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The Wego Affiliate Program

The Wego Affiliate Program

Those who want to make money by promoting travel products on Wego should take a look at this travel affiliate program. Wego pays affiliate marketers based on clicks. In essence, this is a commission per click (CPC) type of model.

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Wego is a company that is based out of Singapore; however, it operates in more than 50 countries and provides information in more than 20 languages. Furthermore, Wego publishes results in real-time from more than 700 travel websites. This website allows users to shop for flights and hotels all over the world in one convenient place. Wego also has a strong affiliate program that has been designed for travel bloggers.

This works great for anyone who is looking for an affiliate program that is based on clicks instead of transactions. Those who joint the Wego affiliate program can make anywhere from $0.05 and $0.40 per click related to a flight exit and $0.20 and $0.80 per click related to a hotel exit. 

Wego also tends to pay a bit quicker than other affiliate programs. Money that is made during the month of January will get paid out between the 15thand the 20thof the month of February.

The minimum to get paid out via PayPal is $100 in the previous month. Those who prefer to have money wired directly to a bank account must reach a minimum threshold of $500. Of course, if these thresholds aren’t met, the money simply carries over to the next month.

There are several benefits of joining the affiliate program with Wego. First, their affiliate program is exclusive for travel bloggers and provides a different model through which marketers can earn money.

This is a great way for travel bloggers to diversify their portfolio of affiliate programs. In addition, Wego also provides a wide range of products that affiliates can market. This means that there is a deep pool of links that affiliates can use throughout their travel blogs.

Finally, the affiliate program with Wego also has a strong support team that exclusively helps its affiliates with any concerns they have. The Wego affiliate program is a great opportunity for bloggers to make money in a unique way.

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