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How to Sync ShowingTime with Your Calendars

How to Sync ShowingTime with Your Calendars

One of your biggest time-consuming challenges as a real estate agent or REALTOR® is staying on top of scheduling and confirming your showing appointments. Whether you use Apple, Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft’s Outlook, it’s easy to learn how to sync ShowingTime with your calendars.

What is ShowingTime’s Appointment Center?

ShowingTime’s Appointment Center is a valuable resource for residential real estate agents that automates and synchronizes your showing appointments, confirmations, and feedback. 

ShowingTime’s Appointment Center consists of live appointment specialists who handle your scheduling for you, including confirmations, which means less for you to tend to, so you can focus more on growing your business. 

The service prides itself on answering calls in ten seconds or less, and requests are typically confirmed within 15 minutes. Furthermore, feedback is requested after each showing, including up to ten follow-ups.

With upgrades, you can customize your hours, or set them for 24/7/365 so you never miss a call. You can also enhance the experience by adding communication services like email and text messages.

While the services are easily accessible online, there’s an even more convenient way to manage ShowingTime via the app that’s available from the Apple and Android app stores. And, you can sync your preferred calendar platform with your ShowingTime calendar.

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The ShowingTime app assists with lead management by allowing you to track prospects, organize your leads’ information, and measure your advertising effectiveness.

Additional Features of ShowingTime

ShowingTime is more than an appointment setting and confirming service.

The ShowingTime app also offers a MarketStats division, which provides real estate professionals with useful market reports and interactive tools – when and where you need them. Here, you can also track your listing activity with reports for sellers, agents, and offices.

As an added benefit, the ShowingTime Appointment Center automatically generates tailored follow up messages after each showing to encourage feedback about the property.

Additionally, ShowingTime has recently added a LIVE video program allowing residential real estate agents and REALTORS® to engage in LIVE virtual showings within the ShowingTime mobile app.

ShowingTime, founded in 1999, began as an appointment setting service for the real estate industry, but quickly expanded based on the needs of agents, REALTORS®, and brokers. 

Today, 950,000 real estate professionals benefit from using ShowingTime to handle their scheduling and to take advantage of its other products and services like lead generation and market data. In total, ShowingTime now manages more than four million showings monthly, and over a million subscribed active listings.

Digitize, organize, and simplify your showings by syncing your ShowingTime Appointment Center with your preferred cloud-based calendar, so all your meetings and appointments are grouped into one calendar program.

How to Sync ShowingTime to Your Calendars

Syncing your calendars, regardless of platform, begins on the ShowingTime website on your computer. 

  • Log in to your ShowingTime account.
  • Access your profile, which is toward the upper left side of your screen.
  • Look under your profile image; you’ll see a button called “calendar sync. Click on the calendar sync button.
  • Next, you’ll see a blue and gray pop up window appear. Here, you’ll select your syncing options:
    • All of your upcoming appointments
    • Identify yourself as a showing agent or a listing agent
    • Decide if you’d like to see only confirmed appointments
    • Choose the time of past meetings to view:
      • One week
      • two weeks
      • one month
      • one year.
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Once you’ve set your preferences, you’ll then have the ability to generate a link code that you can use to sync accounts like Yahoo! and Google calendars. Click the “generate link” button, and then copy that URL.

With the link copied, click “sync now” to get the next set of options.

The following screen asks, “Do you want to open the calendar application?

Click on “Open Calendar.” This should open your default calendar.

How to Sync ShowingTime with Apple Calendar

Once your iCal program opens, you’ll have the ability to change the calendar name to ShowingTime, or whatever you’d like to call your synced calendar.

Next, you’ll designate a location for your new calendar, “on my Mac,” or, “iCloud.” 

Select iCloud.

Another selection you can make is how often the calendar apps sync.

  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • Daily

Then, click, “ok.”

Now, you should be able to find the ShowingTime calendar in your listed Apple calendar.

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How to Sync ShowingTime with Google Calendar

To sync your Google calendar with ShowingTime, log in to your Google account. If you have more than one Google account, be sure to select the account whose calendar you want to sync.

On the upper right-hand area of your screen, just to the left of your profile image, there’s a little gray box with squares. Click the box to open Google apps. Look for the calendar app, then click to open.

On the left side of the screen, in the navigation bar, scroll down to “other calendars.”

To add a new calendar, click the plus sign.

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Select the option “From URL.”

Now you’ll need the URL you generated in ShowingTime. Copy the link from ShowingTime and paste it into the Google form.

Choose to make the calendar publicly accessible, and then click, “add a calendar.”

You should now be able to see your ShowingTime calendar along with your other Google calendars.

How to Sync ShowingTime with Yahoo! Calendar

If you’re using Yahoo! for your calendar, log in to your Yahoo! account. Click on the calendar icon, which is toward the upper right-hand side of your screen, to the left of the settings link.

Underneath the settings tab, click the small box with an arrow to expand the calendar.

Next, turn your attention to the left navigation bar and scroll down until you see “others.”

To the right of the “others” option is a settings tab. Click to open, and then select, “follow other calendars.”

A pop-up window will appear. You’re able to name the calendar, select a color, choose to refresh automatically or manually, and set reminders using the URL generated through ShowingTime.

Toward the bottom center of the screen, check the boxes for mail and mobile/desktop, then hit continue.

How to Sync ShowingTime with Outlook 365

Outlook 365 can be easily synced to Showing Time.

Log in to your Outlook account, then click the Home tab, which is on the top-left area of your screen.

Next, select the calendar icon. 

Click the plus sign for “open calendar.”

The next set of options determines where the calendar is located that you want to sync, such as “from address book,” “From Room List,” and “From Internet.”

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Choose “From Internet.”

Now you’ll paste your ShowingTime URL and click the “Add” button.

How to Sync Showtime to Outlook 2007

Even older programs such as Outlook 2007 can be synced with your ShowTime account.

Once you’ve signed in to your account, locate and click on the Tools tab.

Next, choose “account settings.”

The next step is to choose the tab that says, “internet calendars.”

Click the button that says, “new.”

Retrieve the URL code you generated through ShowingTime and paste it in the box, and then click the “Add” button.

How to Sync ShowingTime with Microsoft Outlook 2010

There are only a few steps in syncing your Microsoft Outlook 2010 account with your ShowingTime account.

First, click the tab that says, “Home.”

Find “Open Calendar” and click that tab.

Choose “from internet” as your option.

Retrieve the URL you received from ShowingTime and paste it in the box, and then click add.


ShowingTime is a set of products and services designed to make things easier for real estate agents, REALTORS®, and teams.

While it’s founding feature (and its most popular) is scheduling and confirming showings, the service now includes prompted feedback, so you’re up-to-date every minute on new appointments and comments.

Since its inception in 1999, ShowingTime has grown to offer LIVE video tours, market reports, and other industry-specific interactive tools to help you grow your business.

To simplify things for real estate agents and add another level of convenience for users, with the appointment-setting service, you can sync your ShowingTime calendar with your calendar platform of choice, including Apple, Google, Outlook, and Yahoo!.

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ShowingTime allows you to free up your time by not worrying about answering every call and making confirmation calls for your showing appointments.

In just a few steps, you can discover how to sync ShowingTime with your calendars of choice, so all of your showings and feedback are organized in the same place as your primary calendar. 

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