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goalHow difficult is it to visualize a goal, and then manifest that vision into reality? You must believe it, and then commit to the action it takes to achieve. But there’s a fine line between visualization and realism.

Achieving a goal depends on four things: the size of the goal inspired, the amount of time we perceive that we have to achieve that objective, our willingness to climb over failure and ridicule to reach our destination, and the belief in ourselves that we can reach success. If any one of those four factors is missing, we lose balance, and the goal falters. There’s a fine line between what we visualize and our ability to manifest that goal into reality. What separates a goal from a wish? Time and action.

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At one time, facts that we take for granted were once considered far-fetched fiction. Electricity was just an idea, airplanes were unheard of, and people scoffed at the thought of interplanetary travel. Now, each of those things is a reality. From impossible to possible in a few lofty goals consisting of four elements: visualization, tenacity, persistence, and faith.

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Lightbulb2Thomas Edison knew he had it in him to create the light bulb. But he didn’t do it in one try, or one day. Edison had to keep on keeping on until his failures equaled success. Had he set a time limit on himself, our world would look much darker today. Had Thomas Edison set a limit on how many times he could be wrong, he’d have never gotten it right. He had patience, something many of us lack in modern times. Because of his ideas, his willingness to fail, patience with the process, and belief in himself, we now have the power of light controlled by a switch.
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Setting goals is important
. Visualizing the success of those objectives is imperative, but locking ourselves into deadlines is dangerous. Some things simply take time. Period. It may take more than one day, one week, or one month to move a mountain. But just because we can’t move it our own desired timeline doesn’t mean that our vision is faulty. We can still move mountains. This is where realism and visualization meet toe-to-toe.

Life isAction is imperative. If we say we want to lose weight, then eat cake three times a day and don’t exercise, then what we have is not a goal, it’s wishful thinking. If we want to save ten thousand dollars, yet don’t work for higher wages, take early-outs, and spend like there’s no tomorrow, we’re setting ourselves up to fail. It’s unrealistic to think you can visualize and reach a goal when your behavior opposes the outcome. Mental activity and physical action both need to be present. If you want to raise your business to a whole new level, you’ve got to respect the time and effort involved in reaching that goal.

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As a society, we are plagued by thoughts of instant gratification. So much of our lives have evolved to enable short attention spans, lack of will power, and “right now” results. We’re impatient creatures. But there’s a fine line between visualization and realism. You’ve got to have the ability to believe you can accomplish your goal, but you’ve also got to be reasonable regarding the time, effort, and expense of bringing goals to fruition.

Don’t make promises. Don’t promise yourself, and don’t promise the world. Just do. Doing isn’t grand. Doing is a collection of small efforts towards reaching a vital goal.

When you’re setting goals, spend time daydreaming about them. Dream big. Dream colossal. Build dream boards. Write out your grand ideas in journals. Focus on seeing the result. But when it comes time to create a plan of action for turning those dreams into reality, be kind to yourself and value the baby steps. After all, it’s the little steps that create the journey. The little moments are where memories are birthed. Placing value on the small steps is equally as important as reaching the destination. One leads to the other.

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