The Future of Online Marketing for 2019

In this webinar, Lori Ballen discusses the future of online marketing, including chat bots, FB Search, Blogging, Video, and more!

The video & screen sharing begins at 1:55
[00:05] It has been a minute since I have done a Webinar and I’m trying to get my system going and my facebook live going at the exact same time an realized that things have changed with facebook live.

[00:19] Now you have to have the phone turned the other direction, yet my tripod doesn’t go that direction, so threw me for a loop so I have propped my phone up on a box so that we have that.

[00:31] Can everybody hear me? See Me? Okay, there we go. Now the live cameras should be able to see me and on the Webinar now as well. So I’m on live and I’m on the Webinar. Yes. Okay, let me open my questions here so I can kind of see. There we go. We got Eric, we got Hugo, Nathan, Brett Bishop. Hey Brett, how you doing? Rebecca? Sandra, Mark Reed, we got all you guys on the Webinar and then I’m looking over here at facebook live. We’ve got Mike Green, we’ve got Alex, Margaret from Cape Cod. Okay. So here’s what we’re doing.

[01:32] Multitasking is a lie, people. It is a lie. You cannot facebook live and Webinar at the same time. You know, I can, but not very well. Clearly. I need to get more help. Okay.

[02:19] Sabrina and I recently took a trip out to Boston for the Inbound marketing convention. So we went to a couple conferences this year. One was terrible and I can’t even remember which one. It was, some kind of digital summit and the other one was inbound in Boston where Sabrina learned how to ride a bike. It was fantastic.

Sabrina Rides A Bike

[02:46] For those of you that are brand new to me, my name is Lori Ballen and I own several companies actually. I own a real estate business in Las Vegas. Lori Ballen Team, that’s my team here in Vegas and I actually do all the lead generation now and I don’t sell anymore, but I have real estate agents on my team. They’re fantastic. I own a digital marketing company called Ballen Brands and that is where we build real estate websites.

[03:20] We help manage your pay per click, we help you create your content for your websites. We have complete crm (datbase), text dialer systems and automation and all kinds of wonderful things. If you’re lacking in the lead flow department, check us out at

[03:35] I also own a weight loss coach, a coaching company called, short for the ketogenic diet because I shed 50 pounds in six months myself and it was life changing. I got super motivated to go out there and help others. So I got certified as a coach and I now have a program there as well.

[03:55] I also own a complete training system on how to do everything that I share and teach and you can find that at And my newest project is affiliate marketing. I’m spending a lot of my days there right now, and it’s building up niche websites, getting them ranking on the search engines, getting a lot of traffic through social media ads or youtube ads or video and then working with other merchandising company and other service providers to send business their way and make affiliate income.

[04:30] So that’s my newest project. And the reason why I’m working on that is because I am very passionate about passive income. I just turned 47 and I don’t want to be out there in the field working all the time and I want to be able to earn passive income. So I started this extra leg. Now that I’ve done this multiple times and proven that it works, which is what I’m sharing with you guys, might as well do something else with it. That is exciting and fun for me.

[05:03] All right, so let me share with you guys some of the things that we, um, that I believe are going to happen in, in, in the future.

[05:10] Now I have a couple hundred of you on my webinar right now. And then some of you guys on facebook live. Some of you guys are real estate agents, some of you are not, you might have other businesses, but this is going to tie into any business, any brand, anything you’re doing specifically.


[05:27] Now, let me first address the real estate industry specifically. I am concerned about the real estate industry as a whole and I will say that I think iwe’re going to run into more and more challenges with the large portals and the things that they’re doing and red bricks or purple bricks or red door, whatever they are, all of these companies come in and, and I think they’re gonna start hiring on the real estate agents to start putting them on salary and a lot of people will fold in.

