How to Make a Free Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos in 2018

Learn how to create free thumbnail images for your videos in 2018. Having a video with a custom thumbnail makes your YouTube channel look professional and polished. It is an absolute must for videos in 2018!!!

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Where to Create a Free Thumbnail

Once our video loads, we have the option on the right-hand side here to add a custom thumbnail. I like to use Canva to create my custom thumbnails on Youtube.  It’s free and also has a paid for option.

I have templates that are already completely set up so that I don’t have to think too much about this.  Having templates made in Canva, makes the whole process really quick and easy.

Canva Templates

I’ve got several templates. One for my real estate website, another for where we create real estate website and my blog

In the video, I’ll show you what they look like but here is an example.  I have all of my logos added and my information so I only have to change the image (waterpark picture) portion of the thumbnail image.  Everything else stays the same to make this easy and to stick with my branding.

To use your templates, simply select the drop-down arrow and “Make a Copy” or you can pick any previously created image and “Make a Copy”.

Always “Make a Copy” of your templates!  Don’t edit the template.

How to Add Your Branding

And in my case, my colors are already set in my brand template. If I click on the little banner and scroll down to my Ballen Vegas themes I can see all of my colors and fonts saved for each brand.

I like to add my logo wherever it makes sense to do so. So sometimes I’ll leave it out but, usually, I like to subtly add it to the image.  I go to uploads and logos. I have all of my logos added for each of my different websites to make it very easy to apply the branding for whatever type of project I am working on.

How to Add Your Thumbnail to YouTube

When you are done making your edits, save the image title with your keyword.  Then download the image as a JPEG.  Make sure you save it somewhere you can find it easily.

Blogging Tip!
Use JPEG images because PNG files are way too large for blog posts

Now, once this saves, go back over to YouTube, click the “custom thumbnail”.  Find the image you just downloaded and click save changes.  Preview the video to double check everything looks good!

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