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How To Stop Screen Recording on a Mac: The Easy Way (With Video)

How To Stop Screen Recording on a Mac: The Easy Way (With Video)

The following article is a quick and easy way to stop QuickTime screen recording. It works for both Mac and iOS devices that come with pre-installed QuickTime Player, like the Apple iPhone and iPad.

By default, the screen recording feature in QuickTime Player is activated by pressing Command + Shift + R on your keyboard. If you want to stop this record without saving it first, simply press the same key combination again.

This will end immediately and then close the current movie file. Also, check that Quicktime can’t start recording right away for other reasons if the test goes successfully.

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Stop Screen Recording on your iPhone or Ipad

On iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, to stop screen recording with QuickTime, swipe up from the bottom of your device’s screen to reveal Control Center. Then either tap the Screen Recording icon or do nothing to see the Full-Size option pop-up below the Keyboard control bar which is set as the Default selection.

Tap Full Size so that no red border appears around the Screen Recording icon. If you want to stop the record, swipe up again to reveal Control Center and tap the Screen Recording icon so that a red border appears around it. This will pause the ongoing recording process.

If you are watching a video on your iPhone or iPod touch and want to stop screen recording with QuickTime Player, simply double click the Home button and then swipe over to the list of running apps.

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Tap and hold on the preview image for the QuickTime Movie Recorder app in order to stop screen recording without saving it first in your iOS device.

Swipe left on apps that are currently playing video files in order to close them if necessary when done with stopping QuickTime screen recording via this method.

Stop Recording with Command + Shift + 4

In addition to the ways for iOS devices mentioned above, you can also stop screen recording on a Mac without saving by pressing Command + Shift + 4. This will turn your mouse cursor into a camera icon with a plus sign, which you then use to click anywhere on your device’s or computer’s screen to start and stop recording. In order to end the screen recording process after starting it this way, simply press the same key combination again.

Alternative Screen Recording Software for Mac

If you still experience trouble in stopping a screen recording with QuickTime, try a third-party screen recorder software for Mac. Elgato’s Screen Capture is an excellent choice for this purpose. It’s free and easy to use.

The quick registration of the program requires just your email address and password. Once installed on your Mac, open it up and then go to the Media tab where you can select either “Record Entire Screen” or “Record Region.”

After that, simply click the Record button at the top left corner of the window and stop recording by pressing Command + Control + Shift + 3 on your keyboard. This will activate the camera icon so that you can record anything on your Mac’s screen which is great for presentations, demos, gameplay, and tutorials.

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Alternative Screen Recording Software

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