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YouTube Tutorial | How to Search YouTube

YouTube Tutorial | How to Search YouTube

Being one of the largest search engines in the world, YouTube is brimming as an online platform to connect with a wide variety of content from a number of creators.

It is important to be able to navigate the YouTube website in order to be able to access the vast amount of information, entertainment and resources available.

One of the chief navigation mechanisms that one can use on YouTube is the search function, which can cater for different filters in order to navigate more effectively.

This article will explain exactly how to search YouTube for videos, as well as give a tutorial of how to navigate YouTube effectively.

How Do You Search For Something on YouTube

At the top of almost every page on YouTube is the search box which one can use to enter search terms and descriptions of videos that one may want to watch.

Finding the correct video or something that is relevant to you can sometimes be incredibly difficult since you have to sift through the hours and hours of YouTube content uploaded on a day-to-day basis.

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Ensure that the search terms used are clear and relatable to the type of video that is being searched for.

How To Search YouTube Tutorial

Sometimes it is better to keep search words as simple as possible, rather than trying to cram as many words as possible in order to be specific.

The algorithms on YouTube are rather effective at trying to ascertain what video you may be searching for, otherwise it will list a number of video options that could be recommended.

If search terms are not enough, YouTube offers a number of filters to sort videos by factors such as:

  • upload date (which can be sorted by the last hour, today, the past week, the past month and the past year)
  • the video duration (which can be sorted by short videos under four minutes or long videos over 20 minutes)
  • video quality (which can be sorted by the type of video format that was uploaded).

These filters greatly help identify the exact video you are searching for.

YouTube has different formats of video presentation, such as: live, high quality (4K resolution) videos, videos with subtitles, 360-degree videos and more.

Therefore, it is important to find not only the right video, but the right video format suitable for you.

How Do I Filter YouTube By Date

You can filter YouTube searches by date by navigating to the search box, entering your search term and filtering for the time frame that suits your search.

When making a search on the website, you can filter for videos uploaded and posted to the site in the last hour, the past day, the past week, the past month and even the past year.

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This is helpful should you be looking for a video and you know the general date that it was posted, but not the title of the video itself.

These filters simply help with narrowing search results in order to benefit the user.

Can You Search YouTube Videos by Length

YouTube videos can be searched for by length, which comes as a great benefit when you are searching for longer form content on the website.

The video length or duration can be searched for by using one of two simple categories: by short videos under four minutes or by long videos over 20 minutes in length.

How Do I Find Someone’s YouTube Channel

You can use the main search box at the top of almost every YouTube page in order to type in a channel name or the name of the creator of the channel.

In this way, channels will come up in the search results alongside the video results and you will be able to easily navigate to the channel of your choice by clicking on it.

In order to find a specific channel, you can search for the channel by name in the search box.

If, however, you are not aware of the channel name, but only a video name, you can search for the video.

Once on the individual YouTube page, you can view the channel name and select the channel details at the bottom of the video screen to be directed to the channel that you have been trying to find.

How Do You Search Descriptions on YouTube

Descriptions can be searched using the same methods as those outlined and explained above.

How Do I Browse My YouTube Channel

In the top-right corner of the YouTube website page, you will be able to see an icon indicating your profile on the website.

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Once you are logged into the site, click on your profile image and then select the tab called my channel to find your own specific YouTube channel. (See images below)

YouTube 2
YouTube 3

From there, you will be able to find various kinds of settings relating to your own channel’s videos and analytics.

On your own YouTube channel, you can adjust your channel by using the customization tools or even use the YouTube studio tab to manage your own channel in terms of the content you produce as well as your preferences.

How Do I Find My YouTube Search History

On the top left-hand side of the YouTube home page there is an icon showing three horizontal lines which can be clicked to reveal a drop-down column menu.

In the left-hand column of the YouTube home page, you will see a tab called history, which can be selected and used to navigate to your recently watched and viewed videos.

Your history is catalogued and can be filtered in the same way that main search results are filtered.

Can Anyone Else See My YouTube History

Your personal search history of videos is only available to you and to people who may have access to your login details on your account.

Privacy and security are maintained and monitored strictly by YouTube.

Search history can only be accessed through your own channel login details and directing to the history tab in the left-hand column of the YouTube website home page.

Even if a link of your search history is sent to another YouTube user, they will not be able to see your YouTube search history and watch history.

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How to Delete Your YouTube Search History

Search history, watch history and all history on YouTube can be cleared, deleted or even paused at any time by the channel owner.

Search history refers to the word terms and content searched in YouTube search box that you have entered.

While the watch history refers to the videos viewed by you as a YouTube user – even if the videos that have been viewed have not been watched in full.

This information is your personal information and no details are made available to the wider YouTube public.

How Can I Find an Old YouTube Video That Was Deleted

In order to find an old YouTube video that was deleted, you will need to have the specific website URL link in order to find the video again if it was placed on private (meaning, that anyone with the link can view the video).

If, however the video was reformatted as unlisted or deleted, there is no way to access the video again unless direct contact is made with the creator, or if another channel owner recorded and uploaded the same video again.

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