[06:01] I think it’ll take a while for this major transition. And I think that real estate agents who work their database at a super high level are going to be the ones that are still standing as this all shifts and changes. I believe that the real estate agent that cultivates their database, has house warming and holiday parties that nurtures their contacts is going to have a loyal following. You’re going to have people that love you and treasure you and aren’t going to be as likely to go over to sell their house online or buy one online. Right? So that’s what I believe is going to happen. I think we’re going to see a lot of real estate agents fold in to salary positions with a lot of these large companies over a certain amount of time.

[06:48] I believe my biggest tip for you that are real estate agents right now is have a kick ass database. It’s the one thing that no matter what else you do, that what matters most. And I know that sounds funny coming from somebody that’s a big lead generator for new online leads. I do so much “new” business. I really believe that’s what’s going to keep you guys [us] in the game.


[07:27] One of the biggest things that we’re going to start seeing a ton of is chatbots. How many of you guys right now are already using chatbots? Chatbots are the future. They are everything. If you’re going to invest in something, you guys want to start investing in chat bots right now. At Ballen Brands, we are integrating chatbots. We are going to be able to help you get those set up and help you build your funnels and your flows. Jeff also worked with turbo dial that handles all of our text, auto dialing and our autopilot Isa campaign to set up some keyword generated bot responses.

[08:59] Here’s the caveat with these chatbots. They are work, and I mean WORK. It is like setting up an email campaign on steroids because you have to predict what kind of response your buyer or seller is going to have. And so you want to set up like multiple choice answers for them to um, to respond to.

[09:29] Here’s how it works. Let me put it this way. Alright, so I’m going to go over to the Ballen Brands Facebook Page. Watch how this works. I didn’t understand this at first, but this is really cool. So I’m going to go to my facebook business page. For those of you that are here, you’re not seeing it. Um, you’re not seeing the computer screen, but I’m go over to Lori [inaudible] dot com and click on on any one of my blogs. I have these orange buttons that say, sign up for webinars. Then you’ll be able to see next time. Right now I think you’re getting a view of my halloween shirt. That’s your, that’s your screen. I’m happy Halloween by the way. All right, and you guys on the Webinar. So what’s gonna happen is when you set up a chat Bot,

[10:06] the person can’t just start typing in. They’re going to immediately, when they click message, they’re gonna immediately see multiple choice answers, but you have to build these out. This is where my company is going to come in, Ballen Brands.

Now, if you get all excited about this and you want to set up afterwards, let us know that you’re interested in this. I’ve got a link to some software you can check out. I think that’s coming later today and we can talk to about helping you build out your funnel as well. Now what I’m going to do here is I’m going to click on send message. Okay? Now look what just happened, send message. Look what just happened. It says, um, which, oh, I’m logged in our day, I think.

Okay. I should have really practiced this. Sabrina says, Click test button. Hold on. There we go. Thank you. Sabrina. Sabrina’s baby. By the way, I’m Sabrina is my guru assistant and my daughter and she is our funnel. The funnel whisperer. She builds out all the funnels, so she’s teaching me so that I can teach you guys at the same time. All right, so here’s what happens. Somebody clicks on send message and they get immediately get a message back.

[11:28] Hold on. She’s telling me how to, how to use it. Tell me that again. So hit that hit test button.

[11:38] Yeah.

[11:39] Click test button type. Get started. Then type. Okay. I’m just trying to reset the Bot, you guys so we can see what it looks like from the beginning. There it is. Okay, now we’re reset. So when they click the button, they will go right to.

[11:56] Okay.

[11:56] Um, this rain here and it says hi Laurie. So it’s going to put in their name. It’s going to call them by their name because this is gonna. Come through facebook. Now, here’s the deal. The second that they send a message, you now have permission to market to them through your facebook Chat Bot. Now there’s some rules, regulations. I’ll be putting this all into a blog for you so that you understand, but you can market them unlimited times, the first 24 hours and then after that, if there’s a reduction, they have an unsubscribe option. You can’t market to them when they unsubscribe, and then when they. Everybody’s messaging me, I swear I turned off all my notifications. I’m still getting them because I’m on facebook. I’m the.

