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Does Upwork Have an Affiliate Program?

Upwork does not currently offer any programs to marketing partners that will result in cash payout in terms of available affiliate partnerships.  Get a list of affiliate programs here.

I created a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing which you can find here.

Many experts have hypothesized that this is because Upwork has so many freelancers using the platform that it may not be a worthwhile use of marketing funds to consider creating an affiliate program.

However, even though Upwork does not offer a traditional affiliate program in which partners are provided with a commission based on clicks and sales made via affiliate links on their websites, they do have some similar programs that do have significant perks. 

Bring Your Own Freelancer

For companies or sole proprietors, which Upwork refers to as the clients on their platforms, you have the option to Bring Your Own Talent (BYOT) on the website. 

This means that you, as the client, can set up an account for your company and job needs. Then you can invite a freelancer or employee that you already have a relationship with to the platform.

The way it works for clients is that you can create a job with the specific parameters and needs you have in mind, and then invite your freelancer to the job via email, even if they are not currently signed up with Upwork. 

The freelancer will receive an email with the job details and will allow them to view the job specifications and receive payment through Upwork.

One of the best perks involved with bringing your own freelancer to the Upwork platform is that they will work on your contract without showing in the public list of available freelancers. 

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In short, they will be exclusive to you, with all of the conveniences and efficient processes that Upwork offers through their platform. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay the client 3% fee for each payment. 

Upwork is an online job platform for freelancers and clients to connect on various jobs and projects, from technical writing to graphic design to data analysis. 

It is an awe-inspiring company, hosting over 55 million freelancers in just the United States and boasting over $1 trillion in annual earnings from freelancers worldwide.

Bring Your Own Client

Similarly, freelancers on Upwork can bring their own client to the platform in much the same way as described above. 

If you are a freelancer and have a client with a great working relationship, but they do not use Upwork, you can use this affiliate-adjacent program to invite them to work with you via Upwork via email.

When your client receives your invitation link in their email inbox, they will be prompted to create an account with Upwork. When they use that affiliate link to create their account, you will not have to pay the standard service fee associated with any jobs you have with that client. 

The client will still pay the regular 3% service fee.

As a freelancer, this program can save you a lot of money in the long run. Upwork takes up to 20% of the freelancer’s earnings depending on what level of earnings they have achieved with each client, so inviting your own client to the platform and not paying any fees at all means more money in your pocket. 

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However, one important thing to keep in mind with this affiliate link program is that it is currently only exclusive to Top Rated freelancers, or those freelancers who have earned a Top Rated badge on their profile by maintaining a high job success score. 

Work hard, prove your worth as a freelancer, and you’ll be sure to unlock this rewarding perk through Upwork!

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