plan)
  2. When you close a listing, write your press release
  3. When you win an award or take a class or get a designation, consider a press release
  4. If you make a new hire, do a press release
  5. Create no less than 1 video a month. Listing Videos are easy (see the lesson plan for Animoto)
  6. Blog about real estate – at least one long form blog a month about the real estate process, questions you hear from clients etc.
  7. Once a month, create a hyperlocal piece. Doesn’t have to be super long if it’s focused around a local business or lower competition keyword (see lesson plan on keyword study)
  8. Once a week, create a community page on your website. This could be zip codes, neighborhoods, subdivisions, towns, school zones – whatever applies in your market
  9. Set a calendar to alert yourself to review your analytics so you know how you are performing in the search engines and on conversions.
  10. Don’t panic. I’ve spent 2 decades learning this stuff. You need time and practice. Just make sure you create the DISCIPLINE to get it done.

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