My Youtube Studio

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It took me a while to figure out the perfect youtube studio for me. I upgraded to new equipment as I built my studio. Currently, mine is a ‘pop-up’ youtube studio in my dining room. Everything takes down and sets up in minutes. And because the pieces are compact, they store easily as well.

Youtube Lighting

I started with huge shadowbox lights, then moved to ring light, and then back to big shadowboxes trying to eliminate the glare in my glasses on Youtube, and then finally settled on the Elgato Key Light Air lights which I love!

They are controlled by my computer over wi-fi or by using a streamdeck. I have 2 and I’ve seen some studios with 3. My area is pretty small and these lights get bright. I love the warmth and cool settings as well.

You may find them cheaper at Best Buy.


I have a Logitech high definition webcam for zoom and general tutorials. I also invested in the Sony A6400 DSLR camera with the 16mm sigma lens for live streams and “talks”. I also have a GoPro which I use for shooting real estate videos.

My DSLR camera is connected to my computer with the Cam Link device.

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam

Sony a6400 DSLR Camera

GoPro Hero


Ipad Stand

Drafting Chair

I got the drafting chair for my studio because I’m working with a high table.


I use Tubebuddy for Youtube video Optimization, Canva Pro for Youtube Thumbnails, Camtasia for video editing, and ECAMM for Livestreaming.

Additional Monitor

I use the detachable slide-out monitor for my lap top from Sidetrak.

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