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Ballen Brands is a digital marketing company specializing in search and social helping business professionals rise above the noise. Our mission is to empower the small business owner to take control over their marketing platform.

Products & Services

Our products were born out of our own pain points. We needed to solve a problem. We use these products in our own business, so we’re certain they’ll work in yours. We didn’t create products to sell, we developed solutions and are proud to share them with you. Let us show you what’s worked for us. Our marketing team is available to help you build or grow your brand to the next level of success. Our marketing team’s expert services include BREW (Ballen Real Estate Websites), content creation, property pages, pay per click services, and more.


Ballen’s live events are crafted and delivered in a way that seems effortless, flawless, and with charisma that makes learning seem simple. Events include 1-Day or 2-Day classes in your market center, or a market center near you, as well as monthly webinars, and personalized hands-on workshops. These events are specifically designed and structured around what you have asked for and have requested to learn. We took your requests and structured events to help you dominate your market, climb the search engines, and generate more leads online.


The Ballen Team offers coaching and training on all levels to grow your business through your web presence, evolve your marketing through The Ballen Method Curriculum, or dig into nitty-gritty, with intense one-on-one engagement with our experts on best business practices and marketing. Take the opportunity to learn directly with Lori and her team on the processes for online lead generation, how to take your already growing website to the next level, and more. We also provide consultation services to help you structure your online marketing plan and pave the path to your success.

We’re Daringly Different

Whether you’re seeking high-level coaching and instruction, a company to generate leads for your real estate business online, a marketing company who can help you establish your online presence and take your small business to the next level, or an educational company who can teach you how to grow your business online, Ballen Brands is a name you can trust.

Let’s Get In Touch

If you have questions, need support, would like to speak more about a product, event, service, or training or you just want to say hi, complete the form using the button below to contact our team. A member of our team will respond as soon as possible to your request.

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