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Teachable Tutorial

Teachable Tutorial

This Teachable Tutorial will help you decide if Teachable is right for you. Please also view this article comparing learning management systems and course builders such as Teachable, Thinkific, Ontraport, and Kajabi.

Tutorial Video

Watch the Tutorial Video:

Compare Thinkific vs. Teachable.

Step 1: Build Your School

Sign up for a new Teachable account. With your Teachable account, you can create an unlimited amount of schools. If you have already created an account, you can log in.

Each school will contain courses and each course will contain lessons.

  1. From the left column, choose ‘Create A new School’
  2. Give your school a name. Later, you can still change your school name in the admin section.
  3. Click Create New School.

Step 2: Fill Out the Survey.

This survey doesn’t change the functionality of your school. It’s for the creators of Teachable to continue to best help you on your journey.

  1. Question 1 asks how much time you are using t build your business.
  2. Question 2 asks if you are a coach or tutor, content creator, freelancer or consultant.
  3. Question 3 asks about topics most related to you.
  4. Question 4 asks about your business revenue.
  5. Question 5 asks about your location.

Once you have completed the survey, click ‘Enter My School’

Step 3. Attend the Onboarding Webinar

If you would like more training on creating your first course in your new Teachable school, you can choose the first option and sign up for the Free Webinar.

  • How to easily create your online school and your first-course using Teachable
  • How to accept payments for your courses
  • How to brand your school by adding a logo and selecting images, colors, and page elements to match your brand
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Step 4: Create a Product

Now, onto the fun part! It’s time to create a Course or Coaching.

Set Up a Coaching Product

  1. Click Coaching
  2. Name your Coaching Service
  3. Set a Client Intake Form. [Options include sending new clients directly to the form, directly to checkout, or to a form that then requires your approval.]
  4. Set a Price for your coaching services. Options include [Free, One time Purchase, Subscription, or a Payment plan]
  5. Add a Name, Subtitle, and description for the service
  6. Choose the Start Date: Choose the on enrollment option for those signing up for a single consultation or ongoing coaching. Use the fixed date for a group program that begins on a particular date.
  7. Add the First Milestone. This is an introductory message that helps the client understand things you want them to know. The Description boxes are WYSIWYG editors. When you type, you can highlight a word or set of words and click the options in the editor to: Make your font bold, Italic, or Underlined. You can click to create a bullet point or numbered list. You can add a link or video.
  8. Add your Scheduling App or Booking Calendar Link. If you don’t have one, you might like to check out Amelia or Book Like A Boss.
  9. Add your Product and move to Information in the Admin Section. Your product won’t be visible in your school until you click the MAKE VISIBLE button.
  10. Add your Product Image: I use Canva Pro. Aspect ratio: 16:9, Recommended size: 1024 x 576
  11. If you are using Calendly, you can add the API Key Here. If you are using a different calendar, leave that blank. It’s not necessary.
  12. There is a Delete Key on this page in case you want to delete your coaching product
  13. Edit pages. Your Coaching product has 4 pages. These are The Sales page, The Post Intake, The Checkout page, and the Thank You Page. Edit pages by Clicking on the Pencil, View them by clicking on the Eye and get the URL Link by clicking on the 3 dots.
  14. The Template option includes the first milestone and calendar link that you have already set up. You will come here to edit these in the future.
  15. The Pricing tab will allow you to add new pricing plans in the future if desired.
  16. The Clients tab will list both your prospective coaching clients (that filled out your intake form and are pending approval) and the clients that have paid and booked with you.
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How To Add Live Chat to Teachable

Watch the Tutorial Video on adding Live Chat to Teachable:

Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. In Teachable, go to Site
  2. Scroll down to add code Manually
  3. Open Code Snippets
  4. In Live Chat, Click on Settings
  5. Click on Channels
  6. Click on Website
  7. Choose: Install LiveChat code manually
  8. Copy the Code
  9. Paste the Code into Teachable Head Snippet

How To Add a Coupon

Watch the Tutorial Video on How to add a coupon to Teachable:

1-Click Upsells

Watch the video on how to add 1-click Upsells:

Teachable offers 1-click upsells. An upsell is an offer that is made after someone makes a purchase. A 1-click upsell allows them to simply agree to the purchase without having to enter contact or payment information again.

Teachable offers 1-click upsells. An upsell is an offer that is made after someone makes a purchase. A 1-click upsell allows them to simply agree to the purchase without having to enter contact or payment information again.

For example, Someone purchases your Pinterest Course. After completing the purchase, they are taken to the landing page which includes an add-on offer. Maybe they can add your Instagram course for 25% Off if they accept the offer today.

  • Add the upsell to the Thank You Page.
  • The Customer does not need to add a credit card again.
  • Activate a Video Block to Offer your upsell (optional).
  • Track the performance with reporting. (Teachable Professional Plan)

To Add An Upsell:

  1. Access the Course Pages from the side column: “pages”
  2. Next to the Thank You Page, click the Pencil to Edit
  3. Find the Suggested Blocks Section
  4. Add a video if you like
  5. Select Upsell Offer
  6. Select another course for your upsell
  7. Select the Pricing Plan
  8. Include a Coupon Offer next if there will be a discount offered with the Upsell
  9. Add any other blocks to help with your design: Text, HTML Block, Background Image, Video, or other items from the More Section.

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