[12:40] When they unsubscribe, if he ever message you again, then they have resubscribed to these messages. So the opportunity to market to these people on facebook blocks is going to be absolutely incredible and it’s just. This isn’t just facebook. I’m just giving you an example here of how this is working because facebook and social media are going to grow and grow where it comes to digital marketing. All right, so here it says, Hi Laurie, to get you connected with the right team member, please let us know what you’re looking looking for help with today. So then they can click on products and services, they can click on tech support or they can click another question. Now we set up those options. Okay, so now let’s just say I’m interested in products and services. So I want to hire Ballen Brands to build me the best real estate agent website and it gives me a killer crm. Will text auto dialing and I need to know how much I was going to cost or whatever. So I’m going to click on products and services and then once I click there, it’s going to give me more options and see here it says, great, what product are you looking for? Here’s our options. I need a website, I need a crm, I need other marketing health. Okay, so that I could click on, I need a website and now we have other programs, responses that are going to come back and they’re going to say,

[13:55] okay, and then it’s as it’s going to say, are you just getting started? Have you looked at other websites or do you already have a website? So you see how this goes on. It goes on and on, so I’m not going to keep going with it. So what we do is, let’s just say we have a real estate website on our real estate website. I think I have this working. Is it on   or is it on See if it pops up. We have our chat on this one. Okay. I think it’s on Hold on. One of them I have at working on. So we’re gonna take a peek at this. We were kind of rushing to set this all up to show you guys because we just learned so much about it and it’s incredible. Um,

[14:35] think it’s on Keto. Okay, here it is. It’s on ketones. So you guys can see my screen seeing the bottom right hand corner where the blocks popped up and it says hi, what questions can we help you answer about Keto?

So instead of using a chat software like desk or Zopa, now we’re using facebook chat, so when they click that button, now we’re going to be able to have a conversation with them over facebook messaging and it’s going to also subscribe them now to our chat bot where we’re going to be able to promote other things to them so they might. This might pop up on your real estate website and I might say, hi, thanks for visiting. Are you looking for, do you want to see the hottest properties today? Or whatever, and they might click a button, a message, and then you have three other choices.

[15:25] Great. Are you looking for up to 300,000, up to 400,000, 500,000 or whatever. Then you can return with the link. They’re already on your website. Now they can click a button and go right to the page on the website that they want. You’re actually directing them while they’re on the website, helping them get past all that noise and go right to whatever it is where they want, and now you’ve captured their information. You could also say, are you interested in seeing what the real estate market is doing today? Are you interested in getting a value for your home today? They clicked a button, yes. It goes to the next screen. It says, great, how long have you lived in your house? Five years. Ten years, or what year is it? Or whatever. And then it can say, put in your email and then you were to send it to them afterwards or something.

[16:04] If this is absolutely the future, it’s astronomical how fast this is happening. Okay. So we all need to be on getting our chat Bot on. This is a big, big deal. Um, okay. So that’s what I wanted to show you today for chatbox. Now let me show you something else that’s really cool. Well, I got my screen open year another. So, um, people have asked me over and over again, do I believe websites are going to be around? Well, yes, absolutely. There’s different reasons to have websites. If for nothing else, it might be to showcase your Idx to and give your buyer someplace to shop. It might be to sell products and I have an ecommerce store where I sell weight loss in Keto foods and things. That’s the reason to have a website. You might have something that’s more like a click funnel where it’s actually just a series of 10, 10 landing pages that go together and back.

[16:57] That’s something we’re getting ready to launch at Ballen Brands where we’re going to run your. We do pay per click marketing for our clients and we drive the leads into their website. Well, another option is to drive them into landing pages and into click funnels that have these little upsell patterns all the way through with an eventual goal at the end. So we’re building those out now because we believe that is something that we’re going to see a lot of facebook ads and instagram ads and Google ad words and things like that. Driving to these series of funnels as well. Um, all kinds of great things actually that can, that can be driven to that. Another reason to have a website right now is content. Now let me cover this really quick before I. before I show you what I want to show you on the screen, content is still huge.

