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PInterestPinterest started out as a place for women to share product images, but its exponential rise as a social network makes it a great place to conduct business too. That is an arena that presents a good aura for sharing ideas in a visual way creatively. Businesses need to strike a balance between social networking, self-promotion and money making, to gain success on the site. Pinterest allows you to share images and videos. Also, it is a social site that enables you to follow boards and people, and re-pin stuff they find interesting.

In the recent past, many businesses have turned to Pinterest to market their products and companies. Some do it exceptionally well while others miss the mark, and their marketing campaigns on the site fail to achieve a significant return on investment result. To achieve success on Pinterest, users create boards that operate as mini-virtual showrooms. On these boards, businesses display the most visually appealing images that complement their products and services efficiently.

A company needs to make sure that every bit of content that they publish acts as a solution to their audience’s problems or entertains them, to achieve success on Pinterest. The most successful marketing content serves both these purposes superbly. This kind of content enables companies to build a good rapport with their audiences.

Through the magnificent content published on the company website and other social media platforms, the audience develops a sense of liking and trust. Thus, the conversion rate is exponentially increased with more customers buying products and services from the company.

Benefits of using Pinterest

There are several reasons why you should use Pinterest to market your brand. The site is the fastest growing social networking site in the world with women as its predominant demographic. It is evident that women buy more as compared to men thus if you effectively market your brand on the site you are guaranteed to realize an increase in your sales.

Pinterest also will help you to achieve your website’s goals and objectives that include:

  • Getting new visitors
  • Getting visitors to stick around longer
  • Getting visitors to share your goods with their friends

If you keenly scrutinize these goals, you will realize that they have a single thing in common; shareable content on your website.

Where online marketing is involved, the fundamental goals of the campaign are to drive traffic back to your website and add people to your mailing list. Furthermore, you should aim at turning your visitors into buyers. Here are some of the most effective ways that businesses make use of to successfully market their products on Pinterest and make profits in the process:

Target your ideal audience

If you focus on your ideal client base while you are doing your pinning, your boards and pins will be much more appealing to your target audience. Before doing your pinning, always ask yourself if your target audience will find the content educative, inspiring, useful or entertaining. Knowing the kind of audience you wish to reach out to will enable you to create content on your board that is appealing to your audience. The content will resonate exemplary with the audience making your conversion rate to increase rapidly making your Pinterest marketing campaign a success.

Make sure that you do not appear like a sales catalogue

Since Pinterest is visual in nature, it gives you the opportunity to give your customers an in-depth overview into the heart of your brand. To gain success on the site, always make sure that you let your brand’s personality comes through in your pinboards in the most natural way. You should have a board for every one of your newest products. But make sure that you use the photos of the products that are used by real people in their homes and day-to-day lives.

Make sure that you do not clutter your boards with many different items to avert confusion. Also, where possible, you can dedicate one board to your signature color. This signature will make your brand easily recognizable and will become more connected with your target audience. Also, the audience can detect and recognize your brand using the color only.

Encourage People to take action

If you publish content that is astounding and outstanding, your customers and followers will share your brand’s message. This sharing will boost the success of your marketing campaign. For instance, Ana White from Alaska started a blog to publicize and share woodworking tips online. She encourages other women to build furniture on their own, and she pinned images of plans with measurements, instructions, and illustrations.

After just three months of being live on Pinterest, Ana’s website received more than a million views due to the excellent content she pinned on her boards on Pinterest. Thus, a major part of the income generated from her site is realized from advertising revenue. When you do it authentically, the site can help you to build an incredible community of super fans and followers who support everything you do loyally.

Focus on the ways customers use your products

Take shots of how the customers make use of your products. Having real clients using your products on your marketing campaigns enhance the confidence of your target audience in your brand and products. You can develop a whole board of such customer photos. After developing the board, make sure that you link the board to these customers’ Pinterest accounts in the description of the pin. The linking will boost your brand’s credibility.

Promote your blog

In case you have an image on your blog, it is pinnable. Therefore, make sure that you add at least one image to each of your business blog posts along with a “Pin it” button under every image. Furthermore, readers are interested in images. Thus, always make sure that you publish an interesting image to encourage your visitors to proceed to read your article. When you or any of your readers pin you’re imagine to Pinterest, a direct link back to your blog post is automatically created.

Creation of links back to your blog post not only adds to your link-building efforts, but it also brings new traffic to your site. Always create themed boards on Pinterest based on categories of your business blogs. To achieve sustained success on Pinterest, always pin your blog post images to these boards. Additionally, you can create a board with the name of your blog and let people follow your blog through Pinterest.

In case, you have a free opt-in offer to create your email marketing list, pin your images from the offer as well. Whenever you decide to pin your subscriber goodie to Pinterest, make sure that you customize the URL. The customized URL should link back to your options page.

