Click-through rate

A Click-through rate, also known as a CTR is how one measures the response in an online marketing campaign. These are used in email marketing, pay per clicks, classified advertising and so on.

A measure is created to test how well a link performs. Basically, how many people clicked on it. Many will use these reports to test a call to action that offers an item of value such as Click here to get _________, to watch ________ to read _________.

In any form of marketing, it’s important to measure the reaction of the visitor. With technology, although we can’t measure the emotional response to an ad, we can measure the physical response of an ad through the click-through rate which directly measures the total number of visitors that took action.

The Exact Math:

The number of times a click is made divided by the total impressions (the times an ad was shown).

Click-through rate (%) = Click-throughs (#) / Impressions (#)


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