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How to Test Your Page Speed for your Website Pages

How to Test Your Page Speed for your Website Pages

Today I’m going to show you two really cool tools that Google provides to any developer, or website owner, or SEO to test their website page speed and their page performance.

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Page Speed Tools

These are free tools and really helpful because they not only tell you what’s wrong with your website but tell you how you can fix it.

They even estimate how much traffic you’re losing by having these issues, which is very eye-opening.

I’m going to show you these two tools right now. One of them is called, PageSpeed Insights and the other is Test My Site at

It’s a great way to test your mobile speed compared to PageSpeed Insights, which kind of compares your mobile speed to your desktop.

I’ll just do a quick example for each. I’m gonna punch in Foot Locker, if you’re familiar with the brand that sells shoes online. We’re going to Google analyze it through PageSpeed Insights here.

It takes a couple of seconds for it to analyze.

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Page Speed insights

What it’s doing is crawling all the pages, finding any issues, and comparing it to competing websites out there and best practices that they have.

It provides a really nice report.

Okay, so Foot Locker a huge brand that sells millions and millions of dollars online has a great looking mobile website, but unfortunately, the speed for it and just the overall site, in general, was rated poor by Google. Not just poor, but 38 out of 100 is their mobile website.

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You can see that even a really big brand that should know how to be optimized properly for Google and for customers that are coming to the website, sometimes just completely drop the ball because they want to look really good.

You can see that you can distinguish between a mobile site and your desktop site, and you can see you get different scores for each. You can see what the errors are for optimization opportunities are, and you can actually see how you can fix these. They actually give you a step by step what’s wrong and how you can fix it.

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Test my site

Again, really cool tool by Google here.  Test My Site, (Think with Google) is the same concept, but they do something that’s a little above and beyond.  This one usually takes a little bit longer to do but is well worth the wait. This one not only goes through all the websites, but it compares it to competitors.

It tests it on a standard connection. Even though you might have the newest phone and a really fast phone, 70% of connections are 3G or slower, so that’s what we’re going to test it on.

Then it runs through all the site data, and it will actually next compare it to competitors. Then at the end, it not only shows us our score and how to fix it, but it estimates how much traffic we’re losing because of our slow website.

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This is really eye-opening to see, especially for any e-commerce websites out there.

It could be just as effective for real estate as well. I

If you’re paying for SEO services, or pay per click, or any way to get people to your website, but you’re losing a large percentage of them just because you have a slow website, you’re literally just throwing money down the drain.

Here we go, Foot Locker again, a brand that spends millions and millions of dollars and makes millions and millions of dollars online every year as a poor loading time speed, 16 seconds fully loaded page.

Google estimates they lose 33% of visitors due to slow loading time.

That’s a third of their visitors. If they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on PPC or on [su_tooltip position=”north” shadow=”yes” rounded=”yes” size=”1″ content=”What is SEO? Learn More”]SEO[/su_tooltip], on whatever, they’re literally just throwing a third of that down the drain.

They’re paying for the people to come to their website, and it’s just taking too long to load, so the people leave and they go to Champs, or down the street to their shoe store, or they go to Amazon or Zappos.

Again, this is a great tool, and with this one you can get a free report. They take your email address and they send you a bunch of other information, but it’s very similar to the PageSpeed Insights, and it shows you step by step how you can make improvements to your website to make it faster and keep some of those visitors on your website. Again, really awesome tools.

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