[17:41] Now I showed something this morning on one of my websites. I’ll show it to you guys here that are watching my screen, so I’m, I can pull up any one of them, my real estate one, but let me pull up my website. Okay. So, um, this tool, by the way, which just fantastic. So Reno, we’ll put a link in here for you. Um, this tool is called sem rush, sem rush, and it is the tool I use for all of my seo, all of my search engine optimization, monitoring my keywords, my pages and my traffic and how things, how things go. Now look up here where it says I’m 35,100 K is my traffic cost. What that means is if I were to go spend ads, if I were to go buy ads on Pay Per Click, I would have to spend $35,000 on what I’m getting organically free, what I’ve already put in the work I already rank and I’m getting that for free.

[18:39] So let me tell you right now how this works and this is where we’re going to see more and more of the future going where it comes to content and websites. Okay? If you want to rank on the search engines, you’ve got several ways to do it. Now, if I were to go over to Google, okay? Everything has changed. Let me type in Las Vegas flower delivery. I’m just going to give you an example. Okay? Used to be we just saw a bunch of blue links. This is not what’s happening anymore is if I can get the want to get the care to appear, okay? Well, depending on what we look in, what we look up, things are going to change here. Okay? I’m. In this particular case, we have the logo pack on the top and then we have the blue links and then at the bottom we have a discover more places, so they’re showing us places.

[19:29] If I were to want to buy a kitchen blender, I’m just making stuff up as I’m looking around my table and what I have on my table. Okay. Do you see what just happened? We have a carousel here now of products of blenders now. This is happening with real estate now too, by the way, and then we have more blenders, actual pictures where people can shop blenders right here from the search engine results page. Then we have this magical thing. The people also ask a blocks. Okay. Which is where you get ideas for what kind of content to create and then you have video. So everything is changing on the search engine. So what you want to be doing is if you have, you want to be on this page, there’s a couple of choices. One, you can pay per click and yes, my company does do pay per click services, so give us a call and we can.

[20:20] We can get you have sponsored ads, you can show up here in the organic results. Okay, which are these blue links and you do that by creating great content. You can show up in the video carousel by creating great videos and I’ve got some training coming up on that as well. Okay, but let’s say you want to show up on one of those blogs, so if somebody googles what are closing costs when I sell my house, because you’re trying to get listing appointments and you want to rank for that, which is one of my best lead generators, you’re going to create content. Okay, so now here’s what’s different about content. Somebody asked me this morning, they said, or the other day, I don’t have time, I don’t know, time. Whenever it was, they said, Lori, I thought blogging was dead. I thought, you know, every, all the gurus are saying blogging’s, outdated.

[21:09] It doesn’t exist anymore. All right. Have things changed? Yes. Has it gotten incredibly harder to rank on the search engines? Yes, absolutely. Yet it’s also gotten easier at the same time for people like me that know what they’re doing. When it comes to content and how to build an authority site and how to build a niche site, so what you want to do is this, if you want to rank on the search engines, you want to create a series of blogs that are going to be deep dive, good, informative, not canned content, okay? Like what are closing costs? When selling my house, you’re going to explain what they all are. What is it, how to commissions work, what are home inspections? What are buyer concessions? What might the ask, where you’re going to break this all down based on your area and you’re going to give them some really great information.

