Why am I doing all this work and not Ranking on the Google?


Why am I doing all this work and not Ranking on the Google?

Why Am I Not Ranking on Google

The authority, age, and trust of your domain WILL make a difference in how fast and how high you can rank. One person might do a blog and skyrocket to the top of page one of Google. Their site could be years old and they are really diving in now with great content. Another person could write and amazing, 3000 word blog post and not be found anywhere because their site is new. A new site will take months usually before it starts doing anything on the search engines substantially.

How to Build Trust, Authority, and High Conversion Rates for your Website

You must be patient, give it time, and do the work. This is why I suggest using authoritive sites such as Activerain.com and Realtytimes.com etc. to blog while you are building your site, because you need to borrow their “authority” until your site has it’s own.

7 Steps on How to Create a Page One Ranking Blog Post

Market your listings! Get them out there on Classifiedads.com, Backpage.com, Realtytimes.com, Merchantcircle.com etc. and drive that traffic BACK to your site.

Get your Leads Back

Use Social: When you have a new listing or write a blog post, share it on LinkedIn and your Facebook Business Page, and your Google + Business Page and your Pinterest Business Board, and your Instagram Business Channel etc. etc. etc.

Using Social Media to Expand your Blog’s reach

Create Videos out of your blog posts and listings. Video can rank faster that your own website if you need time to build authority. Make sure when you upload a video that you also include LINKS back to your site with the http:// in the body. These backlinks will begin to build credibility for your site.

The Ultimate 14-Part Guide to Getting More YouTube Views

Building content is one thing, building an authoritive, high ranking website is another. Commit. Be Patient. Give it Time. #ballenmethod

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