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Getting Started Guide – Building a Facebook Social Media Plan

Are you thinking about new ways to gain and retain new clients? If you are a real estate agent and have been seeking ways to interact with your clients, there is no better way than to do this through social media marketing. Using a sites such as Facebook will help you leverage your real estate insights while interacting with your clients. There are many different strategies and tips that you will find out there. However, here are some best tips for Facebook social media marketing.

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by ReachLocal

Create a Professional Facebook Page

Facebook is there so that you can connect with your family and friends. You probably have a Facebook page where you already communicate with your family and friends. However, you should not use your personal Facebook page for your real estate listings. If you do so, you will not look professional. Additionally, Facebook has special features that are built in for business users. When you create a Facebook page solely for your business, you will tap into all of these essential features such as, Facebook ad, Facebook offers, and Facebook space contest

Create Posts about Your Real Estate Listings

After you have created your professional Facebook page, create posts that will display your local listings. You can add the listings text and images to these posts. You can also add commentary to these posts engaging your client. Your clients will be able to response to these posts in the comments section in addition, they will be able to like your post and share it with their family and friends.

Tip: If you pay attention to your Facebook likes, you can use it as a barometer of what resonates with your clients and what doesn’t. What you want also do is pay attention to the top comments in your posts. This is an indicator of the bars, that is, the most popular comments, from this posts.

When posting your listings on Facebook stick to your business pages.  This will keep your Personal Facebook page engaging. Post about upcoming open houses and ask for your clients comments on your business pages or local groups on Facebook.

Create a Dazzling Header

Make sure that your Facebook page looks impressive. You should put as much work as you did on your real estate websites to your Facebook page. Why, well, you will be getting new and current clients on this page. They may even visit it more than your website. The current design for Facebook calls for a wide layout Header. This layouts this header is your chance to impress. Do not overlook it. Make sure that it contains all glossy image of your listings, logo, and contact information.

If you do not have graphic design skills, outsource this task. There are several sites where you could find freelancers who would eagerly work on this graphic design project for you. If you neglect to spend time on this aspect of your Facebook page, your page will not look as professional as your peers. Besides this wide layout Header, Facebook also has an area for your logo. Make sure that you have a current version of your logo in this area. For both of your images, make sure that you have high resolution images. Grainy images will not cut it. You are trying to make a professional impression and your images should reflect that.

Create a Social Media Calendar

There is no doubt that you are very busy as a real estate agent. Do not neglect updating your Facebook page. Put it on your calendar. Creates a social media calendar and devote at least a couple of hours per week on social media activities. Carve outs a chunk of time from this a lot of time for Facebook. During this a lot of time, you can update your posts, create Facebook offers, and answer your comments. Social media is an ever-changing and dynamic part of your business. If you hold off too long and do not schedule it on your calendar, you would have piles of comments, and this does not reflect positively on your business.

Personalize Your Real Estate Business

Even though you will be making post on your professional Facebook page, there was still room to personalize your posts your clients. Social media is the perfect outlets that will allow you to add a human layer to your messaging. The setup of your professional Facebook page already let your clients know that you are a true professional. You can add touches of penalization so that your clients know that there was a human face behind all of your real estate listings. Way to do this is to show that you care. You supposed to welcome new clients to your Facebook page.

If you get many likes, comment on them in your post. During the holidays, make sure you reach out to your clients and wish them happy holidays. Moreover, you can personalize your professional Facebook page by posting about events and your listing neighborhoods. To do this, check the neighborhoods for your listings and find out information about current events. Post about these events on your professional Facebook page then solicit comments from your client. This lighthearted interaction will put a human touch on your Facebook page. One caveat about personalizing a professional Facebook page: try not to add too many jokes or humor on your page. While jokes are great on your personal Facebook page, they could make your real estate Facebook page look less than professional.

  1. Create Engaging Facebook Ads

It is important that you create engaging post book Facebook ads to connect with your clients regularly. As a real estate agent, you can use hyper local or geo-targeted ads to reach your geographic market. Facebook ads or great way to reach out to your current clients and acquire new clients. You can also promote your Facebook as if you are not getting enough traction from them. Facebook estimates that businesses who use this service to advertise which 89% of their audience.

