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loritrainerLori Ballen is the author and creator of The Ballen Method, a training curriculum for real estate agents who want to achieve sales from online marketing. This course is part of The Ballen Academy where you can learn real estate business systems and practices as well as online marketing from SEO to Blogging to Mastering Marketing your Listings to gain more closings! Choose to major in The Ballen Method and receive a new lesson plan each month that contains step by step instruction on internet marketing from what every real estate website should have to the best in IDX to lead conversion strategies through offers and lead magnets. Lori owns a real estate business in Las Vegas and runs referral expansion nationwide through her method. Since she works this every day, she’s able to stay on top of the changes in SEO and digital strategies updating the courses regularly so her students receive the most up to date, relative strategies leading to more real estate sales. Lori closes over 100 real estate transactions a year directly from the internet and you can too when you learn The Ballen Method. Choose your learning experience by selecting one lesson plan or enrolling for monthly lessons. Start Learning Today:

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