How to Create a Table of Contents on WordPress with Table of Contents Plus

We use a table of contents purely to increase the user experience. When a website visitor is reading text, it can be boring and annoying to scroll through to find what they are looking for. A table of contents allows the visitor to click an item and immediately shoot down the page to what they want. When you add in a divider (Shortcodes Ultimate) that allows them to click and jump back up to the top, you reduce bounce rates [Lesson] because the visitor wants to stick around.

When we create a positive user experience, which increases more clicks, actions, page views, and time on site, then we also increase our chances of ranking higher on Google, because Google rewards websites that create a quality user experience.

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Table of Contents Plus

For those of you that have a WordPress real estate agent website such as the BREW, this will be easier for you. There are several WordPress PlugIns that make creating an automated table of contents a snap. For those that don’t, you’ll create your table of contents manually with anchors. [lesson]

First, Install Table of Contents Plus by visiting your plugin page, clicking add plugin, searching for Table of Contents Plus, uploading and then activate. If you need more help on installing plugins, review this [lesson] on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Finding the Settings for Table of Contents Plus

Once activated, you’ll see the TOC + in your settings in the left hand toolbar on your WordPress Dashboard.

Choosing the Automated Table of Contents Settings for your WordPress Website

This plugin is nice because you set it once and forget it about it. It creates the table out of your heading tags [lesson]. You can choose h1 to h6: any or all.  You can choose to show the table above or below the first heading, have a smooth scroll or jump down to the contents, and customize colors and size of the table of contents. Here are the defaults we use. You can play with yours to see which you prefer.

Position, Locations, Title, Hierarchy, Numbered List, Smoth Scroll

Appearance: Default is grey. Choose Custom to match your own theme. 

Advanced Settings 

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