Involve your customers

To engage your customers online effectively, make use of group Pinterest boards. Your customers can pin their favorite images to your boards and also comment on them and share with their friends and followers. When people have an enjoyable experience while navigating your website, they will keep coming back. Their repetitive viewing of your site will build a positive relationship with your visitors enabling you to effectively showcase your products and services.

Whenever you consider making profits on Pinterest, build a strong relationship with people who already love your brand. Create your group boards and invite your brand ambassadors to join and pin showcasing usability and credibility of your brand from a third party.

Pinterest tools

Pin Alerts

That is a free online tool that allows you to set up alerts quickly enabling you to track on a timely basis when somebody pins any image from your website. Whenever one of the images from your site is pinned, this tool sends you a notification email promptly. That undoubtedly enables you to identify the pins that are popular. That enables you to take customer service to the extreme because you quickly have the ability to acknowledge and thank someone for their pin in real time.

Pinterest messaging

This feature is a great tool to start conversations with your customers. Through this feature, you can also solicit feedback and share updates with your customers. Additionally, you can connect with your fans and focus on those who have already shown interest in your specific services, products, and topics. Through this messaging feature, you can send specific fans and customers a personal message with a pin for your most recent blog post. Also, you can add a quick note about why they will find your post helpful.

Through the messaging feature, you can ask your audience to comment on a post that is especially relevant to them. Also, you can make profits by using this feature as a marketing tool. Share with your customers all information about your product updates, special events and features. If you are working on a new product launch, you can connect with a group of your key influencers using the messaging feature to send group messages about your launch.

Add affiliate links

You can include your affiliate links on your pins. That is a contemporary strategy of doing affiliate marketing. Pinterest gives you an opportunity to create boards that are just product oriented. Through these boards, you can earn cash when people click on your affiliate links and buy something. To add an affiliate link, go into the “Edit” button for a specific pin and replace the direct link using your affiliate link.

How to use Pinterest

Whenever users on Pinterest visit your website, they can pin videos or photos from your site using a browser plug-in. They can then save an image from your website and upload it or enter a URL from your website into Pinterest. After users import or upload your image, they can add a short description and choose a board for the pin. Furthermore, the users can add your video or image to a board they have created or on a board that they have been invited to curate pins for.


Once you have added content from your site to any board, other users can repin your content. It is evident that most of the activity on Pinterest is repining. That means that repining increases exposure through more inbound links to pages on your site that have incredible images. After you advertise your brand on Pinterest, it increases traffic to your site.

How to optimize your website on Pinterest

An increased traffic makes people interested in your brand to want to share your content on the social network. Therefore, you should make sure that your site is always functioning optimally. Here are some ideas you may use to optimize your website for Pinterest.

1. Test your website.

Copy the URLs of your most visited pages and paste them into Pinterest. By clicking on ‘Add’ at the top of Pinterest and then into the URL field you will see after you click ‘Add A Pin’ in the pop-up window.

2. Fix your website.

In case you get problems when trying to pull in images on Pinterest, contact your webmaster or support. Open Graph Meta plugin can be used to solve these problems if your site uses WordPress.

3. Add featured images.

Always ensure that every one of your web pages and blog posts have a featured image. That is one of the main image sources Pinterest will use.

4. Use Infographics.

Infographics occupy a lot more vertical real estate on Pinterest than any other kind of image. That enables your pin to become outstanding.

5. Get the Digg Digg plugin.

Buffer owns this plugin thus it is significantly reliable. In case your site was not developed using WordPress, you should check out the Buffer Button.

6. Make sure your content is pin-worthy.

Make sure that your images and videos are emotional, remarkable and interesting.

7. Add text to images.

When somebody pins an image directly from your site, all that is taken with them is the plain image. Therefore, it is advisable to add text or URLK to the images on your site for branding your business effectively.

8. Verify your website.

Verify your website using Pinterest. This verification makes users trust your site thus develop confidence in your entire brand together with your products and services.

Examples of business ideas on Pinterest

The rapid increase in the number of users has made this social networking site to become an attractive marketing destination for many businesses. Some of the business brands that make use of the site are:


On Lowe’s Pinterest board, the home improvement company features hardly any of its content; that is a good thing. In its place, Lowe’s pins ‘Do It Yourself’ projects from external bloggers. All the projects can be made from products available at Lowe’s. This brand perfectly strikes a balance between promoting its products bought and at the same time engages its blogger community.

Petplan Insurance

Their Pinterest board is all about dogs. They combine educational, original, and visual content that features adorable dogs. Each pin is ideally optimized featuring a simple, engaging image; a longer, expressive caption; and a link to more educational content on Petplan Insurance’s site.

Wall Street Journal

Media companies are also getting creative with visual content. On the WSJ Pinterest board, the media company has some splendid original graphics that could help add to readership if shared with the right audience. The social networking site has provided them with a perfect place to compile the graphics. Nonetheless, they could have included proper links to articles in each pin.

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