[22:02] Now, if you write one blog today and you don’t write another blog for two months, you’re probably not going to go so far with that first blog, which you want to do is you want to stack these babies, create a consistent pattern of here’s a blog, here’s a blog, here’s a blog, here’s a blog, here’s a blog so that you send this influx of of signals to google saying, I am the authority on Las Vegas real estate. I am the authority on waterfront properties. I am the authority of the Authority on the neighborhood of homes near West Technical Academy. Right? You see where I’m going with that. There I am. The authority on this particular neighborhood. I am the authority on Horse property, so I’m going to write 30 blogs. Let’s just say horse property, which by the way is a genius one. If you have that kind of thing, your neighborhood killer for, for out here in Vegas, you’re going to take a, um, of a, of a content strategy and you’re going to lay out a plan that says I am going to create 30 blog posts in a row. They’re all about horse property

[23:11] or in the area and the market values and how to sell a worst property and how to buy a horse property and how to move to a horse property and anything else would come up with the wells and the zoning and the anything. You’re going to do as many blogs as you possibly can. Now, here’s what you do. You title that blog as a question. Then you answer the question as in depth as you possibly can. So for example, people also ask, go over to Google and look at this people also. So let’s just say I want to rank for blenders for kitchen blenders. I’m going to write 30 blogs in a row if it exists about kitchen blenders. Okay? So in Mike it, if that was really what I was doing, I might talk about, um, how to use a blender, what chops best in a blender, what lenders are best for mixing this and what lenders are mix for this and maybe comparing to like, that’s kind of funny that I picked blenders of all things as an example.

[24:13] Okay, but let’s take a look. People also ask, what is the best kitchen blender? I’m reading these right from Google, you guys, what is the best wonder? What is the, what is the use of, of lender, what’s the easiest blender to clean? Now the reason these are here is because people actually type these questions into google. So these are the best things you could write a blog about because they’re actually being used. Even if they have zero search volume because it’s too trending of a word or there’s not enough data that you could still do a big business off of zero volume because it’s not really zero volume, and for those of you that study my keyword research, you know a little bit more about what I’m talking about there. So watch what happens when we click on what is the easiest blender to clean.

[24:58] All right? It gave us some answers here. This is an example of who’s ranking and then it’s going to give you some more questions. Okay, look, look what just popped up. Can you wash nutra bullet blades? There’s a blog. That’s the blog. If I’m writing about blenders, that’s a blog. I’m going to write on it. Are you guys getting this? Does this make sense? I can’t see your questions. I don’t know where the questions are. Went on my. There you are. I see a ton of names, so Sabrina must be chitchatting with you guys anyway. Is this making sense? Are you seeing where this is going with all this incredible and guess what? This software is free. This is google. You’re just typing in Google and getting all these ideas. Okay, so here’s what I would do next if I were you. And by the way, I have a comprehensive to three day workshop coming up on exactly this.

[25:48] I’m going to show you how to do the research, what to blog, where to blog, what platforms to blog on, who to hire for blogging, how to lay out the content, how to build the blog. I’m going to show you a vlogging, how to create a video, how to have it transcribed, how to turn that transcript into a written blog, how to optimize a video, a title tags, keywords what you need to do to rank that. Um, so if you’re interested, let Sabrina. No, here in the chat that you’re interested in, she’ll get you something set up. It’s $199. Three days. I think it’s the twelfth, 13th and 14th or something like that. Um, it’s three days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. This coming up month, November. You can have your admin on, you can be on whatever you want to do as far as that goes. And we’re to spend three days, three hours a day, and I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about following all these steps.

[26:41] Okay? It’s going to be really cool. Okay. Um, here’s the other thing. I know I’m running a little bit over. I gotta show you this other thing that’s really cool. Video is going to be the future. It already is here, but it’s going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and we’re going to start noticing that it’s the people that are doing video that are ranking on the search engines. So get your video game and check as soon as possible because it’s a quick way to get on the search engines. It’s a quick way to get visibility. Yes, there are breaking metrics there too. But did you guys see how. I just showed you how to do this blender thing? You do the exact same thing with video. You titles of video, a question and youtube has its own tools. I have a, I have a tool that I use where I do keyword research the exact same way on youtube and if it.

