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Warrior Plus Affiliate Network

Warrior Plus Affiliate Network

Warrior Plus is a sales & marketing automation platform and marketplace for digital business owners and online marketers.

Warrior Plus Marketplace integrates all the best tools for affiliates, email marketers, web publishers, developers, entrepreneurs into one place. You can use hundreds of ready-to-go integrations to increase your productivity, save time and money!

Affiliates are allowed to upload their products on WarriorPlus Marketplace. It’s 100% free for them to gain more exposure! They can also take advantage of exclusive discount coupons provided by our partners to maximize their revenue potentials.

Warrior Plus Features

Coupon Codes

Warrior Plus allows affiliates to upload their coupons which customers can use for discounts. Coupons specific to “% OFF” and “$ OFF” are both available.


Offer your early visitors a “pre-launch special” or early bird offer using the Warrior Plus pre-launch settings. You’ll get a bespoke pre-launch buy button, as well as a variety of choices for running your promotion.

Easy Ad Placement

Warrior makes it simple for you to sell advertising on their affiliate marketplace by allowing you to promote your offer directly through their platform!

They offer integrations with some of the biggest platforms in our industry, including Clickbank, FlexOffers, JVZoo, ShareASale, and many more.

Split Testing

Unsure if the result has been achieved? Don’t worry! You can test different scenarios to find the best results. Make sure to add more sales pages to your offers so you may experiment with various versions of your sales copy, colors, forms, sizes, fonts, and videos. It’s all yours for the taking!

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Multiple Payment Options

PayPal or Stripe are the two payment options available to you as a vendor. When you use Stripe as your payment option, you can create 1-Click upsells.

Delegate Logins

Members can grant limited access to partners or workers. This is especially useful if you work with a VA and need them to pull sales and marketing reports.

Affiliate Accelerator

With Affiliate Accelerator switched on, you employ the reach and influence of WarriorPlus to market your affiliate deal via email and advertisements.

Instant Payments

For affiliate payments, you can receive money immediately via Paypal. Vendors may choose which affiliates will get paid straight through Paypal. This is an excellent method to attract top-tier affiliates.

Limitless Sales Funnels

Your product will be pushed through a series of sales funnels, powered by WarriorPlus’ unique technology – which is a one-of-a-kind approach to affiliate marketing.

Upsells and down sales: Create upsells and down-sells to maximize your revenue! For instance, if you sell a product for $17.95, you can offer your buyers the opportunity to purchase another interesting product (e.g. fishing rod) at a discounted price or slightly higher than their original purchase (e.g. $20).

Unlimited Products on a Landing Page: Your affiliate deal can contain unlimited products and offers that will be displayed to your visitors in a single landing page.

Dynamic Pricing – Promo Price: When you are running a promotion, you can set dynamic pricing. If your visitors hit the “get deal” button when the promo price is active, they will be redirected to the product page with this special pricing applied.

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Affiliate Sync

Easily transfer all of your affiliates from one offer to the next. This allows you to obtain promotion obligations from JVs without having to request permission every time.

Purchase History

If you’ve made a purchase on WarriorPlus, it’s easy to get to your account’s “purchase history” page and see where you got what. Manage your subscriptions, view goods, and more with ease.

Vendor Profiles

Get to know WarriorPlus sellers better and check out the rest of their inventory and services on their profile page. You can follow vendors to keep an eye on their offers, and inventory.

Warrior Plus Analytics

In Warrior Plus, you can compare your conversion rate performance from one offer to the next. You can also compare your conversion rates with a competitor’s or against a predetermined benchmark.

Marketplace Reports

A detailed report on all of your WarriorPlus activities will be waiting for you in your back office. Get to know who clicks on what and find out which offers are converting well!

API & RSS Feeds

Taking advantage of an array of feeds is essential when growing your business online. In their Marketplace, vendors have access to their own analytics, as well as those of their competitors.  Warrior also provides feeds at two levels – product and vendor level.

SEO Tools

When you choose Warrior, you also get access to powerful search engine optimization tools that will help you attract more visitors.

Affiliate Offers Database

An affiliate can browse a comprehensive library of affiliate offers to promote. Viewing which products just launched, or sorting by total sales, the affiliate can choose the best offer for them.

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Some affiliates like to choose offers based on the total visitor value. At Warrior Plus, you can sort by visitor value.

Vendors have the option to pay for a sponsored ad that sorts them at the top of the list.

Multi-Tiered Commissions

Multi-Tiered commissions can be set up to define your pay scale for affiliates. You can give the greatest payout to the person sending you the most customers, or just select a static commission rate.

Rewards Program

You can choose to reward repeat buyers and top-performing affiliates with coupons they’ll use over and over again.

