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How Do I Change The Menu in WordPress?

When starting a blog on WordPress, many people struggle with changing the WordPress Menu. If you are one of them there is no need to worry, this article will guide you in an easy way to complete the task.

The first thing you need to do is find where the menu is edited in your WordPress theme. Start by going to Appearance in your dashboard, and then head over to the Menu option. There you can either delete a menu, add a menu, change a menu or rename one.

You can have multiple menus as some people like to have different menus in their header, footer, sidebar, etc.

Create a WordPress Menu

  1. Go to Appearance and then choose the customize link from the options.
  2. When the customizer opens, go down to menus and click to open
  3. Your theme will offer multiple locations. These are the various places your menus can appear. You can have different menus for each location or use the same.
  4. Click Create Menu
  5. Choose the location you want your menu to appear. These will be above the header, below the header, header left, header right, footer, and whatever your theme allows for. If you don’t know, choose below the header and also footer for your main menu to start.
  6. Next, drag over items from the left into your menu.
  7. To create a drop-down menu, simply put the item you want under the main item then indent it by dragging it over a bit.
  8. Add Pages, Posts, Links, Products, and anything else showing as an option.
  9. To re-order your menu, simply drag the menu items to the order you like.

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