[27:26] And I would title the video, can you wash neutral blade nutra bullet blades, and then I would take a nutribullet and I would show them how to wash the blades. Right? I’m not going to do that because I don’t even think I have a blender. I think I have a blender. Um, but it’s the same thing. It’s the same concept. So I’m going to show you guys how to do all of that. But video is the same thing. If you were to create 30 videos in 30 days, you could dominate your market. You could take over your market for San Diego real estate, wherever you are. If you were to make 30 really purposeful. Now it doesn’t have to be 30 and 30 days. No. However I do believe packing them in, back to back to back to back to back. Not all on the same day.

[28:13] Is gonna be this signal that it’s. I’m doing it right now with Keto, so I know I’m watching it blow up. Like it’s just incredible what’s happening with my niche site for weight loss because I’m doing this exact strategy now. I’m just getting into the videos because the videos are so much more work for me than creating content and I do have, I, I use my team to do writing for me video. I have to actually be here. Talking is what’s a whole nother thing. Um, okay. So video is going to be huge and I will cover that in depth on our three day workshop in November. Let me show you this thing. Let’s just say you don’t want a website. Okay. Although I’m an advocate for websites, I believe you can do a big business without them depending on your niche, especially if what you do is sell something or you have a, a specific service.

Facebook Store and Services

[29:04] Okay. Now I think for real estate we’re going to see some trending going right here to what I’m about to show you. Okay? So I’ve got a girl that I found online to do my eyebrows. She does my eyebrow tattoo, a microblading. In fact, I have an appointment next week because it’s been a year and they’re faded and so I have to get them redone. And so I loved watching her evolution from what she had last year set up to what she did this year. So I mean, if you’re watching this, you’re my example today. Um, so she only does social media. She doesn’t even have a website I don’t believe. And I found her because I was on a lot of people go to Google, but more people now are starting to go to facebook or to instagram or social media channels to ask other people who they know that does whatever.

[29:53] So I started there and then I went up here and I went, let’s see, what’s it called, microblading, what do I want to do it? So I just typed in like, like permanent makeup. Oh. And it starts giving me hints. See this, it’s like a search engine. We’re going to see this turning more and more into a search engine. So then I went down to and I clicked like, oh, permanent makeup Las Vegas. And what’ll happen is all these results start showing up. Well you want to be there. If somebody is searching for Your Business, real estate coaching, weight loss, whatever it is that you, you’re doing right, so there are some algorithm stuff here. There’s some marketing that needs to be done on your social media to have these kinds of things come up. There’s an algorithm that puts these in a particular order. So facebook becoming the next Google, right?

[30:38] I think we’re gonna see more and more of this. Anyway, so this is what I started scrolling and look, I started seeing before and after pictures. I’m like, oh, there she is. I see your Id. And so one of her before and after pictures caught my eye. Well then I noticed she had one after the next, after the next, after the next, after the next. So then I clicked through and I just started scrolling through her gallery of photos and I loved her work. I didn’t know any better. Then I started reading her reviews, so I went, okay, well let me check this out. So I clicked on her facebook page and look what she has here. By the way, you could do this with your real estate page for home evaluations, for listing leads. So look what happens. I don’t even like to call people and neither to both millennials anymore.

[31:22] They want to do it right here. Let me just click and go. Let me set it up when you do it fast. I was so happy to not have to call her and so I went over here and look, click book now and I went, oh, okay, well it’s been a year. I need to get them done. So I click book now and her website opens and there’s all of her services. So I will do another workshop. You guys show you how to set all this up for yourselves because um, this is really cool. Anyway, so I went down here and went, okay, what do I need? I need, let me just go with microblading this time I don’t think I want the plate, the shade. So I clicked there and it went up looking calendar. How cool is this? I don’t know if you guys get excited as excited as I do about this kind of stuff, but man, I love it.