Reward points are based on the number of purchases made by your affiliate. They are assigned an amount each time someone they refer makes a purchase that equals 1x their monthly earnings. Do not forget that this is strictly for buying products, not fees!  Your rewards program runs automatically at the end of every month – unless it is disabled through Warrior Plus’ back office.

Affiliate Page Builder

With a custom-built affiliate page builder, you’re able to choose links, banners, and promo images. You can feature specific products or whole categories from your vendor.

All images are customizable with your brand identity.  You will have the flexibility to create as many custom pages as you wish.

Affiliate Sign Up Forms

In order to start promoting for a vendor, an affiliate needs their unique sign-up code that is assigned by the vendor when they join WarriorPlus. Your affiliates can visit your sign-up page and join whenever it’s convenient for them – but only if you offer a form!

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Lead Capture Tools

As an affiliate, if someone clicks on a link of yours to make a purchase, their contact information will be recorded in the back office of Warrior. You can use tools like Lead Capture Forms or Custom Landing Pages to turn visitors into leads.

Lead Capture Tools are customizable with your brand identity.

How Affiliate Publishers Can Make Money With Warrior Plus

Many affiliate programs only pay per sale, which means an affiliate doesn’t see any money until someone they referred completes a purchase.  But at WarriorPlus, they can opt to get paid directly on sign-ups instead of just commissions on purchases.

There are too many offers available on the WarriorPlus Marketplace to list, but here are some popular categories that may give you some ideas:

Web Hosting  – Best price web hosting. Specializes in offering unlimited domains with high-quality hosting solutions.

PPC Management – Specialists in pay-per-click management services including PPC campaign setup and monitoring.

Social Media Services – Provides a wide range of social media-related services such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram marketing, and more!

Content Writing Services – Offers a variety of writing services including content blog posts and articles for blogs or social media sites. SEO article writing is their specialty.      

Once you choose an offer to promote from the list, you’ll receive your own unique Affiliate Link to share on your social media accounts, blog posts, emails, or website.

As an affiliate with WarriorPlus, you will earn 50% for every sign-up that clicks through from your link, and 10% for recurring monthly memberships! Your dedicated Warrior representative will be there to help you set up your page and answer any questions you have along the way.

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About Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is a major player in the world of eCommerce. Their mission? To bring together buyers and sellers who want more than just products – they want ideas and inspiration as well. Warrior Plus is always looking for innovative new business opportunities that meet the needs of today’s connected consumers.

But they don’t just look for “more” — they look for the very best!

And because Warrior Plus is so well-connected, you’ll be able to tap into their mass network of members. Whether you’re looking to grow your email list or sell more products directly, becoming an affiliate partner is the perfect opportunity for you to earn commissions while reaching an engaged audience that’s truly passionate about what you have to offer.

As an affiliate with WarriorPlus, you will get paid when prospects click on any specialized tracking links you created through your unique Affiliate Link (URLs). You can monitor your progress in real-time and adjust your ad spend at any time using our various tools and conversion metrics.

There are no fees for affiliates to use the platform. They simply share their unique Affiliate Links on social media, email marketing campaigns, websites, and blog posts. These links direct consumers straight to merchant product pages where they can purchase products or sign up for a free trial.

As a vendor, there are fees based on the sales of products.

The WarriorPlus Marketplace

Warrior Plus presents its members with an expansive marketplace hub featuring various business opportunities. This central hub is easy to use (even if you’ve never used affiliate software before!) With one simple dashboard, users can conduct keyword searches filtering by category, subcategory, price range, date updated, popularity rank, and more!

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Warrior Plus + Zapier

If you’re a business owner or online marketer with an eCommerce website, Warrior Plus has a Zapier integration that can help skyrocket your sales! With this integration, you’ll be able to automatically add leads from the WarriorPlus Marketplace as customers into your favorite CRM and shopping cart systems.

With the partnership of these two services, it’s never been simpler to connect your eCommerce platform with one of the best affiliate platforms on the web. Interested in learning more?

Getting Started with Warrior Plus

As a vendor, joining Warrior Plus is easy. You can quickly and easily create your profile to show off what you have to offer.

When a prospect on the WarriorPlus Marketplace lands on one of your product pages, they will be informed that you are an affiliate, and given a code. When they use this code at checkout to buy from you, both you and the affiliate that sent them will receive credit for the sale.

In case one of your affiliates wants to sell one of their own products as well as yours, each vendor has its own unique link which can be used by affiliates to promote specific products within a store. If there is ever any complication about who should get the commission for a sale – rest assured – it’s all handled automatically in real-time via the platform!

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