How Facebook Ads Work

Facebook offers ads unlike other social media platforms. There as a targeted and you can specify the target group as you’re creating the ad. As they view your ad, their friends into Facebook network may be able to see you also as well. This makes you add very powerful across the Facebook platform it has a great reach.

The traditional add the traditional Facebook ad appears as a square image, which you design for maximum impact on your clients. As you probably know, most people like to skip over ad. To get your Facebook ad noticed, you will need to add and create attention grabbing images. You will have a character limits for your ad so use your characters wisely.

There are different ad products on Facebook. Here is a quick overview of them:

Boosted Posts

You can use one of your real estate listings and boosted to advertise on Facebook. This boosted post will help build relationships with your current and future customers. You can reach clients who will then like your page after reading your post.

Facebook Offers

Facebook offers a lot you to provide your clients with a special discount or promotion that they can claim that your real estate office. All they have to do is read your post and then click on the button to get the offer on Facebook. As a real estate agent, you can offer your clients discounts on consultations or other real estate products.

Create A Facebook Real Property Group

Facebook Groups make it easy in order to connect using specific sets of individuals, including family members, teammates or coworkers. Teams are dedicated spaces where you can share updates, photos to documents and message another group members. You can also pick one of 3 privacy options for every single group we create. This particular group will assist you keep in close contact with clients, who tend to be interested inside service.

Observe Responses and Track Your Results

It is important to observe each comments and respond in a well-timed fashion. Effective to wrong, almost all feedback has to be dealt with. Assuming someone praises your website, thank them. If they have a problem or issue, get in touch with these. You should investigate the validity for the negative comment and target that it right away. Customer feedback can help we much better comprehend reaction to your service. Additionally be sure in order to incorporate a good monitoring system. This could actually provide crucial knowledge towards the customers and his or her behavior. Companies provide excellent outsourced personal media analytics packages that can easily be integrated and integrated into the social strategy. What better way to measure customer demand than to ask these yourselves? do not be afraid towards take part your supporters and bring their opinions. Performing so will recognize both places of power plus weakness. Prompt response to comments is actually key towards developing your relationship at the followers.

Engage with Contests

Contests and sweepstakes provide a great way to create additional wedding on the Page, and have fun at your Fans. You could use all sorts concerning contests to develop deeper relationships using the clients, get to know their likes and dislikes, and promote yourself as a agent who pays attention. You can also use them as a means to market the listings, besides! On Facebook, you need to use a 3rd party app to operate contests and sweepstakes. Including, lead a Vote Contest to inquire of your Followers what photo they like best starting your latest listing.

Use Glossy and Colorful Photos When You Post

Images at Facebook is the most interesting types of information. The more Likes, stocks and comments your posts get, that the more they will be viewed in News Feeds because of the friends of ones Facebook Fans (people who Like your web page).

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Photos have never been more important in the world of social media marketing, and even more so when talking about social advertising. Whenever you’re purchasing social media marketing advertising and searching for a return on that funding, it’s important to utilize the best images in order to engage your audience.

Look for a Simple, Bold Image

Aided by the different advertisement sizes around at Facebook, in accordance with people accessing the platform on each web as well as mobile, it is important to select pictures that resonate, even at a small size. It means finding simple images, with vibrant or bold colors. It is also good to focus on single subject, instead of choosing an image that has besides much heading out at.

Use Abstract Words When Looking for Images

Regardless of whether you possess a specific picture in head or perhaps not, you can frequently use broad keywords in order to assistance improve your image search. Once you mouse click “Find photos” inside Facebook’s ad create means, you are going to have access to Shutterstock’s library concerning through 30 million images. Through making use of broad, abstract keywords like “love,” “exhilaration,” or “strength,” you can easily discover new pictures that convey emotion and relate to your content without becoming too literal.

Try Anything Aspirational

When choosing images for public media, you desire to convey a good, aspirational message so users see how wonderful that the world are using your product or service or servicing. This is best conveyed through image we choose, so make sure to use something beautiful that taps to your audience’s main emotions .