[32:07] So guess what I did, I was able to click on here, book the appointment. Next was a payment screen. I was able to put in my deposit by credit card. She had an autoresponder come out to me immediately. I was able to click the button, added to my calendar and I don’t have to talk to her and she’s probably happy. She doesn’t have to talk to me. And it said she’s going to automatically send me a reminder the day before the appointment. I mean, guys, why don’t we have this as real estate agents, let people book a listing appointment, let people order a home evaluation for free right here from facebook. And if they message us from here, like, I mean, it probably doesn’t know anything about the bots yet. Maybe I can help her with that. Um, if, if you click a button, like right now on this screen, she can have a button that says click here to confirm.

[32:55] And it would immediately go to the chat Bot. And now she has you as a subscriber. Actually she should, she should do that before she gets to the payment screen in the calendar screen. So she captures your information before she loses you, right? Those of you that are falling into their coaches, I’ve got a lot of coaches now that are starting to learn with me. This is genius. This is perfect for us. Sell it. Look it, let them put it on the calendar. We don’t have to think about it. It’s absolute genius. Okay. So I think we’re going to see a ton more with social media, landing pages, people being able to do a lot of things right there from social media and never had to go to our website. So if you are in real estate though, websites are still have a relevance. If you’re trying to capture buyers three, right?

[33:36] X, if you’re trying to rank on the search engines through blogs, you’re going to need a website, um, if you’re going to want to do the home valuation. So it could be done with just landing pages that facebook ads, um, minds all it all on my website itself. Okay? So, um, paperclips is going to be huge and it’s going to grow, grow, grow. I read a report yesterday about the rise of paper click marketing. Google ad words is about to have a huge surge upward. What that means is for those of you that are doing paper click marketing, you may see some higher prices. Make sure that you’re with a company that knows how to manage those and really help you with those conversions and landing pages. My company ballen brands does stupid paper clicks. So if you want to get in on that game, let us know.

[34:22] We’re getting ready to launch our facebook advertising, being advertising, instagram advertising, linkedin, pinterest, twitter. We’re launching all of that next. Um, so we got the first leg which was all the was all google and now we’re bringing in all the other stuff. We’re going to be setting up your whole funnel. So here’s where you run your ad to, to, to, to do, here’s how we capture, here’s the landing pages, years to conversion, here’s the goal, here’s the metrics, taking the, taking the guesswork out of this stuff. Like this works, let’s do this, lets this works, let’s do this. So, um, I have a training course. If you guys want to learn all of this along with me, I’m constantly adding new training. Check it, a January first. We’re about ready to launch. We’re going back to the valid method and we’re setting up an entire curriculum that’s going to be the Ballen method to Keto, The Ballen Method to facebook, The Ballen method to Google ads, The Ballen Method to Linkedin, The Ballen Method to youtube, etc.

[35:23] And on each one, of course those of you guys are lifetime members of the Ballen Method are going to roll in and get whatever would be pertaining to the Ballen Method you’re going to have access to because I believe in that. I’m always trying to provide value to you guys. If you’re interested in losing weight, check out [inaudible] dot com. I do have a very comprehensive Keto coaching system where we teach you how to eat Keto, how to lose weight, how to measure ketones. What foods to eat, what not to eat, all of that good stuff. And I think with that, because I want. I’m gonna let you guys go. Sabrina, do you have everything you need from everybody? Um, raise your hand. Let Serena know if you’re interested in any of those upcoming workshops or if you need links to any of our services, websites to the system to the Keto coaching system.

[36:10] She can get you anything you need. Put you in touch with Paul for a business consultation. Talk about your website, your Idx, your home values, what you guys have. And um, all of my businesses come from everything I’m teaching you guys. All of my business comes from this exact stuff right here. I live it, I breathe it, I eat it, I feed my family from, from it. Um, this is what I do. So I’m the real deal watching it. Change that. I teach you guys as it changes, as it changes as well. Okay? So with that, I will let you guys go. 

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