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Lori Ballen is the author and creator of The Ballen Method, a training curriculum for real estate agents who want to achieve sales from online marketing. Lori began her career, learning from Seth Godin’s Purple Cow marketing and has never looked back. Owning a top real estate team in the country (home base in Las Vegas) as well as a Marketing company, Lori is a lead generation machine. It’s what she loves, and it’s what she teaches. Let’s be honest, it’s who she is.
She’s disruptive.

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[email protected] 702.917.0755

Sabrina Wekerle

Sabrina is the Executive Administrator for Ballen Brands, as well as Lori’s Daughter. Sabrina spent over 4 years in customer service and training for a very successful technology company. She loves technology, marketing, and training. If you are a member of the Ballen Academy, you may have had a training session with Sabrina, seen her training videos and blogs, or chatted with her via our customer support. Sabrina manages our event promotion, Lori’s schedule, Learn with Lori calls, Webinars, and more.

If you have questions regarding an event, registration, products, and more, reach out to Sabrina at [email protected]

Jeff Helvin

Jeff Helvin is the Operations Manager of the Ballen Brands empire, as well as Lori’s brother. While attending college for Business Administration, Jeff worked his way through multiple positions for top companies in both hospitality and retail. Jeff began his operations career when starting his own web development company with a partner at the age of 19. After 15 years in the web development industry building and generating millions of dollars in revenue, Jeff has brought his experience in systems and processes to the real estate industry – while still maintaining ownership in the company he co-founded. Jeff is responsible for the day to day operations for both The Ballen Real Estate Network and Vision Masters training and marketing companies. In essence, Jeff solve problems we didn’t know we had in ways we wouldn’t understand. [email protected] 702.917.0755

Tyler French

Tyler is the Business Development Manager for Ballen Real Estate Network. After graduating with his B.A. in Business Administration, Tyler worked in the finance industry for three years. He then chose to pursue his Masters at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Upon completion of his degree, Tyler went to work for French Brothers Homes – a two time National Housing Quality award winner. His time there in sales and marketing helped sharpen his relationship management skills and overall real estate knowledge. At The Ballen Group, Tyler oversees our inside sales operation, including prospecting, tracking, and sourcing all incoming leads. In addition, Tyler works hand in hand with our agents, putting team practices in place and monitoring their workload. He grew up around small businesses and has a sincere appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit. He believes that sound business should be customer focused and process centered and in his words, “A result without a process is coincidence.” [email protected] 702.917.0755

Richard Ballen

Richard is Lori’s husband and business partner. They have been in businesses together since the early 1990’s, and have been very successful in their endeavours. Richard is the Event Coordinator for Ballen Brands and works diligently to make sure everyone has an opportunity to attend a class with Lori, whether it be in Las Vegas for a Hands-On class or for a class in your city.

If you want to know more, you can contact Richard at [email protected] or at 702-604-7738.

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