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What Is Slack?

While communication is Slack’s focus, it also ties in lots of handy organizational features, like integration with Trello. Add Zapier to the mix and set up amazing automation.

Messaging App

Slack is a powerful messaging app that requires virtually no setup. It’s 100% web-based and ready to go from the moment you create an account. All you have to do is invite your team members to join.

You can set up both private and public channels, but it also allows direct messages between users like most messaging apps. It also enables calling and screen sharing.

Slack allows you to customize notifications in many ways. You can integrate Google Calendar to notify your team of events or even set Slack to tell you when a particular keyword appears.

These are just a few of the ways you can customize this full-featured communication app.

Slack Alternatives

  2. Hangouts Chat
  3. Yammer
  4. Samepage
  5. Rocket Chat
  6. Jostle
  7. Microsoft Teams
  8. Twist
  9. Troop Messenger
  10. HighSide
  11. Wimi
  12. Workplace by Facebook
  13. Fuze
  14. Discord
  15. Chanty
  16. Glip
  17. Mattermost
  18. Flock
  19. ProofHub
  20. Ryver
  21. Flowdock
  22. Wire
  23. Bixtrix 24
  24. Fleep
  25. Zoho Cliq
  26. Cisco WebEx Teams
  27. Brosix
  28. Missive
  29. CA Flowdock
  30. Hive

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