Select Images That Work Throughout Formats

it is crucial in order to select photos that have plenty of flexibility with size and design, since Facebook ads show in another platforms on various programs. This means that the absolute most crucial elements ought to be focused toward the middle of the visual — normally they might stay cropped out in some views.

Refresh The Creative Frequently

Like a smell or a taste it is hitting to start with but fades after the initial impression, individuals can easily become desensitized to a picture when seen repeatedly. Pick new photos to help keep your ads fresh. You need your target audience to still discover you in their info Feeds, so changing the appearance of your promotions helps you get noticed — and ensures that your audience doesn’t have tired concerning seeing your ads. This also gives you the chance to test out different photos to find their innovative type that works for your market.

Choose Consistent, Campaignable Images

When selecting excellent picture for the your Facebook Ad, do not presume about producing just one ad; consider producing multiple advertisements since function of a set, to campaign. While you swap away the images at the promotion, there is a consistent look and feel to the images which neckties them together. This does not mean you always have to make use of the same objects inside photos, but instead put thought into the lighting, color scheme, and mood of the photos you select so they is interchanged over the similar ad campaign. By finding a “campaignable” collection of images, you are able to be sure they’ll evoke your disciplined message throughout, whether it’s more than weeks or months.

Work on Building Your Facebook Fanbase

Spread the Word
Spread the word of your Facebook Page. Place your Facebook Page link in your Facebook description, include this to the Pinterest profile, and more. Any social networks you are on, find somewhere in your bio to put in a link towards Facebook business page. Even add the link to your indi
visual Facebook schedule plus link to it upon individual blog at content (if you have one).

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Time it Right
Timing is an important element of anything – don’t post too frequently inside your short stage of time period.It’s really a waste to some time. Delay an hour (or more) to prevent irritating your Facebook fans and hurting ones triumph with Facebook’s EdgeRank. Edgerank will single your webpage out if you’re posting too a lot in a certain stage of the time. It’s going to decide that your post does not need to be observed in as many Information Feeds, subsequently limiting your reach.

Embed Widgets
Embedding widgets upon the blog will create your Facebook Page easy to like through your blog as well as/to website. Visitors will not need to group to Facebook towards such as your Page, it’s appropriate there on the website for them. Convenience. If you have blog site, verify to get posting widgets for your posts. it is different convenient means for followers to conveniently promote your content at Facebook.

Think about how precisely many email messages you send out out per day. Getting the link to your Facebook Page in your e-mail signature makes this easily accessible for individuals in order to consider your online business.

it’s not advised to suggest your page to all of friends on Facebook, unless they’re all your friends and family. Give consideration to your buddies that would definitely legitimately be enthusiastic about liking ones page. If you are constantly wondering people to like your Page, they’re going to become irritated.

Review the potency of your content with Facebook knowledge.

Facebook has created some recent changes for their Facebook Page layouts and now consist of a preview concerning Facebook Insights right when you click on the web page. It’s outstanding reminder to delve further in to ones Insights and determine which content is best with your audience.

The most important metric to track is actually virility. virility refers to the percentage to users who have developed a story (enjoyed, commented on or discussed) from your post from the complete wide range of unique users who possess noticed it. As a rule, I start thinking about a post engaging sufficient to promote (to continue a marketing) if it is getting four% – five% virility.

Facebook is where people go to to connect using friends and family online. Most realtors want in order to connect at friends and family of clients. That it offers trust and word of mouth marketing and advertising. Real estate agents are a number of the best entrepreneurs within an offline person-to-person environment. You’re very brilliant at buying to discover your customers on your very personal degree, getting taking part in the community, and hooking up at your local market. The better genuine estate marketers think of personal online like they do social offline. Social networking provides a means to additional connect with your neighborhood clients and groups. Social can develop trust, and spread ones marketing through friends of family and friends.

Lori Ballen is the Creator of The Ballen Method & Professor of The Ballen Academy! She owns a top real estate business in Las Vegas generating most of her business from the web bit.ly/ballenmethodmajor

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