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Winning Tips for Real Estate agent Blogs

As a real estate agent, there’s no denying that your first commitments are to your clients and the real estate that you represent. Online marketing is an important part of any successful real estate business, though. The sooner you embrace it, the easier all aspects of your business will become. You need to implement the most effective strategies for every level of your growth as a real estate agent professional to maximize your outreach and future successes.

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Implementing the Ballen Method to Move On Up

Lori Ballen with hands displaying best practices for real estate agent blog through The Ballen MethodYou wouldn’t want to just fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to the final negotiations on a real estate deal, and you don’t want to do that when it comes to your efforts at moving up search engines so that your business is featured prominently when people search for a real estate agent in your area. That’s why you need to rely on a method that has proved itself many times to deliver the results that you want.

The Ballen Method is an intricate system that was created to help you appear in the most popular search engines when a potential client or customer is searching for terms that relate to real estate and the services that you have to offer. Not only that, but it includes other tools that empower you to grasp and implement the best options for internet lead generation.

The Ballen Method guides you through the confusing world of modern marketing like a mentor who has been through it, too. You benefit from the expertise and methods that are known to work. What you save on time in trial and error would otherwise take many years to learn. Follow it as closely as possible while adjusting for the unique needs and goals of your business.

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Lori Ballen is by far an excellent person, honest and kind. She is a master of her field. She knows Marketing, Public Speaking, Mentoring, Coaching and teaching like no other. Her Product “The Ballen Method” is wonderful, very self-explanatory, and easy to use. My own production has doubled ever since I used The Ballen Method! I love the Ballen Team!Hugo Sanchez

Blog Writing for Your Target Audience

It’s really important to consider who your ideal clientele will be in your area. While some real estate agents want to attract young home buyers who may be looking to finance their very first home, others target older buyers who are seeking a second home or a larger home to more comfortably fit their expanding family.

Age is not the only factor, of course. You may want to deal with all ages, yet reach for a certain target income range. If you have a certain niche that you can easily establish, you may want to play up those particular strengths because sometimes your own abilities and set of skills make you uniquely able to attract certain clients.

Taking all things into consideration, you need to identify who your ideal buyers will be. While you should be inclusive of all, knowing your target audience empowers you to choose your content more carefully for the biggest impact.

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Personal Blogging Tips

You should have a pretty focused blog if it’s part of a professional real estate website. Make a plan each month of the content ideas that you want to write, then keep a back log for when business gets too busy to allow for blog writing.

If you also have a personal blog, you may want to invite potential clients to read it as well. However, if you are putting your personal blog out there as a part of your potential business marketing materials, it’s wise to make sure that it’s always written at a high quality level and steers clear of controversial topics. While making bold statements on contemporary issues may catch some attention and increase your traffic temporarily, it can ultimately have a negative impact on your public image, so think carefully before deciding to do so.

Keep in mind that, if you have a blog out there that is credited to your name, potential clients may find them even if you don’t specifically advertise them. Be mindful of what you post. Never use it as a place to air personal grievances or criticize other real estate professionals. While you may be able to vent to friends with very good reason, it can make you look bitter and unsympathetic online. It may even cost you a great deal of business.

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Think Locally, Act Globally

When you are focusing on the most effective marketing, you really want to start honing in on the areas where you are most likely to see a profit. If you only sell real estate in one county or state, then that is where you want to focus your energy and hard work. However, you don’t want to shut the door on attracting others to your business. You never know when that blog reader across the country won’t recommend you to a local relative because she is taken with your blog! When writing, try to be inclusive of a larger audience.

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Your Lead Generation Team

 At Ballen Brands, we’re proud to be your lead generation team. We can help you set up a lead generation platform for your website, provide stellar content, assist with automation, or set you up with customized one-on-one training and coaching. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you get more leads online with digital marketing.

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