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Target Affiliate Program

Target Affiliate Program

Target affiliates network is primarily designed for content creators and bloggers who are based in the United States and are well-positioned to be selling Target products.

Although this may seem like a rather straightforward manner of making money as a publisher, the commission rates are rather low and the tracking cookies expire after just seven days, meaning that sales will need to be made frequently.

Target is a very well-known brand, which is good for a high amount of internet traffic, yet the low commissions mean that publisher profits may also be low.

How to get paid: Publishers are paid from every purchase made by customers who have been sent through an affiliate link.

Form of payment: Target Affiliates provides its users with payments based primarily on a Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) model. Publishers with a large audience and a high rate of internet traffic within the US could make a significant amount of money through multiple sales.

The base commission rate is 8%.

Here’s how it works:

If you were to create a review on-at-home fire pits, and someone purchases the TC Classics Round Fire Pit for $700, you could earn $56.00 as a Target affiliate.

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