My Youtube Studio

Here is a list of the lighting, software, furniture, computers, and other items I use in my Youtube Studio.

Youtube Superchat

YouTube Super Chat is a feature that allows fans to pay for pinned comments on the chat sections.

How to Search Youtube

This article will explain exactly how to search YouTube for videos, as well as give a tutorial of how to navigate YouTube effectively.

7 of the Best Youtube Comment Search Chrome Extensions

I Tested 7 Chrome Extensions to Search Youtube Comments or Display Comments

When you first start youtube comment searching, it can be a particularly daunting task; especially if you’re using some sort of search engine like Google to search keywords on Youtube. The problem with these websites is that they don’t let you see the comments as they would appear on YouTube without having to actually go to the website. In other words, the comments are hidden and you can’t see them in the order that they were made like you would on Youtube. I tested Youtube comment search chrome extensions, and here are my favorites.

What Are Youtube Search Extensions?

Youtube comment search extensions are small programs created for the Google Chrome web browser to seek through Youtube comment sections. The best ones are found on the Chrome store, so if you have not downloaded Google Chrome yet, I would recommend that first.

Once you have it downloaded, do a quick google search of “Youtube Comment Search” and you should find a list of the top ones.

I found Tube Comments to be the best one out there because it allows you to see the comments inline in your browser without having to open up another tab or window.

It also allows you to search for specific words/phrases and lets you search through only the new comments that have been made.

Why Use A Youtube Comment Search Extension?

The reason you would want to use a youtube comment search extension is that the comments are hidden on other websites and you can’t see them in the order that they were made like you would on Youtube.

This becomes an issue when people are trying to research something or find information about a certain topic.

For example, if you’re watching a news report about the recent election and you want to see the comments from people who are talking about the election, you will not be able to do that on Google.

However, if you use a youtube comment search extension, you can easily see all of the comments that have been made on that topic in the order that they were made.

Youtube Comment Chrome Extensions

🚩 New search filters in YouTube Studio to find and respond to comments more easily – YouTube Community

YouTube Comment Search (YTS)

YCS is a free chrome extension that helps you search Youtube comments. After opening any video, yours or another creator’s, you can find the YCS box below the video.

Here, you’ll see the total number of comments and can use the search box to search by any keyword.

YouTube Comment Search

After choosing any video to watch, click the YouTube Comments Chrome Extension. A search box will appear that allows you to type in any keyword and see all of the comments containing that word. 

Youtube Comments

YouTube Comments (by Kenny) is a cool chrome extension that allows you to see comments overlayed on a video as you watch. 

Youtube Comment Explorer

YouTube Comment Explorer (YTE) (by Rob Vella) 

This extension runs a bit slow but provides a comment export. In order to search the comments, you would first perform the export and then search from your spreadsheet.

Show Youtube Comments While Watching

The Show YouTube Comments While Watching extension provides a sidebar with comments similar to what you would see on a live stream.

It’s a much better solution than viewing comments under the video if you want to watch the comments along with the video. 

This is a display comments tool rather than a search comments tool. It works amazingly well. 

Youtube Actual Top Comments

Youtube Actual Top Comments is not nearly as seamless as some of the others but still provides an excellent solution for searching Youtube Comments.

First, click on the extension. Then, choose the fetch comments option. Once the comments load, you can use the filter to perform a comment search by keyword.

Youtube Comment Filter – YT (jasonleeapps)

Youtube Comment Filter does exactly what it says it does. After opening any video on Youtube, click the Youtube comment filter extensions. A box will appear allowing you to choose various selections for filtering the comments. 

Comments Sidebar for Youtube

Comments Sidebar for Youtube displays comments in a sidebar. It has 4 tabs that allow you to switch between the description, comments, related videos, and chat.

You can drag the vertical line to change the width of the sidebar to show more or less of the comment sidebar.

Comment Overlay

Comment Overlay (nicolas.ducdodon) provides a social media style comment overlay.

The comments are not appearing at the time the video is playing, however. Instead, they are posted in the same order as the comments would be under the video, and offer a scroll.

The above-mentioned Youtube Comments (by Kenny) is better for those that want to see the comments appear at the time they were posted during the watch time of the video.

Final Thoughts

For anyone interested in learning more about the comments under Youtube videos or other websites, I would recommend getting a youtube comment search extension for your Google Chrome browser.

They are very useful and when you get used to them it won’t be hard finding information on almost any topic. Happy Comment Searching.

How do I remove a YouTube comment?

To delete a comment, click on the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) on the right-hand side of the commented video, and then tap “Delete.” To edit a comment, click on the “Commented on…” link, not the video image.

How do I amend comments on YouTube?

If you’re using a computer, follow these steps to amend comments on YouTube: Open your chosen browser, head to YouTube, then sign in to your Google/YouTube account by entering your login credentials.

How do I edit my comment?

The specified link in “Step 6” above opens the video’s page with your comments at the top, labeled as “Highlighted comment.” To edit your comment, click on the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) on the far right side of the listed video page.

How do I find my YouTube comments?

Tap on “View Comments.” In the newly opened “Your YouTube Comments” page, scroll through your comments to find the one you want.

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