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Webinar Ninja

WebinarNinja finally built something sleek, easy, and effective for independent coaches, trainers, and other entrepreneurs.

If you’re like most people getting into webinar marketing, you’ve had to settle when it comes to the software. 

You’re forced to use something that’s a pain, or doesn’t work well, or has all the style of an Excel sheet. Or all of the above.

No more.

It’s years ahead of most webinar platforms with its cutting edge broadcast tech and features. Features like:

  • HIGH-QUALITY HD webinars with zero delay.
  • Slide uploads that don’t require screen share
  • 10-second (literally) webinar creation
  • Universal device compatibility; watch on a phone, tablet, laptop, you name it
  • A powerful webinar search engine
  • Embedded video (Hybrid live/evergreen content)
  • Gorgeous embedded sales offers

WebinarNinja makes it so easy to create, promote, and run your webinars that you’ll actually use it. That means more brand awareness, leads, and sales for you.

I don’t get behind just any product. But when an exceptional tool comes along that can seriously help your business grow…I think it’s only right to spread the word.

Don’t just take my word, though; try it out for free. They include a free 14-day trial with every membership.

That means you only pay for your membership on day 15, after you’ve already fallen in love.

Start running better webinars, with no worries. Get Started with Webinar Ninja

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