Stealth Site

A “stealth site” is a website whose intention is to deliver one specific page (usually a landing page) of highly optimized content to a user, based on their searches. It attempts to filter out overly spammy information and deliver only the relevant keyword-rich content the searcher is looking for. This is sometimes known as “cloaking” and can be done in two  primary ways (described below):

  1. Write a script which is able to detect the viewer’s IP address, then allow it to be compared to a list of search engine robots or spiders. If there is a match, then the script would load the “stealth” page. If there is no match, then the page that would normally load, will load instead.
  2. The second way is to detect the user-agent information about a visitor. If the agent is a googlebot or web spider, then the stealth page is loaded. If it is typical browser, the normal page is loaded.

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