Happy Spring! Time to update that Real Estate Website or Blog!


Spring Cleaning is not just for the home! It might be time to update that real estate website of blog! It might be getting dusty as well! Feed the search engines and more visitors with the following tips.

Here’s how to Spring Clean update your Real Estate Website or Blog:

3 miniature housekeepers spring clean computer1.) Sort your webpages by highest traffic earners. You can do this with Google Analytics or our favorite: Clicky http://bit.ly/ALClicky – Check your call to action. Check for broken links, images videos and so forth. Break up heavy chunky text for mobile! It’s shocking how much things change in a short amount of time.
2.) Sort your oldest blogs first and check if you might have newer, more improved pages relating to the same topic. Do a simple 301 redirect and forward your old content to your new content. (WordPress SEO (YOAST)) can do this or the plug in quick/page post redirect is easy as well. If your old content needs updating, don’t create a new post. Update the content on the page provided it makes sense and matches the URL (slug (words after the slash/). Then change the publish date to today!
3.) Make sure you don’t have any duplicate titles or metadescriptions. I use SEMrush to monitor the health of my site:http://bit.ly/ALSemRush but you can also see these in your Google Search Console if you set it up. It’s in the HTML suggestions
4.) Check your WordPress categories and tags. Have they gotten away from you? Too many? Might be time to clean up or fresh these. You can add desciptions as well. A lot of our traffic comes from categories and tags that rank on the search engines.
5.) Check your website speed. Is it loading in under 3 seconds? Did you know each page can have a different load time? If they are not loading fast enough, you may need a new host: http://share.getf.ly/m76h1b
6.) How’s your lead capture? Is your website generating a lot of leads? The two leading value propositions on a real estate website today for a consumer are listings (IDX) and Instant Home Values. Here’s who we use for IDX: http://bit.ly/ALIDXBroker and home values: http://bit.ly/ALListings2Leads
7.) Have you monitored how well your pages are performing with heatmaps? It might be time to move your call to action on a page or where your home value offer appears or IDX listings and so forth. The heatmap company we use also requests feedback from the user so we can learn what they like or don’t like about the webpage. In addition, it records some of the visits so we can actually watch the visit and what happened with the clicks. https://www.hotjar.com/r/r5e661f
8.) How’s your bounce rate? This is where users find your website and then click off without taking any other action. If it’s high, it might be time to consider a new design or content.
9.) Have you reviewed your use of video lately?? Google wants it, the consumers want it. Here’s a tip. If you don’t make your own, you can embed videos from Youtube with the shared licenses given with uploads. Don’t just insert the youtube link though, click more and UNCHECK to show related videos. Choose the size you want and use the embed code to frame in the movie with those settings.
10.) Check your content strategy. Do you have the following cornerstone content on your website: How to sell a house in (City), How to buy a house in (city), how to invest in (city), how to flip a house in (city), what are closing costs in (city), the (city) real estate market report
More where this came from at www.loriballen.com and http://youtube.com/loriballen


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