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Lori Ballen is an absolute powerhouse in the Real Estate Marketing industry, and she didn’t reach that plateau by being lucky in Las Vegas. Lori worked tirelessly over the course of several years to learn her craft level by level, niche by niche. But mastering her craft wasn’t her goal; teaching is her passion, so she conquered that dream with purpose and a plan. Lori Ballen’s free webinars, live classes, hands-on training events, and the Masterminds at which she presents are all valuable resources of which you should be taking advantage. Luck won’t get you there – passion, purpose, a plan, and practical application will help you climb to new heights in marketing your real estate business.

Lori Ballen understands the value of time and energy. These non-renewable resources are gifts. However, she also understands the return on investment and supplies priceless information in easy-to-digest bite-sized pieces. She under-promises and over-delivers. Her charisma seeps through in everything she does, including her free webinars. Yes, free. Her online presence is as powerful as her in-person events. Lori micro-manages her time to maximize value and extract every single moment for the power of learning and growing. Webinars include interviews with other established agents, content management, social network marketing, and more. Mark your calendar for these must-do free events, and tackle them with power, purpose, passion, and a plan for maximum return on investment of your time.

Lori’s live classes are disruptive in the most positive kind of ways. With incredibly well-thought-out information presented through organized slides, Lori seems to deliver her presentations effortlessly, flawlessly, and so charismatically that time seems to fly by when she’s speaking. She fully engages with her live audience, offering meet and greet moments and photo opportunities, and a question/answer period at the end of her presentations. She pours herself into these events whole-heartedly. She teaches and practices the fail-forward motto.

Lori’s Hands-On training events are packed with power and an intimate setting where you can work directly with Lori on your specific projects. She does not believe in shortcuts but has a knack for finding the simplest methods for accomplishing a goal. Her understanding of time management, individual skills, and team-building creates an influence with its own driving force that moves business forward in a win/win fashion.

Lori understands that in order to be a great teacher, you must first be an attentive student, so don’t be surprised if you run into her at a Mastermind event. And if you’re lucky enough to attend a Mastermind where Lori is presenting, hers is a class you can’t afford to miss.

Lori Ballen is dedicated to your success in Real Estate Marketing and is passionate about her purpose in helping you develop and implement a plan that garners measurable results. You can trust Lori Ballen when it comes to marketing Real Estate.


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